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May 09 2005

Worth1000's "Celebrity Time Travel" Contest features BTVS/ATS entries. If you haven't run across it before now, is "the top creative competition and [P]hotoshop contest site on the web ..."

... and this pro-level photo manipulation contest, which ran in October, 2003, includes some real mind-benders.

Feast your peepers on Late '70's Punk Buffy & Angel (those eyes, that hair)! Gawp at JM as Vlad Dracula, Willow Bacall, SMG as Barbarella and more, along with various other morphed WB stars!

Warning: This site is an enormous, amusing, amazing, time-sucking black hole. Visit at your own risk, and prepare to come away with new desktop decor ;)

OMG!! I've only gotten through the first page and I can't wait to see more but just had to comment on Punk Buffy & Angel!! Laughed my ass off!! (and that's not easy to do 'cause it's pretty big!)
Wowzers that site has always rocked but this tops it all.
I wish I had 1/10th the talent of some of those photoshoppers.
Oh man, I love this! The Olde Time Angel's Investigation one is fab, and the Punk!Angel if frightening. I wish I knew about this when I was making some manips of my own. (/obligatory self-pimpage)
Wow I have never heard of this site or anything like it before, so thanks! It's fantastic! And dapnar, very impressive! I love seeing other peoples creativity, especially when its good!

Also, I think we should all pray that DB never goes bald! Eeew.

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DB as the unhappy patriarch...too funny...and I too loved the Olde Time AI poster...and David as a honky-tonk piano man...Wiseblood, you are totally right about it being a time-sucking black hole...but in a really, really good way.

Loved Buffy shilling for cigs, too.
I'm definitely finding a use for some of these in my RPG series...

For which I've done the odd bit of manipulating here and there, like making "DVD covers" for the series and giving Fairuza Balk as the villainess a game face but nothing on the level of some of these.
Great site - Punk Buffy & Angel a definitely my favorite, but the others are great too!

dafnap - your manips were very good! Thanks for posting them.
Wiseblood, wonderful site, thanks for posting it. I'll be downloading for hours.
That site was AWESOME - those people did great ! Seeing the punk Angel/Buffy was too funny. Spike as Vlad was good also
I think my fav was the Angel Investigations poster

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