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May 09 2005

Entertainment Geekly Serenity Review. Another thumbs up for the BDM.

Spoiler free, however he isn't happy about not being able to share. ;)

Wonderful, wonderful review. Spot on!
I'm a huge Whedon fan who just has to see the new Star Wars movie, not because it'll be particularly great, but just because it's a big event. Has anyone thought of having a little flyer, that we Browncoats could give out to people as they line up on opening night? Something not offensive to the Star Wars fans, but just says "hey, this is the OTHER sci-fi movie you HAVE to see"? Nothing corporate and fake, but fan-made, that is clear that it is from fellow sci-fans who love Firefly and know this will be a great movie. This could even get in the news: "Fans take up marketing blitz on their own". Whatcha all think?
Really good critique, but...he didn't like Spin the Bottle? Weird.
Sounds like a great idea, Ronald.

I want to remain as spoiler free as possible for Serenity. I don't mind the basic plotline, but if I can avoid it I wouldn't mind. The later seasons of Buffy and Angel were pretty much ruined for e because of spoilers, but Firefly hasn't been. And Serenity won't be.
Okay, so this was my first link... and boy am I glad I didn't screw it up! I was terrified I was going to link to something that had already been linked, even after reading all the links for the last few days! Yay me! :)

I read spoilers like crazy for the last seasons of both Angel and Buffy. And, I think it really took some zing out of watching it. Now, I stay away, so that I can be shocked. I don't read Lost spoilers and I will not read spoilers about Serenity, even though it is tempting with the release being so far away!!! I am in southern Indiana, so no close screenings, besides Chicago, which is of course sold out.

I am really looking forward to September 30!
Well done on your first link angellove :)
I'm with you on the no spoilers front. O dp wish we could have some screenings in the UK though to take away the temptation.
Good review, but the Alien-reference isn't really needed. I'm not saying we should try to hide some of the crappy stuff Joss has done (if that even exists), but his screenplay was so completely shredded to bits, the final product did not resemble his screenplay at all. According to Joss himself he actually cried when he saw what he had done to his script.
what *they* had done to his script. (How do we edit our previous posts?)
that's true. Comparing Alien was uncalled for. He has said publicly that what was on screen is not what he wrote. Why doesn't anyone ever point to Toy Story huh?
[wcip]Angel: welcome to the board. You're able to edit your posts beginning four days after you joined, which in your case should be tomorrow or the day after. And I agree that the Alien: Resurrection ref was gratuitous.
Very nice review :) Someone's a flanatic. I think the Alien ref was more than anything else an attempt to not seem like a total fanboy.
SoddingNancyTribe. Thanks for the tip as well as the warm welcome. I've been wanting to join the Whedonesque site for quite some time now but have been unable. It's nice to know there's an edit function. It'll come in handy :)

Congratulations on a great website!

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