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May 04 2005

Latest note from Jewel Staite. She had lots of fun at the London convention and can't go to the Seattle screening tomorrow because she's filming for Stargate: Atlantis.

Okay, Jewel is going to appear in my current favourite television series?!?!? This goes so very far beyond cool! :D
I think it is very exciting that Jewel had been planning to go to the Seattle screening tomorrow night! I wonder who else will be attending and where? I hope everyone at the screenings will be keeping an eye pealed and report back here on who they see!

I love Jewel's blogs...and I love her report on the Starfury convention. Actually it is better than the fan commentaries I have read (they post pictures but didn't tell very much).
Aaw I was at that convention too and it was the best con EVER. I'm so glad she had a good time.. they all did. I was impressed at how much they mingled with the fans in the bar on the saturday night - they must've been out there for at least 2-3 hours chatting to people!

My report of the convention is huuuuuge. i've not finished it yet though.
A-ha! So they *are* having the stars attend "Serenity" screenings!!!!!

I wonder who'll be coming for Chicago's......

(I wonder if I my monster 35mm camera will fit in my bag since a digicam might be confiscated.....)
Sorry to come in on another topic but is Whedon still doing the Wonder Woman project?
Yes he is. Have a look at the Wonder Woman category on the right of the front page.

We now return you to our regular topic.
I wish Jewel had a guestbook or something on her site. If there is one I haven't found it. She's got a great site, and her notes are really sweet.

If I don't see Kaylee eat another strawberry or other fruit on the big screen, I might be a little upset. I bought fresh strawberries after watching Firefly DVDs last week.

ETA: I'll watch her on SG Atlantis! I'm probably in the minority but it grabbed me much more quickly than SG1.

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Quote: I wonder who'll be coming for Chicago's...... (I wonder if I my monster 35mm camera will fit in my bag since a digicam might be confiscated.....)

So that'll be you if I see you. lol! I'm going to have a hard time trying not to look like I'm attempting to spot a BDH.
I wouldn't count on seeing one of the actors at every screening. Jewel lives in Vancouver, so she can just drive down to Seattle and pop her head in if she likes. She's known for turning up at Firefly gatherings (like the Vancouver meetup) whenever she can. I doubt Universal is going to the trouble to fly a cast member out to every city which is a shame, but it seems unlikely. Maybe if Ron Glass is living in Indiana now, he can make his way up to the Windy City and visit the Chicago screening.
LMAO!!! I love it... she wore her sunglasses to bed! I LOVE this woman. And I love her appreciation of her fans.
Quote: I wonder who'll be coming for Chicago's...... (I wonder if I my monster 35mm camera will fit in my bag since a digicam might be confiscated.....)

So that'll be you if I see you. lol! I'm going to have a hard time trying not to look like I'm attempting to spot a BDH.
Mack | May 04, 17:58 CET

The speculation on Saturday when a group of us went to see HHGG was that it could very well be Adam Baldwin who makes an appearance in Chicago since he's from the area. From Jewel's post about Seattle (since she's the closest to that city), I'm wondering if that might be the way they chose some of the cities.

Of course this is all my speculation. Won't know for sure, of course, until Thursday at 10:00PM, eh?

Well there are 10 showings, I say that's just right for the 9 actors and the 1 Joss!
Another great post from Jewel. Like most Buffyverse actors, she is really down to earth and eager to meet the fans. Many thanks to the people of the UK for giving Jewel a wonderful time. You defintely know how to throw a party.
Omigod, another hint that there will be more screenings in the future. I dunno if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
April: "I wish Jewel had a guestbook or something on her site."

I'm not sure if that'd be a good idea. Ms. Staite would get a whole bunch of people who would fawn on her every word, intermingled with a whole bunch of people who are just meanies and would say bad things to her, then somewhere in the middle of all that would be my twenty-screen, unsolciited, detailed, objective criticism of her Kaylee performance from the strawberry to the jacks. Oh the horror. The horror!
Zachsmind: moderated comments then maybe?
i'd love to be able to give her feedback.
polo, I think we are. She's the sweetest!

I loved her as Kaylee; seeing her play the exact opposite blew me away!
April & Polo - Actually that is not her offical site, it's a person she knows who host her blog. On her offical site she does have a fan mail form where you can email her. Write Fan Mail; "Would you like to send Jewel a fan e-mail? Just type it in below. Jewel is very busy so she can't promise a reply, but she will do her best to reply to as many as possible. Make sure that you type in a correct e-mail address if you would like a reply."

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Aw, Jewel is adorable - as usual - and such a fan's actor. Can't wait to see her at the Booster LA con in December (if I get tix, that is)!
crying now about not going to Chicago screening.

How adorable is Jewel? God, I love her. Wearing her glasses to bed? She kills me!
With all due respect intended towards RavenU, is there some way we can get confirmation on RavenU's statement? I hate being the pessimist that I am at times, but, while the domain looks official, the web design itself just looks like a domain squatter pretending to be the official site but really wanting to advertise some fly-by-night website design company.

Whereas although Jewel Staite's blog is hosted by "Everyone's Internet" which appears on the surface to be a fly-by-night, it's actually a respectable little company founded back in 1998 and based in my home state of Texas. I've seen '' blahblahblah a few times in my years of net surfing, and tend to respect what I get from that more than what I'm seeing at the more respectable 'looking' domain name site.

And obviously her blog IS her 'official' website because she actually posts to it. However, is painfully riddled with popups and banners, is very poorly designed with that horrid bluewhite cloud background gif and a tuppence of questionable bio information that could probably be lifted or gleaned from a handful of other websites and edited together. There's nothing about the domain squatting website that encourages me to believe Ms. Staite even knows about its existence, much less acknowledges it as her official site. Frankly if she didn't pay someone at "Premiere Website Solutions" to put that shoddy site together, she should hire some lawyers to have it stricken from the web, and if she DID pay someone to do it, someone must have given her a few margaritas before they gave her papers to sign.

Why would Ms. Staite have two official sites? The is so much better designed than the one, and shows her in a better light, without the mucky advertising and pisspoor second-generation frailties of the site design.

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