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May 05 2005

Fan extravaganza "out of this world". An estimated 10,000 people queued just to meet James Marsters at Collectormania last weekend.

Ten thousand lined up to see James? Seems reasonable to me. Heís multi-talented, intelligent, has a generous, kind heart, and is very easy on the eyes..... sigh......
Also explains the whole not personalizing thing. :)
Pfft. I could do better.
Not sure about actual numbers but I went down for the talks and dropped in on the main event and the heaving mass of people surrounding the area where James was signing was incredible! According to the dealers he had really brought in the crowds and Spike stuff was selling like hot cakes People queued from 1AM on Saturday to get an autograph ticket number then, when all the tickets went in something like 15 minutes people started queuing at 9PM on the Sunday night for Monday's session which the organisers moved into a seperate area known as "The James Marsters Wing".

Popular guy

ASH and Alexis did very well too.
I queued before the doors opened on Sunday at 8.30am and by the time we got to the autograph tickets they were at 1200. Managed to trade with someone who wasn't bothered about seeing James and got to meet him with half hour to spare before dashing off to be charmed by Anthony & Alexis at the Watchers Talk. It was the most 'successful' signing I have attended - in so much that I managed to meet all the actors on my list. I still prefer conventions, they are far more civilized.

Small consolation for not being able to go to the Serenity Con on at the same time :(
an estimated 10,000 people?? um...So, how about that Spike movie? ;) would think that HollyWeird and the network brass would finally figure out just how POPULAR JAMES IS !!!!
Wake the hell up people.......get this guy back on our TVs soon....and don't stop there. Oh...and Spike stuff sells like hotcakes....well DUH!!!!!!
Yes, James IS way popular, charismatic, and talented, and the Hollywood PTB should flash to that! A Spike movie would thrill to no end, but James is more than Spike. Iíd love to see lots more of him, like in a new TV series, and although a Whedon inspired and run show would be best, thatís not likely at this juncture, so Iím hoping that some other talented TV producer will realize the power of James. Soon, please!
According to a friend who attended, people were climbing trees to get a glimpse of him and he did sign about 900 autographs one day and a thousand the other..

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an estimated 10,000 people?? um...So, how about that Spike movie? ;)
Twiggy - my thoughts exactly !!!!!!!!
But where was his riot?

C'mon, 10,000 people? They coulda rioted a little.. *pssh*
I agree with showgirl. I want to see JAMES! Yes, I would love to see a Spike telemovie, but more than that I want to have James back on my TV screen.
Oh, Bad Kitty. You're my favorite.

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