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January 13 2003

WB give vote of confidence to Angel. Jordan Levin, entertainment president of The WB says "I think Joss really found the show last season; I think it's improved creatively this season".

Hilariously, Levin describes the show as "the only real male drama in the time slot" and will appeal to the same people who liked Fastlane. The article also means that the network contract for Angel will expire in May.

Maybe they can take BtVS back.
Problem is would WB want Buffy back? Buffy going to UPN caused a lot of bitterness at WB. And with Smallville getting better ratings than ever and it's finally shedding its Buffy clone image I can't see it happening. Still stranger things have happened. Though I seem to remember Joss or a senior Mutant Enemy exec saying UPN allowed more freedom for the show cause they could do things that WB wouldn't allow.

Speaking of Smallville, I was very impressed by this spoiler for the show.
"With 'Fastlane' vacating that time slot, 'Angel' becomes the only real male drama in the time time slot."

The New York Times had an in-depth look a few months ago at the ways in which "Angel" is the gayest show on tv. They mentioned "The Host", but I don't remember what else. Not exactly the "Fastlane" audience. Actually, both "Angel" and "Buffy" have big gay audiences. BTW, The Sunday NY Times wrote a few Buffy-themed articles this year, so that's another great reason to get the best U.S. Sunday paper.
So... we next season, we could have no Buffy. No new spin off. No Firefly. We'll just have Angel. I vote for many guest appearances. Would love for Giles to meet the "new" Wesley.
Don't give up hope, prolific. There may still be a spin-off. UPN isn't the only place it could go to, after all.

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