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May 06 2005

Thumbs up for "Mysterious Skin" Michelle Trachtenberg's latest movie opened in New York today, and so far critics seem to be loving it.

I know there was something about this movie (and its getting an NC-17 rating) posted a few days ago, but I thought it was interesting to see how positive the reviews are. Looks very different than anything Michelle has been in to date. Most of the reviews I glanced at focused on the two main male characters, but here was one nice bit from Variety: "Trachtenberg balances Wendy's cool demeanor with a sense of caution and responsibility." From the reviews I read, definitely a movie I'm interested in seeing.

I read very favorable reviews in both the New York Times and New York Post. In fact, A.O. Scott has this to say:

"Mr. Araki and his brilliant cast (which also includes Mary Lynn Rajskub as a self-avowed alien abductee who befriends Brian) lift it even further, into a gorgeous, heartbreaking and utterly convincing work of art."

Don't know how you get better kudos than that, and in a prestigious publication such as the NY Times, at that.
Thank you again for posting about this Araki film. He's a very talented filmmaker and I think Michelle was smart to go for a role in one of his films.

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