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May 06 2005

New 'Blade' series the macho Buffy? Thats what Spike TV hopes for with their new Blade TV movie.

From the article..."The testosterone-fueled Viacom-owned, which has been struggling to come up with a flagship show, hopes a successful Blade telefilm will evolve into a sort of macho version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, appealing both to fanboys and a wider audience."

Sorry mods i messed up the link so many times. I think its all set now.
Works now :p
Blade was around before Buffy so don't really see how it could be a macho Buffy. Nothing in Blade is even like Buffy. He doesn't make widecracks with every slaying, he spares no vampires, and its alot more brutal. Don't know how a Blade series would work without Wesley Snipes, he made the character cool. Before him, the character was just a 3rd teir Marvel guy who wasn't very popular. And I hope its more like the first film instead of the 3rd.

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2006 can't freakin wait!!! We have the new live action Star Wars show, the Blade series, and probably a Spike TV movie if all goes as planned... But with my luck and TV all the shows will get cancelled :(
Sounds kinda dull. I mean, Blade is as charismatic as a can of tuna. No, give us a Spike, Illyria, Faith, Willow, Fred (she's not dead, just misplaced) spin-off or perhaps even the animated Buffy. That would be much more welcome.
Hm, sounds kinda cool to me. I'm not exactly in Spike's target demographic, but tuned in religiously for CSI reruns. Well, 'til I had seen them all once. Spike's advertising amuses me, too (Ever catch that Hardee's add, with the hot hot chick and the straws?). Blade's no Buffy, but he remains cool. I'd check it out. Beats some of Spike's other fare, like ahem, pro wrestling.

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Lol. I watch wrestling, but its leaving Spike TV this fall. Its moving back to USA network. WWE has very good ratings for Spike so they'll probably want to find something to fill that hole fast.
I'm rusty on my Blade IQ but I just got done watching Blade: Trinity and it's been years since I've seen the previous installments so I've forgotten but why does silver/silver-bullets work on Vampires? Is this a common theme in Vampire Lore that BtVS and AtS decided to ignore, or one that Blade decided to start? As far as I can remember growing up as a little kid watching shows like "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" on Nikelodeon and reading the "Scary Stories" trilogy is that silver/silver-bullets is meant for Werewolves (also as seen in Whedon's shows, Underword, and countless other werewolf media). How did this go from werewolves to vampires?
Silver bullets work on vampires in Blade because then they can have gunfights...
I think the silver bullets affecting vampires is a BLADE thing. They just decided to appropriate it into their lore just as Joss decided vampires turn to dust (clothes and all) if you stake them. I can't think of any vampire stories or movies that I've seen where silver bullets will do the trick.

Any Anne Rice fans out there? Any of her vampires ever been shot with a silver bullet?
Silver could hurt vampires way before Blade started doing it. Theres also a water thing(not holy water) involved with vampire stories but I can't remember the specifics.

Every vampire story is different. Like with the turning into bats/wolves thing some stories got. And some vampire stories, they aren't evil.

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We all have our weaknesses,eddy.
Since you showed me yours, I'll show you mine:
Closet Days of Our Lives and American Idol fan.
And I can proudly proclaim it here at Whedonesque, where my name is April. :)
Don't try googling about the silver thing. I tried and all I got was people who really believe in vampires. Eh.

And April, I watch Wifeswap. I know, shameful.

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Eddy Murphy, awesome cliffhanger! But don't leave me hanging "I tried and all I got was people who really..." Really what!? It's killing me, does Really wake up from a a dream to find Bobby in the shower alive to comfort her? Who shot Really anyways? Tell me what happend on "Google You Wrote." Please?


Blade being called "a sort of macho version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I wonder if that pissed/pisses off Joss considoring Blade more macho then Buffy. Kinda makes me big and green... Also at this time would like to note what Craig "thing above the eyes of a large mammel" OxBrow pointed out, Blade and Buffy are quite different in there usage of guns/gunfights. I prefer BtVS take on the issue myself. You Know? Yeah.
Oh nevermind, my internet or browser screwed up - people who really believe in vampires. I was hoping it was a cliffhanger post. Oh well maybe next time... Creepy google results none the less though!
P.S. I still haven't figured out to edit my messages, that's why I post so many times correcting myself. Because I'm a stumbling, bumbling, bafoon. Kind of like ol' school Wesley, *sigh* I miss him
o-kaay then.
Yeah Plecky, I had to go and edit my post because I screwed up the italics tag. To edit your posts, click the edit button under your name. That will take you to where you can change the text in your post. Then hit post and you're done.
Aren't silver bullets for werewolves?
Plecky, you can go to the little little word "edit" under your post, click on that, and change what you need to in your script. Easy stuff! :) (I should know, I have to add something else about 75% of the time.)
Click the below link to see what I see on my screen post-posting. Afterwards you'll understand my dilemma and I sincerely hope someone can help me. I'll give you a "Please" with a possibility of "Thank You" later if you do!
Thats strange. It should be to the left of your name.
I don't have an edit button, though it could be one of those things that come with posting priveleges in the next day or two. I thought I had been registered here more than four days...
We have had a thread on this over at the flickr annex for a few days now:
Silver could hurt vampires way before Blade started doing it. Theres also a water thing(not holy water) involved with vampire stories but I can't remember the specifics.

According to some lores, Vampires can't cross running waters (lakes are OK, but ni rivers). There are also a bunch of other mythologies which are or are not respected by different vampire stories: sunlight (which is not a problem for Coppola's Dracula), sleeping in earth from its tomb (which Buffy's Dracula seems to enjoy), etc...

Click the below link to see what I see on my screen post-posting. Afterwards you'll understand my dilemma and I sincerely hope someone can help me. I'll give you a "Please" with a possibility of "Thank You" later if you do!

You're a too young member, Plecky (and I say that although I'm only a 2 weeks member now ;) ). In fact, you will be able to edit your posts only one week after your inscription (so, around May the 12th, for you).

I had the same problem last week: I saw that some members were able to edit their posts, but I struggled without success to find how I could manage this trick.
It takes four days. After four days, you will be able to post frontpage posts and edit your messages.
Plecky, this isn't where my name comes from but it is how it's pronounced...

Er, well, anyway, I'd rather see the movie-style Nightstalkers get their own series than Blade. Because they have personalities beyond grim intensity and sarcasm, and that would seem to be useful for an ongoing show.
I'd rather have more of the Buffyverse, than any of the Bladeverse, but given that I post on Whedonesque that should come as no surprise.

On a side note, I thought I read somewhere that one of the executives at Spike TV got fired for bringing over CSI to their network because it attracted too many female viewers.
If its succcessful, maybe studios will ask Joss to do some new slaying stuff with former slayers, or former vampires, if the genre remains popular, then it might actually help a future Joss show continuing in the slayerverse. Least it's not reality tv!
Thank you Eddy Scissorhands, April MayJuneJuly, Role Playing Game (or Rocket Propulsion Grenade) Action, The Comit (?), and Sweet Caroline *BA BA BAAA* good times never seemed so good, for all your help all of you! I guess I'll just have to be patient and wait until 4-7 days. Then typos everywhere beware! Thanks again everyone whom applicable for the "edit post" help. :)
I love the Blade series AND the Buffy series. Give me more of both! But make sure the quality is there... no hackjobs, please. I have the ultimate trust in Joss bringing quality and integrity to any project he undertakes. I'm not so sure I feel the same way about a Blade tv show (but I'll withhold judgment until I have watched it). I wish the creators luck! -mattro

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