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January 12 2003

Future of Buffy 'uncertain' says Les Moonves, president of CBS, which oversees UPN. He adds that the fate of the show depends on whether series star Sarah Michelle Gellar wants to continue.

There's a related item about UPN's financial health here.

When will SMC make a decision? I hope she continues as BUFFY, even if, like Gile's character, it's only in a limited capacity.
"while 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' draws its own niche audience on Tuesdays.."

I would have liked to hear the tone and inflection in his voice when he said that. "its... uhm, OWN niche audience *ahem!*"
There's an article here that quotes Moonves saying ""I wouldn't bet that it comes back, but it's possible," and in regards to Sarah "she hasn't said no" in regards to reprising her character.
But then he goes to say in this article

" "One possibility is she comes back, one possibility is she comes back a couple of times, one possibility is we do a spinoff," Moonves said. "Another possibility is that we have a brand new show on Tuesday at 8 o'clock." "

Don't you just love the UPN/Fox negotiations?

And there's a very good post on the Buffy Cross and Stake Spoiler Board about why BtVS is so important to BSkyB (a Rupert Murdoch owned UK satellite company). Essentially, BSkyB wants to own a terresterial TV channel in the UK and BtVS provides critical acclaim for BSkyB so its shows that the company does not have dumbed down TV shows. And the show also makes a fortune for NewsCorp in Europe as well.
spinoff---*groan* Unless it's actually "Ripper" or "Clem, the Vampire Slayer"---
Murdoch needs Buffy. The mind boggles.
Indeed. I never knew the forces of Evil could profit so much from the forces of Good. NewsCorp makes the First Evil look like a bloody amateur.
I think a spinoff, with Willow, Xander, Dawn & Spike picking up the pieces of this year, stumbling into the role of rebuilding The Watcher's Council, would kick some major butt. Have Dushku, SMG & ASH (and others) make special guest appearances. Make the new Slayer either Rona or Kennedy, with Principal Wood as a reluctant Watcher in Training. Make sure all the other potentials die by the end of season seven cuz I wouldn't wanna see any of them again, but Kennedy, Rona & Wood are cool.

Dawn would begin briefly glowing at the most inopportune times, and over time aquire the following abilities 1) flight and/or telekinesis, 2) ability to control & focus energy, 3) dimensional teleportation powers that manifest akin to kleptomania on a much grander scale.

Xander discovers he's a "luck magnet" which is why he's never died no matter how many times he's gotten close to death before. He basically can't die, but doesn't learn this until something happens where he definitely shoulda died. Whenever he cheats fate however, something bad happens to someone he loves.

Willow continues battling her inner demons & The First (after being thwarted in season seven of Buffy) tries to turn Willow against her friends. Willow also discovers possible access to a powerful GOOD source of magic, and works to turn from the dark to the light. If Kennedy's still around she also hops in & out of bedrooms a lot.

I don't know what Spike could do. Kinda stumped there now that he's got a soul. But my point is, there are still stories to tell here. Actually, if Wood's the Watcher & Rona's the Slayer, it'd tie in nicely with some other programming on UPN, which wishes to cater to a wider range of people rather than just stick to one high profile demographic. At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, a black Slayer would attract people regardless of ethnic background to the show.

I don't care if SMG's a regular. I don't think she makes the show anyway. It's the people around SMG that make her look so good. I know the show's named BUFFY, but so long as Whedon's captaining the ship, I'd hop on board a newly christened vessel.

Rather than naming it after somebody, call the spinoff Remnants. That way next time someone wants to jump ship it won't make much difference.

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2003-01-16 00:31 ]
Zach, your idea would be cool, but you'd have to scrap Dushku coming around for guest roles: I hear Faith is to kick the bucket @ the end of this season.

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