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May 05 2005

SMG Nominated for an MTV Movie Award, under the category: Best Frightened Performance.

Gotta give it to MTV for having "different" categories.

Considering the other movies listed in this category, Sarah should take the win.
I agree, Sarah should win easily. For best film I'd go with Kill Bill Vol. 2. Uma Thurman was terrific.
Dakota Fanning, although just a child, seems like Sarah's only threat.
I don't know Cary Elwes might actually win it. Saw was a pretty terrifying film.
I think it's also worth mentioning (this being a site about Whedon-shows in general) that Alan Tudyk is also nominated under "Best On-Screen Team" for his work in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story... no?

P.S. Long time reader, first time poster - nice to meet'ya!
No award for "best pirate" then, 'cos he was much better than that lot in Pirates of the Carribean.
Johnny what? Orlando who? Ah Alan? Definitely!
Is this her first mtv movie nom since "best kiss" in cruel intentions?
Out of all the Whedonverse actors, is Alan Tudyk the one that starred in the highest grossing films as a whole (i.e. I, Robot + Dodgeball etc)? Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan would come pretty close but for some reason I think Alan has the edge. If any posters can answer this question, I would be very grateful.
Hey Simone' as we call you in Mehico, I thought I'd try to find an answer to that question of yours and although I don't know how reliable the source is but it seems pretty accurate from what I can tell... But don't quote me on it none the less. Anyways, if you check out you'll find Sarah Michelle Geller movies' grossing in at $619,091,726. On the other hand, no alyson hannigan to be found on the page for her success in the American Pie films or Alan Tudyk for his recent roles in blockbusters as well. Although if he's elgible I think who would come on top of all these Actors would be one of my favorites from the early seasons of Buffy. You may know him as Willow's First Boyfriend, a Werewolf, or simply Oz. But I personally think Seth Green (especially if you include his starring in all the Austin Power flicks) would take the cake... Feel free to correct me, but what do you think Simon? I thought it was a fair guess. Don't be grateful cause I could be wrong, but the thought is much appreciated!
Welcome, Plecky! As a long-time reader, you no doubt know that this is a funny, smart and compassionate community. Glad to have you on board. And thanks for the Alan Tudyk heads-up...I guess I'll have to break down and rent Dodgeball!
Before the ancient Roman Empire buckled under its own gluttony and excess, they had so many holidays on the calendar that most romans were too busy celebrating, recovering from the last celebration, and preparing for the next celebration, to ever get around to actually working. History did not record just how many award ceremonies the Empire had just before it fell, but I bet most of them were as unimportant and insipid as "MTV."
Oh and Eddyward, I couldn't find a answer to your question but to my non-extensive knowledge, I believe it's her first MTV movie nom since "best kiss" in cruel intentions with Selma Blair (which they did win!). But I am awaiting to stand corrected so stay tuned! By the way, I think she should be able to pull this current nomination off as well, turn it into a award. I agree with all of you all that Dakota and Elwes offer the stiffest compition since its a popularity contest among voting fans. So lets show how popular SMG is, because quantity of votes win although we all know SMG would easily win if it was based on quality right? Right!

...As ZachsMind stated very well, we all know exactly how quality of a Award from MTV is, kind of like winning "Most Popular" in a middle school year book... Personally I won "Best Name" in mine for Winklepleck, what you think?
Best fight for me
Daryl Hannah vs. Uma Thurman - "Kill Bill Vol. 2"

Without any hard numbers to look at I'm gonna go with Plecky that Seth Green would have the starred in the highest grossing film total. But how do you define "starred"?
It would be awesome if Sarah Michelle Gellar won for her
work in The Grudge. Great film with a winning acting ensemble.
Thank you for having me at your site. It is truly an honor
and a privilege. All I ever needed was an invitation.....
MTV movie awards started out as a rouse. They gave away joke lifetime awards to Chewbacca and Ron Howards brother. As the years evolved and MTV's popularity grew the show started to become more of an "event" and is now a fun awards show where no one takes the actual awards seriously. Its all for fun. I enjoy watching them myself (except i hate the pluggin of movies that goes on during acceptance speeches.
Good call passionate, I mean, passion it all depends on one's definition of the word "starred." According to Webster, Sarah would probably win. In the context of Simon's Q and my A I'd still stick with Seth "Mix Yellow and Blue" Green. Good calls on both fronts including best fight - my vote as well!
Aside from SMG, I think Rachel McAdams should win 'em all. I really like Alan Tudyk, but Dodgeball was just not my cup of tea.
North American Grosses according to
SMG 564.6 million (8 films), Seth Green 889.1 million (17 films), Alyson Hannegan 352.2 million (3 films). Sorry, Alan Tudyk is not covered on the actor's list; but, I suspect it will be soon particularly if Serenity does well. I could calculate the figure based on his filmography, it may take a while. Incidentally Seth's filmography includes his first fim Hotel New Hampshire and My Stepmother is an Alien.

[ edited by Anne 5_by_5 on 2005-05-06 05:11 ]
Thanks Anne 5_by_5

See Seth was in a lot of movies but where do you draw the line between starring and supportive role? Seth was in Knock Around Guys, was he one of the stars? I'm thinking yes, he was one of the main 5 characters. He was in the Austin Powers movies but I'm thinking that was more of a supporting role - Mike Meyers and the female leads were more the "stars". Best I can do is just take totals of all the movies they were in which is what Anne 5_by_5 has done, in which case it makes sense Seth would win; however SMG then Alan will be gaining.
SMG has a good relationship with the MTV corporation as evidenced by her co-hosting the MTV movie awards a couple of years ago and by co-hosting the European MTV music awards just a few months ago. Perhaps she will be presenting an award her as well as being nominated.
I also agree that Uma Thurman vs. Daryl Hannah from Kill Bill 2 deserves the best fight award. It was as good as any of the other Kill Bill fights but is probably the best because it was so brutal and frantic.

I don't think that Alan Tudyk's films would have grossed as much as Sarah Michelle Gellar's. While I don't know many of the films he's been in, but with SMG you have The Grudge, both Scooby Doos and Cruel Intentions. She's also probably much better known and ranking 12th in the box office grosses is quite an acheivement.

I didn't think either I Robot or Dodgeball were wildly successful, but I could be wrong. Perhaps Serenity will make all of the Firefly cast much better known.
Anne_5by_5, those numbers look accurate. Thanks for doing the research, I had no idea Seth Green did so many films. BTW, I think they totally dismissed 'My Stepmother is an Alien' but, since Aly and Seth were both in that one, I guess the numbers wash;)

As for drawing a line of starring/supporting roles, rather not go there. That area is too gray to figure out. Think it's safe to say that Seth Green has earned the most for the box office.

Thanks, Simon. That was an interesting topic:)
Using IMDB and boxofficemojo I've compiled a list of worldwide boxoffice totals for Alan and Sarah (in no particular order). This is any film listed on imdb that b.o.m. had a listing for:

Alan Tudyk
Dodgeball: $167,308,011
I, Robot: $347,234,916
A Knight's Tale: $117,487,473
Ice Age: $382,687,405
WOnder Boys: $33,426,588
28 Days: $62,198,945
Patch Adams: $202,292,902

Sarah Michelle Gellar
The Grudge: $178,359,362
Scooby Doo: $275,650,703
Scooby Doo 2: $181,466,833
Simply Irresistable: $4,398,989
Cruel Intentions: $75,902,208
Small Soldiers: $54,682,547
Harvard Man: $56,653
Scream 2: $172,363,301
I Know What You Did Last Summer: $125,586,134

So kind of surprisingly Alan wins, though as I said that doesn't take into account if it's a 5 min or headlining roll. Might do Seth later just to compare.
Thanks Paul. The numbers at Box Office Mojo for Seth count only 17 of 26 films. They didn't include voice work or cameos. Similarly, the number I posted for SMG didn't include Small Soldiers as it consists of voice work. I think she has less than twelve lines in the film. :)

I wish Sarah luck with the MTV award.
Thanks to everyone who chipped in to help me, very much appreciated :).

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