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May 04 2005

'Mysterious Skin' official site now open. Features showtimes, background information, and an english trailer for the dark indie drama (co-starring Michelle Trachtenberg).

Thank you so much for this link. I have liked every Araki film I've seen, and I hope this is no exception. I'm glad Michelle is making good role choices, going with interesting indie stuff and not just Disney. Good for her.
You're quite welcome :)

And yep -- Gregg Araki is known for movies that are daring and boundary-pushing, so I'm also glad that Michelle was involved in one of his projects. All of the young stars of 'Mysterious Skin' have stated how committed they are to this project and how proud they are of the final film. The original source material (the novel by Scott Heim) is rather weighty and emotionally-challenging -- and it would seem that the stars and the director worked really hard to properly translate this to the screen.
Hey, it's the Third Rock from the Sun dude! I really like him. You go, Michelle. I may go see this movie in Chitown. I WOULD be seeing a movie tonight in Chicago called Serenity, but that didn't happen.....not bitter.
First ever Whedonesque post!

I worked on this movie. I never did hear anything about a crew screening, though, so I guess I'll have to pay to see it sometime. I think it'll be good... I hope so.

It's hard to get to talk to actors sometimes, but I had to talk to Michelle, and I did. She's really nice. I probably shouldn't have told her Buffy is my favorite show, though (not the most professional move), but I couldn't help myself.

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