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May 04 2005

HR reports SMG set to go Hunting and Fishing. Hollywood Reporter writes that SMG have signed on for a new film presumably after 'Revolver' and 'Southland Tales'.

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Thanks for this link, jpr. Enjoyed this cool little book in my post-university days and always hoped they'd make it into a movie. (partly, too, because it caused a tiny stir on the obscure, little, barrier island where most of my family lives -- bits of it were set there -- LBI, for you east-coasters.)

Very interesting that SMG was cast in the part of Jane -- my memory of the character is that she was a bit of a mess. (think a more literary, less whimsical Bridget Jones, without any of the ridiculousness) Never noticed it before, but being a Whedon-lover is my first brush with any sort of fandom, and it's becoming clear that the immersion has left marks. With as much Buffy as I've watched, (and as many times) and as many interviews as I've read with Sarah, I've have this definite framework in my head about what parts she's fit to play. She just so flippin' capable, that it's hard to imagine her otherwise.

Of course, it's a ridiculous, pedestrian, arrogant little thing my brain has done, here. Sarah isn't Jamie Farr, (sorry Jamie -- loved you as Klinger) and there's a broad and beautiful life beyond Buffy. I just need to get the unexpected prejudices in check, and go enjoy this movie.
Sounds like a great part.
Hey barest_smidgen, I spent a couple summers at the theater on LBI, back in the day. I got to know some of the local folks, but that was a looooong time ago. Parts of the book are set there? huh.
I haven't read the book. Is this the kind of chick lit/romcom SMG has always said she doesn't really want to do?? That said, it sounds like a great part and I'm one of those who thinks SMG does comedy very well. She's not quite as zany as Emma Caulfield, but then who is?
Yes, I think The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing would probably fall into the "chick-lit" category (when i went to pull it from my shelves this morning, that's where it was living) but I wouldn't call it a romantic comedy. (Though the script could probably be spun thus, for more mass appeal.) It's been a while since I've read it, but I'd say it's more literary than most books you'd call chick-lit, and certainly not as festive. A little morose, even? Not with the dramatic highs/lows/outrageousness/ridiculousness that those books generally count on. Think Carrie Bradshaw, searching for love & career fulfillment, without the excessive fabulousness, big laughs, or $475 shoes. Not as much fun, but more true-to-life, no?

(And who knew a shout-out to LBI would have a taker? A little island where you can stand on the beach dunes and wave to someone across the island, in a boat in the bay. *grins happily* Hey newcj, did you apprentice at the summerstock Surflight Theatre? I had season tickets with my grandfather for nearly 20 years. My family has the little hotel/resto on the beach, just up the block -- i used to race from work to the Holiday Snack Bar for a quickie pizza grilled cheese with him before we'd slide into Center B2 & B3 by 8pm curtain call. (although, as i recall in those curtain.) You'd pray for no rain, because the subsequent roar from the tin-roof would drown out the 3 person "orchestra." And you'd heartily cheer the actor that kept his song going regardless; when his mouth stopped moving, you knew the song was over.

Okay, so sorry for the digression from SMG, friends. Still, thanks for the skip and hop down memory lane...

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Off Topic: You got it, barest_smidgen. Those were the days when I was there too. One summer as apprentice and 1/2 a summer as a replacement cast member. You are right, thrust stage, so no curtain. The part I liked best about performing in the rain under the tin roof was when the rain would suddenly stop and an actor would be caught SHOUTING OUt her line...oops. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to walk down memory lane. Let me know when those 20 years actually happened and I'll try to figure out when my two seasons happened. I haven't talked to anyone from there in years.

On topic: It actually sounds kind of interesting for SMG. I have not seen much of her stuff because I don't like horror or extremely silly comedies. It would be nice for her to be in a different kind of movie, aimed at a different audience.
At least it doesn't looks like a "normal" romantic comedy.
The Warner Independent Pictures distribution gives it another label.
This is actually one of my favorite books. And as long as the screenplay doesn't mess that up, i think this could be really interesting. And something promising for SMG.
nice connection barest_smidgen. It really is a small world.

I liked your description...I'm totally down with Carrie. This film sounds intriguing. If I see another boy meets girl, there's a big secret, one finds out, big grand gesture at the end, I'll vomit on the screen.

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