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May 04 2005

Angel dvds (including s5) for less than 35 pounds at Thanks to lone fashionable wolf for the heads up.

I edited your subject line as the pound sign messes up the RSS feed. I don't why it does that, it just does. Any how, I think they're the Angel boxsets are going all to be amaray boxsets soon hence the reduction.
Am I imaging things or is there an affilate on the end of that link?
Not that I can see but I've changed the link to another page where all the DVDs can be viewed.
If anyone wants to pick up earlier seasons of Angel, I saw some boxsets priced under 25 at Music Zone.
Does anyone know why all of the DVD sets are so lacking in deleted scenes? Is this a preference of ME? Or are they just so good at planning that they don't film anything they don't need? The Alexis ballet dream sequence was sooo funny & I'm grateful for that. But I want more more more...
It's probably worth mentioning that they're also available for 37.99 on where you don't have to pay postage!

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