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May 05 2005

(SPOILER) Reviews of the Serenity test screenings. Want to know a bit more about what happens in the movie? Then this is the spoiler-lite thread for you.

So an opportunity for Whedonesque posters to review the movie. But don't post major spoilers about what happens in the film i.e. something major happens to a character or blow by blow summary/plot details. Use the spoilerish test screening reports at AICN as your guide.

Don't hurt me Simon please, but I'd be in favor of there being 'major spoilers' in here. There's already a spoiler warning at the top of this thread, and an accompanying thread which is nonspoilerish. I think it should be 'safe' to get the scoop in here. Personally I've already received some spoilage via email and am sworn to secrecy, but I'm getting conflicting reports and would like more info to verify some stuff. I can't be more detailed than that. Like I said, sworn to secrecy. Besides, anything from my mouth is secondary information since I can't see the film.

If Simon refuses my request, I wish to ask fellow spoiler-fans who actually saw the movie to please email me the dish that can't be posted here. I'm not afraid of this film being 'ruined' for me. It can't.

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Three more hours. I'm feeling the need to be at the theatre [in Chicago] ridiculously early just to make sure. lol!
I'm in the same position as ZachsMind. I would like to be able to receive major spoilers in this thread because I am friends with two people who are close to the film and they have given me contradictory information regarding a significant event involving one of the characters. I want to clear up the confusion.
If you want spoilers, there is a life journal page for them also. Nothing much spoilery there at all at present but I have seen plenty of people saying they will head there after seeing the BDM for detailed discussion.

This is my first post here so hopefully I've managed the link correctly. If not HELP MODERATOR PLEASE!

Serenity spoilers
Damn, was sure I'd deciphered those instructions properly. Here is the address, sorry about the lack of linkage.
Well, I know what I saw! We theorized that perhaps Joss was playing tricks. I'd like to know what other people saw in the States also. One things for sure, I so totally love that movie!
eyeofhorus, the poster at that link will only give you spoilers if you've SEEN THE MOVIE!

Why the hell would anyone need spoilers if they've seen it? Being a huge spoiler girl, that pissed me off.
As I said Willowy "Nothing much spoilery there at all at present but I have seen plenty of people saying they will head there after seeing the BDM for detailed discussion."

The people I am referring to will be seeing the BDM in the next couple of hours. There should be more posts there later. I was trying to give you desperate spoilerphobes a heads up about another place to try.
Willowy, I would happily post spoilers but only if I knew I wouldn't be rippling up the board in doing so. I seriously wanna discuss this movie! Let's just say, it IS a Joss movie, so there will be tears!
Hi nixygirl, I think we were at the same Sydney screening.
Nixy, if you want to talk about it guilt free - email me! My addy's in my profile.

I really want the skinny!
At the risk of getting you more pissed off Willowy, I just saw that there is now a spoiler message board over at the Browncoats site. (I'm not even going to try to link).

I looked through - not much there yet but you can work out one of the major BDM events by reading between the lines just a little. And more stuff will come later.

Or you could just get nixygirl to spill everything.
Simon, et al... nobody's posting here because they aren't sure if they can put spoilers up. Please confirm this is a spoiler thread?! I'm dyin' here!
I just got back from the Chicago screening (went thanks to Zeitgeist, who had an extra ticket and was a total rockstar, especially since I got there after he'd already been let in and he had to come out to get it to me).
Whew! Great great movie. I'm exhausted and ready for bed, so I won't post much now - more in the morning.
Willowy, I'm happy to email you the major spoilers if you really want to know, though I'm reallly glad I didn't. There are a couple major things, in particular, that I totally didn't see coming, and they had a MUCH greater impact than if I'd been anticipating them.

A few initial impressions: The initial welcome (via video, not in person, alas) from Joss was great. The film sets up the background pretty well it starts several months after the series ended, and both Book and Inara are off the ship. We get lots more about Summer. There's lots of humor - a number of places where the whole theater burst out laughing (though, of course, it helped that they were all fans :-) ).
And, lots - perhaps more than I'd expected of heartbreak. I'm not much of a sci-fi/special effects person, but there were a few very thrilling chase/flight scenes. More violence and gore than I'd expected, and lots about the reavers.

There are places where I think it could be confusing to follow for someone who hasn't seen the series it's a lot of characters and plot to juggle. But I think it walks a pretty good line between laying the groundwork for someone new to the world, while still being great for fans. Oh, and here's one spoiler (given that this IS a spoiler thread, right?) near the end that had lots of the audience cheering:

Ok. more tomorrow. But overall - great film, excellently done. And thank you Zeitgeist!
Yeah, I just got back from the Chicago screening myself, and I'm emotionally exhausted. It's very suspenseful and full of laughs. I was totally engrossed by the whole deal.
ZachsMind (and basically everyone not afraid to have it completely spoiled). The group at Yahoo doesn't seem to be tame about spoilers. Seems they changed their settings, so only members can read messages (which is a good thing, or you might get the whole plot spoiled on the front page just from going there). Requires membership, but doesn't appear to require a moderator to approve, so you shouldn't have a problem getting all the spoilers you may or may not want to get.

Final warning: the spoilers I read there in the first 5 messages (1-2 weeks ago) are most likely more than most on here would like. Pretty much the big surprises and the basic plot.

Spoiler Group
acp...yes please!

I was always spoiled for B and A and it never took a whit of fun away from my enjoyment. I'm just wired that way. Please email me (I tried to email you but your profile has no address), if you have the time. I do NOT want to join some Yahoo group.

Thanks a million bazillion! Wheee!
Already emailed you Willowy, about 15 minutes ago. Let me know if for some reason it didn't go through...
I knew I should have stayed up later last night but I could only take so much of the UK election coverage and was zonked by 12.45 am. Anyhow, no objection to people posting links to sites where the major spoilers are but I don't want this to be a completely spoiled thread if you know what I mean.

So to sort of kick start off the thread. What's the deal with the Reavers? Is Mr Universe the worst name ever for a Joss character? What episodes/scenes from Firefly foreshadow the movie? Is there sound in space? How dark is Mal in this movie?
OK, one more post and then I'm *really* going to bed.
Mr. Universe is, indeed, the absolute worst name for a Joss character. Luckily, the character himself is great (though not a major one). And his girlfriend is great too - sort of a small nod to buffy, in a way... :-)
We find out in this movie how the reavers became who they are (and they're terrifying! I wondered if showing them would take some of the mystique out of them, but it doesn't. They couldn't be more gruesome). The story of their creation is something the River holds the key to.
A bit, but not a ton, on her backstory no men with blue hands anywhere in the movie. And Mal is Mal, but he is pretty dark. He has a number of characteristically harsh lines, though he always has that layer of humanity that underlies everything, and, of course, the total loyalty to his crew. Still, he has a few dark moments. Hard to say which episodes foreshadow the movie. As I think most people know, the plot mostly focuses on River, and her efforts to escape the Alliance. "Ariel," perhaps?

I'm sure you'll get many more answers to these and other questions as other viewers trickle home. I'm off to bed.
LOL! I took 'Mr. Universe' to be a very silly joke for the ultimate geek and I loved it...and him...
I loved everything in the film. I don't want to spoil anyone about anything but I just have to say that I am blown away (and personally I am thrilled that I saw it before spoilers become common knowledge).
A friend gave me her password to post with, since memership is capped off at the moment. Mal is indeed very dark in the film, something that is set up in the very opening moments, where a smaller job is used in a great 'show vs tell' way to establish most of the characters, and their relationships with one another. However that darkness is key to the plot, and doesn't feel unnatural in any way. I also enjoyed Mr. Universe ( and also felt his girlfriend was a nod).
Friend of WiccaBuffy, you can still sign up for membership at the moment.
Thanks and DONE!!!!

Howdy from Austin.

So I just posted a report in the previous thread about the event, but wanted to comment on spoilers.



As I alluded to in the other thread, there are some amazingly gutsy choices that Joss makes in Serenity that are shocking in a "holy mother of shit, all bets are off!" kinda way that I would've have absolutely hated knowing in advance.

Also, Serenity in many ways is (um, semi-spoiler!) structured like a classic noir mystery -- in fact, one could subtitle it "The Mystery of River Tam", though it also reveals the (very clever) origin of the Reavers. But what happens along the way towards unraveling this mystery -- and at what (frankly astonishing) cost -- is really great storytelling.

I would humbly ask and suggest that if you're a fan, and if you love Firefly, then respect the cruller (er, I mean Joss) and a.) don't give away spoilers, and b.) don't seek spoilers.

I'm very, very serious. Because as a fan, I think there are spoilers of bigger impact than, say, the endings of The Sixth Sense or The Crying Game. Spoilers that fundamentally change the very fabric of what Firefly/Serenity is and will be from now on.

Wait. It's worth it.
Just got back from the Chicago screening. A couple of thoughts. If you're on the fence regarding whether or not to spoil yourself, don't. Just. Don't. If you're certain you want to know, that's fine. I'm just adding my voice, FW little IW, that you shouldn't dive into the deep end, if you haven't yet, and haven't decided one way or the other.

Second thought. Damn. I wasn't quite prepared for how intense it is. Don't know why, I just didn't see it coming. It's a slow build, until without quite noticing, you'll be gripping the armrest tighter and tighter. Your breath slows. Eyes widen. Your feet stop shuffling, back stiffens. I was wrung out emotionally and physically by the end.

I think, inevitably, audiences that haven't seen Firefly will miss some of deepest emotional beats, but they'll sense them. And the story and plot developments are structured really effectively, such that even new viewers will be engulfed by the vicersal ... intensity of the final hour.

[ edited by nemo on 2005-05-06 10:11 ]
I've posted a new thread for spoiler whores to discuss what happened. This threads remains spoiler lite, the new thread is there for people to avidly discuss the big plot items.
Well, what Robogeek said. A bit more gently, perhaps, but I'm in complete agreement.
Wow. Okay, I'm going to start by following Simon's lead here. I did not think that actually seeing the Reavers diminished the creep factor. It helps that the camera doesn't settle to long on any one of them. So you see them, but it's a bit blurry, or choppy.

Mr. Universe is a rather sucky name, imo, and as acp mentioned, a bit of Buffy nod associated with his character had me laughing.

I took a friend totally unfamiliar with Firefly, though I have recently introduced her to the crack that is Buffy, and she is appropriately addicted. She absolutely loved it, though she had several questions when the movie was over. It was some way into the film before she realized that Wash and Zoe are married. She had virtually no understanding at all of Inara. In fact, she asked me what exactly Inara does for a living. (That was fun.) She was a little thrown in the beginning because the movie jumps pretty much straight into plot, without explaining much about the characters. But she was sucked in right away, and felt that she learned the necessary background at a steady pace. (Well, except for Inara.) As WiccaBuffy said, a smaller job in the earlier part of the film effectively introduced most characters, and their dynamic, but until that point, she was a little lost. She laughed out loud almost as much as I, and those obviously alreadly fans, did. But not always as heartily.

And I'll venture into a more straight up spoil here, at least by my definition (though it does not give away plot at all, or context) by saying that when Serenity goes into a spin at one point I was blown away. That was genius, phenomenal film making, and the only time I've ever seen such a shot where my body literally felt caught up in the tumble.

Seeing the BDM today was supposed to make the upcoming months more tolerable. Well, that idea just got shot all to hell. Before I had a chance to say it (we were just standing up from our seats) my friend burst out with, "I want to see it again! Right now!." Yup. Me too. I'm going to take a sleeping bag and pillow to the theater when it's released. Maybe a mini-fridge or something too. A cooler at least. I might as well make myself comfortable while I live there.

As I said in the non-spoiler thread, this film made me laugh, cry, gasp, shout, etc. I have never shouted at the screen in a movie theater before. I did tonight. Those of you who have seen it too likely know when. It was everything I expected and more.
I was one of the very lucky few to see Star Wars EP 3 and Serenity on the same day today. I must say I liked Serenity a lot more, better fight scenes, plot and humor. The space battles are about comparable though, I think I liked the EP 3 one a bit more. However, I think River has better looking sword moves than any of the Jedi fights in EP 3.

Best of all Joss and Summer showed up at the theater in Las Vegas to give a speech and sign autographs.
AlephNull! Oh Joss and Summer! (I can barely form sentences here...). I had heard the Sean & Morena were in Boston, but I was in Chicago and there were no BDHs in the windy city. But of course the movie was amazing and it was a nice stadium seating theater so I had a great view even from high up.

Actually Angela's comments were good: as I've rewatched the DVDs the ship, Serenity, has become a really important character to me, and we really had her see a lot of the action in this movie. It was amazing. on SW they never created the kind of personification on a ship (even the Millenium Falcon) which causes you physical pain to see her hurt....

And I want to put my encouragement against spoilers along with Robogeek and everyone else: serious, stay spoiler free. It will be worth the effort.
Flee spoilers. Run away from them as fast as you can. This movie was too good for you to allow yourself to be spoiled. My one regret on having seen the movie is not being able to watch it again without knowing what is to come. Trust me, it's worth it.
loved it in everyway
I managed to catch it in Sydney and while I pretty much sound like the broken record from most of the reviews I've read, It far surpassed my expectations. After discussing this with some others I saw it with I did feel that some characters were a little undeveloped in the film, but, hey that's just nit picking and you can't really expect the film to delve into all of the characters like the series did. That's just not the nature of film, film is usually more about personal stories concentrating on two to four characters. It would have been wishy washy had Joss tried to fully develop all the chracters there would be no room for plot development.

What's with Joss's obsession with certain anamatronics? :p

Overall, Loved it and am looking forward to the final product.

I also loved the fact how open the movie is left at the end for a sequal, but at the same time neatly ends things so if a sequal doesn't happen it stands rock solid on it's own two feet.

If a sequal is to be made I predict it will be an epic.

Mouth waters at the potential.
(la-la-la not looking at the thread, hands over ears, oh wait eyes!)

just a warning: stay off the official browncoats forum if you want to be spoiler free

Some jerks are posting spoilers right in the titles of the main forums on the browncoats board (on purpose) @

I was worried this would happen with the thousands of people that have now seen it.

Sigh. I *really* wanted to be spoiler free
but with 150 days to go I guess it was a pipe-dream...
Yeah we were there in Vegas. Joss and Summer!! The link to my review is in the spoiler free-thread.
(Click here if you wanna read it. (Not sure if anyone is still in that other thread now!) I just don't know how to spoil without spoiling EVERYTHING ya know? So I don't spoil.

Great damn movie!

Also, yes Reavers still scary and the camera indeed never settles on them enough to make them less scary. It's not really about seeing them or not if that makes any sense.

Mal is pretty damn dark! But he has a good character arc in that sense.

Mr Universe was funny. A clear nod to internet nerds/hackers/ bloggers being the new underground info-carriers. And yes the Buffy nod was very funny! (even if you don't get the reference)

Joss pulled out the stops on this one...
I am with many others on this thread - stay spoiler free if you can. It may already be too late for alot of you (cue doomish music here) but waiting will be well worth it.
No stars showed up in Denver but the movie was just fantastic. I knew absolutely nothing about the movie's plot since I avoided all spoilers and Joss totally delivered. It was fabulous. The special effect were awesome (even half done) and the character development went way beyond all my expectations. All the BHD's did a marvelous job, the story was stunning and beautiful. I can't wait to see the whole enchilida - I was so moved by this without the full fx and music - I can't imagine how I will feel when it's done. The filling in of the backstory was really good too - I came to understand my beloved BHD's even more.
I am still kind of glowing.
I was at San Francisco. The energy was amazing, there was more than one standing could very much feel the love in the audience. Alan and Gina came out to much applause, with Alan telling the audience to pat themselves on the back because it was also their movie, and if it wasn't good, then blame Joss. Then the filmed Joss introduction came up, where he also told the audience it was their movie, but then added they only had themselves to blame if it was bad. Hee.

That said, while I thought the movie was very, very good, I fell just short of loving it completely as a stand-alone will love it, but I was really trying to watch it and determine how it would be seen as a new viewer.

For me, what I loved the most from the TV series were the relationships between the characters, and having so many people in the movie meant that obviously, some got shortchanged. Mal was pretty dark compared to the TV show, and that kind of cast a mood over the ship as a whole...for me, my favorite scenes in Firefly were always the images of everyone laughing around the dinner table. Though there is an extremely cute scene where the rest of the crew crowds around to watch Mal and Inara talking, I felt that that "family" feeling was not as strong as it could have been. In the pilot, they quickly offered such lasting images of these people that immediately hooked me and made me love them instantly: Mal's shattered expression when the platoon is abandoned, Kaylee's clear love for her captain, Wash and his dinosaurs, Jayne crouched outside the infirmary watching Kaylee...I'm not saying it's impossible for new viewers to get attached here, but it wasn't as well-done.

Inara's presence, to me, felt very awkwardly inserted into the movie. You do hear Kaylee mention that she is a Companion, but they never explain what one is. The fun of her relationship with Mal was wondering how those two people could reconcile their lifestyles, for me. Here, you just understand that she was maybe Mal's girlfriend, left because they were fighting all the time, and then she was back. I like Inara, but looking at it strictly from a movie standpoint, I think her screentime could have been much better utilized by fleshing out the other crew members. While Book is only in the movie briefly, his importance is undeniable (and he was never my favorite character), while Inara did nothing for me.

On to the good stuff, though: this is probably one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. For every joke the audience was laughing at, there were two more we missed while giggling. The script is extremely snappy and moves quickly, I'm not sure if an entire two minute interval passed in this movie without making me giggle.

The Simon/River relationship is sold very well, it's easily the most fun one to watch (Simon is pretty much in big-brother mode for the entire movie, he's a bit tougher than in the TV series and very determined to protect her, even coming to blows with Mal). The Operative is a great villain and an excellent foil for Mal. And seriously, did I mention the funny? River is wonderful, with Summer doing an amazing job and striking that great balance between making the audience feel sympathy for this girl who's had her brain tampered with, creeping you out just a bit with the things she knows, and just being plain hilarious in her craziness.

(Also, how jaw-droppingly gorgeous was Gina's dress in that one scene?)

The special effects are quite good, seeing the spaceships in such fluid motion is just amazing. There isn't sound in space for the most part, though there is a tiny bit during a space battle.

I'm definitely going to see it at least two more times when the real thing comes out. It was excellent, but I do have to confess that as jam-packed with answers as this was, I liked the TV show better as a whole. Still, upon the first shot of Serenity on the screen, seeing Mal on the bridge, I started tearing up. I didn't realize how much I missed these people until I saw them up on the big screen. The movie is definitely a work of love for the fans, and I'm positive that every Firefly fan who sees it will realize that.

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To my fellow spoiler fans, don't listen to the anti-spoiler types who have already seen the film. I'm a spoiler fan who has not seen the movie, I already know how it ends, and the water is very nice over here. DO NOT STAY SPOILER FREE. You're going to want to know. I'm glad I know. I don't like surprises. Neither should you. Besides, we have all summer now, to fail at convincing Whedon to change his mind about it. Signing petitions. Picketing Whedon's favorite supermarket. Fly banners over his house telling him to get stuffed.

Thanks to those Firefly fans who understand and appreciate the pro-spoiler contingent, even if we are considered by Joss Whedon to be unloved step children.

Oh, and Joss? "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"
While I am a huge fan of the series, I tryed really hard to watch the movie from the viewpoint of someone who has never seen the movie before, and I'd like to try an honest review of the movie along those lines. I'm gonna put some spoilers in here (just a heads up) but I'll try to darken them out so you don't have to read them if you don't want to. So with no further adieu,
I thought the enitre beginning of the piece was amazing. For viewers or non-viewers alike the action is fast, interesting and it pulls you in. The dialogue was spot-on the enitre time, and when they arrive in the bar I couldn't help thinking that i was seeing the new Mos Eisley. That being said, the tone of the movie seemed a little off in parts, and rewatching the dvds afterwards confirmed that. I feel like the stakes get raised too early in the movie for anyone to really get a feel for what business as usual should feel like. Particularly Mal is extremely intense from the get-go. While I love the intensity, I feel like without something to compare it to, it doesn't quite feel like firefly, and also it will make it difficult to return to the firefly tone form the series in any of the next movies, assuming they get made. The Wild-west aspects- the twangy guitars and horses, and deserts etc. also end up getting a little played down for the movie which made me kind of sad.
When the movie started, I actually found myself thinking, you know, this movie isn't really in that different of a position from star wars when it first opened; I could really see everyone falling in love with this the way I have. That strong optimistic feeling kept up until about Also, while I loved the concept of miranda, i felt that the pacing and tone were all wrong in those scenes. Things that needed to happen quicker happened too slow, and things that needed to happen slow happened to fast, and things that needed to happen didn't. Since Miranda is so important to the movie, I really felt I needed those scenes to really pull me in, but they didn't, they just didn't feel as weighty as intense as I think they needed to be for it to work, and I'm afraid how an audience who's never scene the TV show will take them. However once Miranda (and thus the set-up) is complete, the movie skyrockets off to an amazing conclusion.
ABout the crew. I know that the firefly movie is short, and there isn't enough screentime to give to all 1 million characters. But I feel like, the reaosn why firefly worked so well was because of the characters. It wasn't the intricacy of the plots or the action, it was the ultra-defined characters and their realistic reactions and relationships to the world and characters around them that game the show its soul. So when certain characters get pushed to the background for the sake of not cluttering up the movie, I feel it really lost something. Particulary Kaylee didn't really get a chance to shine and show who she really was. It wouldn't take that many extra scenes/lines to really make the movie audience fall in love with Kaylee's character the way fans of the TV show have. And more importantly I just feel like, Joss needed to have just a little bit more faith in the TV show, the things that made them work, and let those smae magical elements inspire the movie. BIG HUGE SPOILERS UP AHEAD
The fights are amazing and the special effects never left me wanting more. However thinking about the movie afterwars, i almost felt like some of the hand-to-hand combat scenes were maybe a little too long, bad-ass as they were, because a movie this huge really needs time to spread its wings. SOme of the Mr. Universe scenes also come off as dead air that could be used in further explication. All in all, I loved the movie, but I feel like it needed to be longer and be stripped of some scenes if it wants to be able to really be comercially successful. While it isn't the movie it needs to be quite yet, I feel like with a little more editing, this could be THE MOVIE of 2005. I believe.
DO NOT STAY SPOILER FREE. You're going to want to know. I'm glad I know.

Hmm you know ZM, everyone is different. Some people like to stay spoiler free. I was happy I didn't know a single thing in advance, so whether or not you 'should' stay spoiler free really just depend on who you are and what you're like with movies.

So when certain characters get pushed to the background for the sake of not cluttering up the movie, I feel it really lost something. Particulary Kaylee didn't really get a chance to shine and show who she really was.

I'm surprised to still see these types of complaints. That some characters got less attention. It's a *movie*. Not a show. You can not have the same structure of character-attention in a movie as you can on a weekly TV show. So some of your favorites got less attention? Every character is somebody's favorite, and choices must be made. It's that simple. You can't have 9 leads.
"Hmm you know ZM, everyone is different."

Oh really? Everyone's different? OH MY GAWD! I HAD NO IDEA! Thank you so much Ed for enlightening me! I can go meet Buddha now!

Quite frankly I'm sick and tired for hearing anti-spoilerists preaching at me, telling me I should save myself for the movie. Have you people listened to yourselves? All this browbeating of me and others who enjoy spoilage, telling us how wrong we are and that we should somehow save ourselves for the pristine experience of seeing the film blind. I'm sick of it. Like we're all supposed to be virgins or something. We're SAVING OURSELVES FOR OUR GOD JOSS. Puh-leeze!

There's been a whole sick lot of people in here saying "don't let yourself be spoiled you'll regret it" but ONE PERSON speaks up on behalf of the spoiler pack, and you belittle me like a kindegarten student.

Some people like to stay spoiler free..

Bears crap in the woods too. You sure I know that? Maybe you should enlighten me.

Get a grip. Those of you who are spoil-sports about spoilage are going to learn the big truths before September. Deal with it. There's no way you can make it the whole summer spoiler free. You might as well embrace it. Frankly I think this whole thing is intended. Whedon wants there to be a lot of talk over the summer about his film. I wouldn't be surprised if around July Universal does a 900 number campaign where people can vote on how the film ends.

You ain't seen nuthin' yet folks. There's a method to Universal's madness of 'sneak previews' that aren't all that hidden and holding the official release date way longer than expected. But you're not gonna be able to figure out where this trainwreck is going unless you allow yourself to be informed.

You can't stop the signal. No, really. I mean it.
And frankly I'm fed up with this debate flaring up at Whedonesque every so often. So can we please for the love of whatever, cease this spoiled or not spoiled debate. It's detracting from this thread. If people want to be spoiled fine, if people don't want to be spoiled fine as well.

Feel free to email each other about this subject, just don't do on this site for the time. And don't be so bloody rude to each other. As I do like my fellow posters here and don't want to see people falling out.

Oh and go support this Firefly/Buffy/Angel actor who posts here every so often.
Wow, what's with the nasty?! Feel like I'm at some other forum that's not Whedonesque...
As a spoiler fan, I do sometimes find the non-spoiled attitude a bit much, but if folks choose not to be spoiled, who am I to say they should? Same should go the other way.

Please respect your fellows in this rare community. We are special, as anyone knows who has spent any time at all on the internet at large. Decent, kind, and solid folks, IMO, (you know who you are...mwwwaaahh!) should not be embarrassed or made to feel small here. Let's save that for the obnoxious trolls that sneak in from time to time, and then we call Simon to roust!!

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