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May 09 2005

Can't Stop the Signal site updates with list of 20 cities for the Serenity screenings on May 26th. Update: The tickets have now sold out. So if you were one of the lucky ones to get one, use to meet up with your fellow Whedonesque posters beforehand.

Well happier than ever we drove out to Vegas last time. Nothing in So Cal.....tsk tsk....
I'm a little sad to let go of the other thread--so many posts.

Did you get your tickies electricspacegirl?
YEAH, Florida! Someone wanted Florida, who was it?

Did someone say Chicago was sold out?? I got tickets, I was just curious how long it took to sell out.
Well, I think those of us in Rochester NY can now go back to being ignored LOL
Portland tickets haven't gone on sale yet. I have a friend checking up on it. Unfortunately, I don't have a credit card so I have to rely on others to help me out. I'm fairly confident my PDX Browncoats will come through again this time.

I'm glad you get to go, marmoset, and I'm happy for all the others who get to see Serenity for the first time. You are all in for quite an adventure!
Yes they have one in HARTFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so pumped up, although i called the theater and they had no idea about this, but it also said to check back later online for tickets.
What the frick? Heeelllooooooo!! Everything happens in NY, why not a freaking Serenity screening too? That's just wrong. Oh so wrong!
Uh oh? Is someone helping you out esg? I could if you need me to, just let me know. Or I wonder if we could transfer those DC tix I bought to Portland?
Yeah, one in Florida, but all the way down in Miami. If I'd known I would have tried to get a ticket in Atlanta, which is actually closer to me, even though it is a five hour drive.
Last time, someone fandango'd the tickets for me, and sent me the email confirmation, and I just had to print it out and take it with me to the theater. I don't think you can transfer tickets from a different location though.
Where's the non-US love? There's a whole world out here! come on!
I wonder how quickly tickets are going to sell out this time around.
I posted this in the old thread too, but can does anyone have an extra ticket for the philadelphia screening? By the time I got to it it was sold out already.
From what I hear, some of the theatres aren't selling the tickets yet. I also hear the poor theatre managers are already getting bombarded with phone calls.
The Austin theater is reporting that tickets sold out in fifteen minutes.
I'm waiting to hear back from a couple of friends about whether they want to go with me. Otherwise, I might have an extra Phila ticket. I do have DC tickets if you might be interested in those. barest_smidgen posted some info about how to let someone else use them.
Oh come on...this is LA! Where they MAKE the movies!! The best we can do is Vegas?! This is where stuff happens. I know, I've seen stuff happen here! But we can't even get our BDM to give us another tiny little screening?...*sniff*...
I commiserate with you, nychick. We've been spurned again.

I really picked the wrong time to move away from Boston.
Fifteen minutes? That's amazing!

Joss is a rock star.
WilliamTheBloody, Rochester NY is always forgotten. In all fairness I can understand why :)

I'm suprised there isn't anything from NY on that list. Maybe they thought that the manager abuse would go up signifigantly if people from NY were allowed to see the screening.
Ah are we all moving over here now ;P I was so excited making calls and IMs to local friends I didn't get a chance to beat SImon to the link, shucks.. :)
Rogue Slayer........I know, they dismissed LA-LA land the place where movies are made.........come on guys!! They could have at least had one in Orange County. =(
Not that I'm coldhearted, but hard to have TOO much sympathy for the NY and LA folks. After all, pretty much everything in the entertainment world happens in one of those two cities. NY gets interesting movies far before the rest of the country, and many that never open anywhere else. And the LA members among us have some pretty fabulous fan/actor/Joss interactions in recent years....
So, nice to see those little out-of-the-way places (Hartford? Kansas City? Providence?) rewarded for once :-)

Of course, the ideal thing would be if everywhere could get a screening, but I guess that'll happen in September.

And for desperate NY folks, Philly really is a pretty easy train ride.
Re: no New York screening. I find, in my line of work, that market researchers don't often choose N.Y. or L.A. for testing products expected to be marketed nationally. We folks in and around those cities aren't always perceived to be "average/normal/typical Americans." Oh, well. :)

And New York and Los Angeles are so frequently the sites of big premieres, while test screenings are scheduled elsewhere. I wonder if that means the movie will debut on the September 29th in L.A. and/or N.Y....?
If anyone has two extra Chicago tickets, I would be more than willing to purchase them. I'm in Grand Rapids, MI, but it would so be worth the 3 hour drive to see it!

If anyone can help, e-mail me at


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All these advance sell-outs makes me think of just one thing:

"We've done the impossible and that makes us mighty."
AHHH!!! It's the second time I've missed Chicago!!! WTF! are right....I am just being a brat....I thought just maybe they would throw in a OC or SD if not an LA.....just to see how other cities in So Cal would do........Because OC and SD are different from know?
Sorry, Rogue Slayer! Yes, you would think there would be a screening in LA. So, will you be attending the San Fran screening now?

WOW, 15 minutes. YES, Joss IS a rock star.

If anyone would like to meet up prior to the Chicago screening, I'm down with that.
If we don't pick up the tickets we've reserved today, will they still be there on Thursday? (Really nervous about messing up somehow...)
As I said in the other message board regarding this similar topic, and I quote:
"I bleed, I mean, I need 4 tix to Portland. Call the theater and they apparently "don't know" when they begin selling the tickets yet, and still no-go on Fandango. Any Northwestern Browncoats got anything more then I have??

P.S. The girl who talked to me in regards to the sneak peak seemed annoyed - maybe a lot of people have been calling about the same thing? Or maybe she just hasn't been converted yet... Eitherways, didn't even say goodbye on the phone :("

Please Help? Angel Investigations? Anyone??
In the past, when I've bought tickets in advance, I pick them up at the theatre the day of the movie.
Anyone have extra tickets for Chicago? I am desperate. Please!
Not that I'm coldhearted, but hard to have TOO much sympathy for the NY and LA folks

No, I'd tell me to shut up too if I still lived in Missouri! Of course, if I still lived in Missouri, it would be a scant 3 hour drive to KC....

So, will you be attending the San Fran screening now?

No, Vegas would be closer, but I can't take off anymore work!
Re: 15 minutes in Austin... amazing, yes, but I'm also thinking it's a smaller theater than some of the others. Last week the word was that 209 tickets were sold. Anyone know how that compares to, say, Seattle or Atlanta?
There are generally automated box office machines for pickup or you can get them at either a willcall/customer service desk or the main ticketing area.
marmoset: if you do end up having an extra ticket, can you please email me? Its hobgadling(at) Thanks a ton.

PS. Re NYC annoying is it to have to go to another city to see a screening?
I have missed the screenings in Austin for the second time now. If anyone in the area can't go, let me know!

15 minutes?!! I never stood a chance.
I heard a rumor on the board that Universal plans on doing these screenings every two weeks til release. Apparently one of the suits said this to one of the people attending a screening last week.

I'm a little confused by this marketing plan. I can't decide if it means Universal has a LOT of confidence in the movie or none at all. I really hope the movie gets good treatment at their hands. I saw it last Thursday and it's truly brilliant. Joss IS a rock star.
So, Chicago IS sold out? How long did it take? I think I got mine at 10:30am (central time). Just curious. BlindHawkeyes, I'm sure something will come up. Try joining the yahoo's tvgroups for Chicago Firefly. Maybe someone will have extra tickets.
You can order Hartford tickets online now.

I've got 2 tickets to Hartford and 2 to Providence. Hoping for a refund on the Providence tickets...
If they do screenings every two weeks, won't that cut into the opening weekend boxoffice?
Seattle is sold out. Hopefully they start updating cantstopthesignal soon. Also, whenever Portland tix go on sale would somebody please post!! We had a reel mix-up last time, and even though I know I should let other Browncoats get a chance to see it, I want to go again and hopefully get the correct sequence this time!
I just called the DC theater and was told they're sold out as well. Darn! What a day to have limited online time!!! Grrrrr....Arrrgh!
Yep, Chicago was gone before I left for my class at noon (central), so around that time. Thanks Harmalicious, I'll look around. I'm doubtful, but hopefully something will come up.
I'll definitely let you know hobgadling. And, btw, awesome name, love the reference!

Who all is coming to the Phila showing anyway?

jewel, I just saw your post, I have two DC tix. I want to make sure my Phila are good to go but I'm pretty sure you can have mine. I will keep you posted.
I heard a rumor on the board that Universal plans on doing these screenings every two weeks til release. Apparently one of the suits said this to one of the people attending a screening last week.

I'm a little confused by this marketing plan. I can't decide if it means Universal has a LOT of confidence in the movie or none at all. I really hope the movie gets good treatment at their hands. I saw it last Thursday and it's truly brilliant. Joss IS a rock star.

orphea | May 09, 20:30 CET

This sounds a little too much like a rumor. The idea behind the screenings is to get viewer reaction and perhaps tweak things a bit based upon those reactions.

They might do a few screenings over a couple of months. But at some point they have to settle on what's the official version. (Only Peter Jackson could get away with not completing a film until three weeks before its big premiere. ;->)
here, here! Also in favor of posting portland asap!
Also, just noticed that they changed the info at cantstopthesignal. It no longer says to call the theaters, just that tix will be available online later. Poor theater managers...
I just called the Roseville (Sacramento) theater. A very annoyed guy indicated that "when they are up on fandango they will be available here too" - probably in about an hour. (I called at 11:35am PT.
The site took down the instructions to contact the theatre directly ... LOL!
I heard a rumor on the board that Universal plans on doing these screenings every two weeks til release. Apparently one of the suits said this to one of the people attending a screening last week

That's an interesting plan. That means, what...12 screenings total until the release? Maybe everyone interested will have seen it already! Of course, we true fans will see it repeatedly when it's officially released, but still...
I'm not sure I buy that rumor. Doesn't sound right. I could be wrong, I have no idea what the inner workings of a movie release are like, but it just doesn't seem...good.
Tests every two weeks would kill the buzz. Then again it's like how Google gave away gmail invites in a trickle to build up the hype. I dunno. Seems silly to me.
D.C. may be sold out but Norfolk VA. still available, just purchased mine !
I agree that it might kill the buzz and affect opening weekend sales. I'm also afraid the movie will get bootlegged if they keep screening. Here's the thread (no spoilers) that I saw it in: fixed link

For what it's worth, that rumor was posted before the second round of screenings became public.

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New Yorkers -- if you are desperate enough, come on up to Providence! We still have tickets. And we don't bite. Hard. ;-)
chickenbird, Hartford is closer to New York than Providence.
Furthermore, for folks who are convenient to the Phila airport, Southwest has super cheap tickets to Providence right now. I'm flying there this coming weekend--$29 each way! Very nice. People could go up for the preview AND Jonathan Woodward's play. Make a weekend of it.
Does anyone know how "finished" the movie is? Anyone who went to last week's screening?

No spoilers, please. I'm just curious about whether effects, score, etc. are 100% done in this preview version. Thanks!
We ought to send flowers to the poor theater managers. They really don't make enough money to deal with the likes of us.
I have a strong suspicion that ebay is going to be flooded this time...
Heh, cantstopthesignal took down the phone numbers, too. Must've been getting crazy!
jam2, the movie's definitely not 100 percent done - I don't know how many places stuff will be changed, but some of the effects seem a little rough, and some of the music is a placeholder. Still, none of that is super obvious, and you can enjoy it as a basically finished movie without constantly having your attention drawn to unfinished stuff. people more aware of technical moviemaking might notice it more than I did – I found I completely forgot about the unfinished parts while watching it.
Given the obscene eBay prices last time, I don't doubt it. Bright side, the market flood (relatively speaking) will hopefully bring the price down.

Just gotta wait for Portland to avail itself ... So much for my day.
After a few frustrating conversations with the Las Vegas theater, I finally got them online at Fandango! I am so excited!!! It is a little tricky because it doesn't say "Serenity" but rather "Special Advance Screening" and you can only see it if you click on May 26 or scroll all the way down the page. Anyway, Yay for me!!!
Driving from San Diego, but I am sure it will be worth it!

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So true, taradia! Let's be nice to these guys. Play nice. uhhhh nicely.
Portland's up ... and already sold out. D'oh.
*first post* I'm in San Diego, too. Unfortunately, I can't drive out to Vegas for this. Good thing I flew to SF last Thursday. Oh well, others can now experience the BDM for themselves. Still, I am a sad Browncoat. =(
My teenage daughter just learned that I got tickets for the preview. I never heard her scream like this - even when she got tickets to see the Shins! We are all on Cloud 9 here! :-)
Portland posted up at 12:00 P.M. and was sold out by 12:06 when my order was processing. Sold out by the time it processed :( 15 minutes? Try 6 for Portland, Oregon... I too now feel the pain...
Portland posted up at 12:00 P.M. and was sold out by 12:06 when my order was processing. Sold out by the time it processed :( 15 minutes? Try 6 for Portland, Oregon... I too now feel the pain...
Apparently I feel it twice as much... Sorry, mistakingly posted a duplicate - now I'm double depressed :*(
Welcome, einral! Too bad about the ticket situation. Yeah, Nebula1400. Kids are fun, aren't they. So, Plecky you did NOT get tickets? WTF!
Good reminder, Marmoset.

Hey, Providence movie our buddy Knox/Webs/Tracey a solid, and give his play a go. See the W-esque homepage for a link to the thread.
For those that missed out on a ticket, you might be able to bypass an expensive auction by listing on ebay's free "want it now"

ps. are people really paying $50 for a signed one sheet advertisement from the screenings? sheesh...
Yeah any city have it worse then us rainy day Oregonians did? I've been online since 8:00 this morning waiting for Portland to update on Fandango, refreshing every couple minutes and finally when I saw it when to place my order and sold out in 5 minutes - and from other posters sounds like it might have sold out even in under 5 minutes... Where did I go wrong, I guess now I better hope for 1. luck, 2. more luck, or 3. that rumor of screenings every couple weeks until its released being true. *crossing fingers* and thank you harmalicious boudacious for the sympathy! But can you believe that? I envy those who at least stood a fighting chance for getting tickets (or even still have some). I guess now comes the begging for people to help the helpless or sell to the ticketless? haha, oh well the anticipation for trying to get tickets is probably second only to anticipation of actually seeing the film if you did! Congratlations to those who did, extremely awesome and I'll envy you but love you for being such a determined fan to get them so quickly! Let's just say if we were in a Firefly draw, you'd definitely win and get the first shot off - my reflexes just ain't quick enough I guess! Back to the drawing board
marmoset: jewel, I just saw your post, I have two DC tix. I want to make sure my Phila are good to go but I'm pretty sure you can have mine. I will keep you posted.

Thanks!!!! That would absolutely make my day!
I can't get through to the number at to confirm--I got a confirmation number via the website but no email and I'm a little paranoid. Anyway, once I get through I will definitely let you know, jewel.
So how many cities are already sold out?
Oh, my kids never expected to get tickets for a 'Serenity' screening, Harmalicious. I'm lucky that they ask for so little and I usually can't do something like this. This way, they really appreciate it when I do something like this.

What's really ironic is that is the evening my daughter was being honored by her school (along with all other students who made top 10 in their grades) in some big (boring) ceremony. While I feel a little guilty about this, she actually would rather go to the 'Serenity' screening.

We're choosing to look at this as her Big Damn Reward for doing so well in school. :-) (My daughter is often equated with "Willow" by her classmates, because of her academic standing and because she looks a lot like her.)
Yay! I got 2 tickets, I'm going to Vegas!
Oh, I'm disappointed about the lack of a New York screening, but not surprised. We're paradoxically as diverse as a city can be, but as the studio logic goes, simultaneously not representative of the country.

But the extra building of anticipation only makes it more exciting, right? Right?!?!
You're the best, marmoset!!! I'll keep checking here!! :):):)
Plecky, I was just messing around to see if Fandango works, and it looks like it would let me buy tickets in Portland (but I don't live around there, so, of course I didn't actually buy them). You might try again.
So cool for her, Nebula1400. Anyway to swing both? The screening doesn't start until 10pm. If not, GO TO SERENITY!
New York people - there seem to still be tickets for Bensalem, PA - which really isn't all that far from NYC, and definitely not bad for NJ (especially southern NJ).

Harmalicious: It would be cutting it too close to try to do both. The ceremony starts at 7:30 p.m. and Bensalem is about 45 minutes from here (maybe less. I'll have to do a test drive later this week.) Those ceremonies are so long and drawn out, and we could really do without pompous principal speeches and bad band music. Her class standing (#2 in the class, only because #1 has one more AP class than she has) won't change, and she'll still get whatever certificates she was supposed to get afterward.

The good thing about this is she probably won't have a lot of homework to do that night because she's supposed to be at the ceremony.

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Wooooo Hoooo I am SOOOOOOOOO glad I live in Providence. Was gonna fight and claw to get tix to Boston until I found out about the local showing. Anyone else wanna go? I need a buddy to check out the show with me.... my boyfriend is not interested at all
I've heard Portland is still available - its a glitch with the site. If it were really sold out it would tell you before you try to purchase, not afterwards. Try it again.
You're in luck, jewel. I just got confirmation over the phone from some dude. You can contact me at Just drop me a line.
Well, the Hartford CT tix went on sale, and it says that I bought tickets but I havent gotten a confirmation email or anything like that...anyone get anything yet?
Yeah it appears that way doesn't it? But once your order processes you receive the brick that it's sold out. I don't know why they make you fill everything out just so it can process and tell you its sold out. But yeah, I got that false sense of excitment you may have seen fr0ggie but no dice. But thanks for looking out for me! Any help is appreciated help!
fr0g, thanks for the heads up! I don't know what happened there, but the time changed from 10pm to 9:55, and the tickets are available now. I just snagged another two for me and hubby, so definitely try again, Plecky. Quick link here.
Ooo glitch, I think its working! YES!!!!!
Plecky?? fingers crossed for you!
Right Keever. Now if I can just keep from being spoiled anymore than I already am...

That is what had me really wanting to get to a screening. I already accidentally read one spoiler by one of those posters who put a spoiler in the subject line on some sight or another. I have had my head down ever since, but this just is not going to work for the next 5 months. It is already getting really annoying.
Very cool, congrats! Plecky gets to go, woo hoo!
Congrats Plecky!!!!! :)
Congrats Plecky!
CONGRATS to all you who have tickets, I am both jealous and excited for you all at the same time :-)

Well, unfortunately for me and the other Rochesterians you see, those other showings aren't easy to get to. Philly -- 6+ hours by car, even longer by train, Hartford --6 + hours, Providence (according to yahoo) is 7 hours ... so, nothing. Even if it was in NYC, that's still about 5-6 hours depending on traffic.

Oh well, maybe at some point they'll do Toronto, 3 hours ain't bad!

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Thank you everyone, Harmalicious, fr0g, killinj, and Jet Wolf. Hope didn't forget anybody but I got tickets, I'm going to see it in a couple weeks, and I'm as excited as many of you were a couple weeks ago or are currently. I'll be in the "in-crowd" soon enough, man I'm happy - I'm going to go celebrate by going to one of campus and attending my geology class since I haven't been to a class yet today. Now I go to college to be learned good and gets smart! :)
Marmoset, et al:

I called the customer service folks at after I bought my two Bensalem tickets. (I, too, received an error message, and no eMail confirmation for my order.) The rep confirmed that my tickets were secured and told me that the purchasing credit card will be my confirmation upon arrival to the theatre on the 26th. Seems like we all saw that same glich in their system, but all is well, so I'm sure you're squared away.

And congratulations, Plecky!!! While it may be true that "the mother of stupids is always pregnant," it's also true that "you'll get by with a little help from your friends." Well done, friends.
Hey Plecky, if it still isn't working, or is sold out, consider coming up to Seattle. We're sold out, but there's talk of Browncoats buying extras and giving them away to deserving fans who missed it last time...
Oh and last but not least newCJ (not to be mistaken by oldCJ), thank you too - sorry bout leaving you out of my personal celebration. Now I pass on my remaining good luck to all of you still in need!
Had to go get some work done, but glad to see so many of you are going to get to enjoy the BDM ahead of time. Congrats all you ticketholders, congrats!
pixxelpuss, Plecky is all good. Very cool about what those wonderful Seattle Browncoats are doing.
To newcj and everyone else who is relatively unspoiled. Stay that way! Go watch a million hours of something else - something inane like alias or cartoon network or something. But distract yourself so that the whole movie comes as a suprise - it's well worth it.
And congrats to all who got tix! Woot to the BDM! and Woot to Whedonesque!
What a pity. Nobody cares about Toronto, do they? Who has the most say about where these screenings are held? Joss? Universal? I'm writing a letter.
The most say? Universal - its their dime.
The has updated the list with "Sold Out" announcements. I thought Austin was sold out a long time ago?
Hey! I bought my PHX tickets through earlier today, now it says on CSTS that they were sold by Fandango. What? I hope this isn't a snafu of some kind, cuz I'm confirmed, baby!
killinj: it is according to the theater staff *and* the Fandango site.
Yeah, it seems the CSTS site is behind the times. Boston sold out awhile ago too.
This glitchy for anyone else? I was refreshing every 2-3 minutes (Atlanta), and between refreshes it went from "not on sale yet" to sold out. In the meanwhile I was also checking Fandago. Unless they had already sold out and it hadn't said so...
You're the best, marmoset!!! I'll email you shortly!

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Thanks to Jet Wolf's link I was able to get some Portland tickets! Woo hoo, Browncoats Rock!

And here's a ditto to the "don't get spoiled if you can help it" sentiment. Trust me.
Dang! Washington DC is already sold out. Did anyone out there purchase an extra ticket I could buy?

Nevermind. I got Norfolk tickets. Road trip time!!!

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Hey, m'cookies! Been wanting to see you turn up so I can tell you what a great name. Very fun.
Cities that are SOLD OUT:

1. Atlanta
2. Chicago
3. Dallas
4. Denver
5. Minneapolis
6. Phoenix
7. San Francisco
8. Seattle
9. Washington DC

Cities that are not SOLD OUT:

1. Hartford
2. Kansas City
3. Miami
4. Philadelphia
5. Providence

Cities that require you to check back later:

1. Austin
2. Boston
3. Las Vegas
4. Norfolk
5. Portland
6. Sacramento
Sorry if someone's already mentioned this, but besides making Browncoats happy and creating a buzz that the fans are totally psyched for the BDM, how do these screenings help Universal market this film to the general public? Not that I'm bitter that I'm not going to the second round of screenings. I'm totally not, but is hearing about these screenings going to make people who have no idea what "Firefly" is or who Joss is want to see this movie?
Happy to help, m'cookies. Looks like Portland's sold out now too, if the little 9:55 is anything to go by.

I just did a quick check on the Fandango-offered tickets. Looks like the only cities left are Austin, Boston, Las Vegas and Norfolk.

I gotta admit, I still think it's sort of weird that they're not only doing a repeat sneak preview, but bringing it back to cities that were already lucky enough to get it the first time.

<looks at ticket confirmation> I'm not COMPLAINING, but it's pretty weird to me. I'm not sure I get the marketing strategy on this one.
Well I don't think that is very accurate with the sell outs, cause according to Fandango Boston was sold out a long time ago and it is still showing as active on the site. It is crazy how fast these tickets went!
Would someone please contact me if you have an extra ticket for the Seattle screening? My wife missed out on the screening I went to last week and I would dearly love to send her to this one...
They just updated the CSTS site again, Austin and Boston are sold out as previously reported.
Thanks, barest_smidgen! That line always cracked me up for some reason, so I figured what the heck.

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Check that, I didn't go deep enough in. Austin, Boston and Las Vegas are sold out too. The only ones I could find are in Norfolk.
What the hell is up with Sacramento? Are they already sold out and the CSTS doesn't reflect it?
Sacramento link. No notice yet of being sold out.

[ edited by Jet Wolf on 2005-05-09 22:20 ]
CAN'T BELIEVE IT - Sacramento sold out in what has to be 1 minute. That's gotta be a record. :(

As it turns out, it worked again later and I got my ticket. Yippee!

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Cities that are SOLD OUT:

1. Atlanta
2. Chicago
3. Dallas
4. Denver
5. Minneapolis
6. Phoenix
7. San Francisco
8. Seattle
9. Washington DC
12.Las Vegas
13.Kansas City

Cities that are not SOLD OUT:

1. Norfolk
2. Miami
3. Sacramento

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Bensalem, PA is sold out now.
No problem, jewel. I wrote them and told them that I bought tickets as a present for my cousin but that I won't be attending myself so now I'm just waiting to hear back about how to get you the tickets. I'm going to be offline for a couple of hours so if I don't answer your email right away, don't worry, I have't forgotten you.
I wouldn't rely on CSTS for current info - check the sites that are selling tickets.
Gosh, if Simon hadn't created a new thread, the other one would have 510 posts right now!
Sacramento seems to be working.
Excellent, marmoset. I am absolutely vibrating, I'm so excited!! I look forward to hearing from you. :^)
Agh, crumbs and carrots! Dang you, all of Washington DC! Dang you to the hottest fires of heck!

Does anyone have a D.C. ticket they'd be willing to part with at cost? If it helps get me sympathy, May 26 is my birthday *looks sweet* (Hey, and I'll be 21, so I can buy a drink for my benefactor to seal the deal!) So anyway, if anyone has an extra ticket, please email me!
Portland is sold out.
Hartford and Providence are now sold out. Sacramento is now online.
Something's wrong with the Sacramento link. This one works.
May 22nd is my birthday, so woohoo! I, presently, can't think of a better present for myself!!!
Sacramento keeps telling me it's sold out. After it takes all my info.

If it is, it's not the end of the world for me, but I have two friends dying to go. It would be nice to score them some tickets.
That's a glitch - it isn't really sold out unless it tells you before you purchase. Keep trying.
Angela, try Jet Wolf's link above.
I did Harmalicious. :) I'm persistent. So I'll just keep trying.
Norfolk is sold out.
Okay, not only have I been praying to the Gods to send Serenity to Little Rhody, but now I have tickets and mom willing to go with me to the sneak peak at 10 on a school night. and, Providence is sold out on top of that. Defidently gonna give a shout out to Whedonesquers at the theater...see you bitches in 17 days
Is there a precedent for screenings like this so far from the release date of the movie? Or for them selling out in minutes?
Oh the pain...I could have gotten San Francisco tickets, but my husband doesn't want to see it until it's 100% finished, and I don't fancy dragging along an unwilling partner. *cry*
Still getting 'sold out' when processing my order. Calling Fandango was a total bust too. special advance preview, like on the site, didn't work. So, I called the theater, and was told to just say 'special screening'. I called Fandango back, 'special screening' almost worked - but I was told there was not one within 30 miles of the town I was searching. Sigh. I'll just keep at it.
misterblue, I'd have KILLED my husband if he went without me. Check out the official site, especially Seattle Shindigs. There was a raffle of extra tix last time, the same thing might happen again.
Anyone got an extra ticket for Denver? I just found out that my sister-in-law will be in Denver that night.
Dang!! DALLAS is sold out and I just found out about it! Bleargh!
ZM, did you get to the last screening? I hope that people who saw it before are going to try to let those who missed it last time get in on it.
At this point, I defy anyone to get tix to Sacramento. And if ya did, was there a trick to it? Because what I'm doing worked for the last screening (yes - I did go to it, and if possible, I'll go again, buying 3 tix this time, to take my fanfriend, and a new initiate.)
Update - Per a really great guy at the Roseville theater - there is a major Fandango problem. Unless you drive to the theater to pick up your tickets, no one can buy any right now. So sit tight, those that want tix, and keep trying.
I am happy for all of you who get to see the BDM, but I wish Universal would throw some love north of the 49th parallel.

We were lucky enough to have Space premičre all the *never aired by Fox* Firefly episodes -- if memory serves this was before the DVDs were released -- so there's been a Browncoat fanbase in Canada for a long time.

Selannia, I also wonder about this unique Serenity marketing strategy, maybe by the next round of screenings we'll have a better understanding...?
I posted this on the other thread, but too late to be seen, so here it is again.

I'm from Vancouver, BC, but I'd be willing to travel to Seattle or even Portland if anyone has an extra ticket or two. It's getting harder not to have a computer at home, although I may never have made it to work today if I did :) I kept trying all the links above for Seattle and none of them seemed to work, but I heard via our local Firefly meetup group they sold out earlier. Now Portland seems to be sold out, too. For a moment, I even considered flying somewhere like Phoenix or Boston on my somewhat limited budget.

Tickets, anyone???
Sacramento fans, go NOW - it works again!!

Here's the link:

[ edited by Ronald_SF on 2005-05-09 23:27 ]
All cities have been SOLD OUT:

1. Atlanta
2. Chicago
3. Dallas
4. Denver
5. Minneapolis
6. Phoenix
7. San Francisco
8. Seattle
9. Washington DC
12.Las Vegas
13.Kansas City

[ edited by SpikeBad on 2005-05-10 00:07 ]
New Sacramento link, though I don't know if it works all the way through or not.
edit: and then there was one: sacramento

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-05-09 23:31 ]
Thanks to m'cookies for buying an extra ticket and offering it to me! I'm going to the screening!!! Yay!!!!!
Okay. After a day of stress, I have 3 tix now. This will be my second viewing, but come on, my best friend missed the last one. So, I kinda *had* to go again. I bought a 3rd, and I've been thinking about taking someone unfamiliar with Firefly, but I may donate it to a Browncoat who hasn't seen it yet, seeing as how I've been greedy.
Norfolk sold out awhile ago.
And that appears to be that. Sacramento is sold out also.

[ edited by Jet Wolf on 2005-05-09 23:38 ]
Happy to do it, electricspacegirl!
I guess that's mission accomplished. Heck, I was looking forward to a second 300 message thread in one day. What else y'all got to talk about? :)
Congratulations to all who got tickets! I'm still frantically searching for two Chicago tickets if anyone has two they can sell. Well worth the three hour drive from Grand Rapids, MI, if I can get tickets! Otherwise, have a great time at the show all you lucky folks!

[ edited by Caroline. (No need to sign your posts. ]
PixxelPuss: No I didn't get to the last screening. I've been waiting for them to do a screening here in Dallas cuz I ain't driving all the way to Austin. They finally do one screening here in Dallas and I find out about five hours too late.

Will Universal just cut the crap and open the dang thing in wide release already? This is absurd. Why are they playing these games with it? Just finish the dang thing and get it out this summer. Compete with Fantastic Four. Serenity's gonna blow that out of the water. I don't know if it could compete with Revenge of the Sith but that's not cuz that film's a better film. Star Wars is just such an insane franchise that it doesn't seem to matter how terrible the prequels are it makes a bundle anyway.
Anyone want to meet up in Chicago before the screening? We could toast to Joss!
Simon -- now that all venues are sold out, might this be the time to revisit the meetup links you suggested (way) earlier? Or even start a new post/link/thread for interested parties...?
I posted this elsewhere but figured there's more traffic in this thread (who would have known? ;) :

I'm a huge Whedon fan who just has to see the new Star Wars movie, not because it'll be particularly great, but just because it's a big event. Has anyone thought of having a little flyer, that we Browncoats could give out to people as they line up on opening night? Something not offensive to the Star Wars fans, but just says "hey, this is the OTHER sci-fi movie you HAVE to see"? Nothing corporate and fake, but fan-made, that is clear that it is from fellow sci-fans who love Firefly and know this will be a great movie. This could even get in the news: "Fans take up marketing blitz on their own". Whatcha all think?

I'm mad-busy with finals right now -- anyone else think this is a good idea and would want to take it up?
Good idea. Let me think about for a couple of minutes and I'll see what the best course of action is.
Big well done to all those who survived this morning's nerve-wracking ordeal of secret cities and busted sellers, and secured tickets.

I too, however, have to wonder what the point of all this is. It is amazing that tickets sold so fast, but that alone doesn't seem to me to be a marketing strategy to the uninitiated (as someone observed above). Still and all, this is truly a community love-fest, and I'm sorry that not all of us will be able to partake. Just y'all be sure to keep those spoilers under control for the next four months . . .
I prefer to think of this whole thing as Universal simply being atrustic and giving the die-hard fans a chance to see the movie at around the date originally given.

Yes, I know how naive that sounds.
I also would love to get a marketing expert's opinion on this strategy. Because these screenings don't involve post-screening focus groups or post-screening feedback, right?
Right I've amended the subject line to add that if people want to meet up beforehand, they can use to arrange times/places etc.

And I am really wracking my brains to figure out why Universal Pictures are taking this approach. Is it a test for the fandom? Last minute nerves about the movie? Or justification to see if they can bring the release date forward? Cause their summer line up at the moment aint so hot.
Woo, got tickets to the Hartford screening!

Anyone else here heading up there from NYC? We could be train buddies or something :)
I live in Western Massachusetts, and I am thinking about going to the one in Hartford. One question for those who have already seen it: Are the graphics and the sountrack complete? Do you think waiting till September would be better?
I'll keep my eyes open on the official site for you, ZM. Someone is saying that the Theatre said some guy basically bought the whole damn thing. Like 200 tickets.
Maybe Universal is testing to see if they can move it forward, like Simon said. Or maybe they're just trying to keep our loyalty now that SW and Hitchhikers are both around (or will be soon). Maybe this is a "Don't forget about us... Even though September is REALLY far off."
According to the site - everything is now sold out.
One question for those who have already seen it: Are the graphics and the sountrack complete? Do you think waiting till September would be better?

The film is a bit grainy and dark in some parts, but I have no idea if that's a artistic choice or just something that will be changed later. I didn't notice any music or FX issues, though at the beginning that's what Joss said wasn't complete. Maybe others noticed that stuff, but not me.
samatwitch, if you show your email address in your WHEDONesque member profile, maybe someone will contact you about extra ticketage. Can't hurt. Good luck!
ZachsMind: Look Here

I'm honestly wondering if it isn't justification to bring the release date forward. I would like to add at this point that I very much doubt the 'screener every two weeks' theory. At most I would expect a single screening per month in a random location that hasn't already had one to generate buzz. Anything more would be overkill and I trust Universal to know this.
Well, phlebotinin, marketing is my thang, and I can't make sense o' the strategy. I mean, one set of test screenings that fire up a couple of thousand peeps to keep the buzz going during the long summer wait? That, I get. (Tho' I would've made sure half the tickets went to non-fans through giveaways, handouts on the street, even press, etc) But doubling up on the cities that were, and adding ten more? Hmmm. Especially since it's preaching to the choir that's already done drunk the Kool-Aid? Weird. Sure, it's like a meat-party in my mouth, cuz I got me some tix, but still. Weird.

Only thing I can come up with is their hope that priming the pump will increase displays of rabid-costumed-sleep-on-line-write-Klingon-poetry-paint-your-car-with-logo-name-your-kid-Mal fandom to the point where mainstream entertainment media starts doing Star Wars stories on Serenity. Seems sorta uncreative, borrowed-interest for our buds to me. So I can only assume there's a brilliant, eeevil plan afoot and we ain't getting the joke. That, or the marketers are living so quarantined from the makers, that they're the ones missing the point.

Either way, it makes me all warm and fuzzy that we not only revere Joss for his brilliant works, but we also want to protect and control them, like He's our insanely gifted but goofy little brother, and I dare you to mess with/misrepresent/mishandle Him or His art, or you'll be dealing with me, Mister.

[ edited by barest_smidgen on 2005-05-10 00:49 ]
I'm definitely with you on the non-fan angle, although I am amused by how many nonfans are getting dragged to screenings by their hopelessly addicted friends/flanatics. We're in a sense correcting their marketing ourselves. Plus I just had to post a big grin in response to the "displays of rabid-costumed-sleep-on-line-write-Klingon-poetry-paint-your-car-with-logo-name-your-kid-Mal fandom" line :)
My latest theory about these screenings: Joss is trying to borrow lots of money. I think he's trying to prove something to certain investors, concerning a big, big deal.

I remember reading somebody saying something about handing out flyers at the Star Wars Ep. III opening shows but I'm curious if there's any word/announcement/rumor/etc. about the trailor of Serenity playing before the film? That would be a excellent marketing strategy in my non-marketing-knowledgeable opinion. Also that would cancel the need to hand out flyers to the attendants for a movie they'll be seeing the trailor to that same night anyways. Not to mention, what better way to attract Sci-Fi fans from one genre that's ending its run of movies to a new genre hoping to become the next big Sci-Fi trilogy (or more-ilogy). You feel me?
Succatash -- doubt it as its most likely Universal (granted probably with prodding from Joss) that's arranging these continued screenings. Think they are just seeing if the first screenings' quick sellout was a fluke.

Plecky -- I feel you, and you totally need to see a Doctor about that bump that I'm feeling. Unless you are some kinda demon, like :) KIDDING! Jeez...

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-05-10 00:56 ]
actually genre's not the right word - cause Sci-Fi's the genre huh? Let's try "one film series that's ending its run of movies to a new film series GOING to become the next big..." on for size. Sorry, since I STILL can't edit my posts, I'm still resorting to posting corrections to my previous posts because when it comes down to it, how many posts could a plecky post if a plecky could post posts... spelt correctly and typo or error-free that is!
Uh, I feel you, Plecky. But only virtually! A trailer before "Sith" seems extra-smart to me but I'm a marketing tyro. Many thanks for your (bemused) expert insight, barest_smidgen, and for the giggles I got out of "displays of rabid-costumed-sleep-on-line-write-Klingon-poetry-paint-your-car-with-logo-name-your-kid-Mal fandom." Loved that.

Okay, so we're all slightly confused if goofily joyous (those who got tickets, anyway). Hmmmm.......
Oh and to the young and no-so-restless out there, go over to the near-400-post message board and help me break the 400 mark. Or if not, that's cool too...
BAH! This is what i get for not checking the site for a day...i miss the damn screening in Kansas City. There are some on ebay, but id rather not go too high. well maybe we can get another showing before september, also this is my new homepage now.
Oh nooo there's one in Hartford! That's near me! But I can't go because it's my prom! (Plus it's sold out.) SIGH.
fortunateizzi said:
But I can't go because it's my prom!

I can't tell you the conflicting feelings triggered by this unsuspecting post.

First: Prom?? Holy crap. I'm older than dirt. Second: Wheee...relevant smarties from the up and coming generation that matters to marketers are tuned into Whedoney goodness, too? Wheeee! And Third: May neither flying monkeys nor trained devil dogs attack said prom. (Not so much, with the wheee.)

Have a wonderful night, fortunateizzi!
The Screenings are late in the evening around 10pm..go to both the Prom and Screening. Sounds like a lucky prom night to me.
First: Prom?? Holy crap. I'm older than dirt.

That was my first reaction as well.
All sold out, everywhere! But the closest one was a mere 450 miles away, so I don't guess I was going to be going, anyhow.

barest_smidgen, I am also feeling older than dirt! Older than grit, even! Older than Bob Barker!
I'm just a spry 25, but prom feels ages ago to me too!
LOL sari, thinking of poor, beaten Spike (covered in "sexy wounds") telling Glory that Bob Barker is the Key...
Ooh, Rogue Slayer, since you are here, I was wondering how the lines were for the Las Vegas screening? Hubby and I are flying in from San Diego at 4:30 p.m. and wondered what time we should get in line. Must be back for work on Friday morning too!
Yay!!!!! They included Minneapolis this time!

And I have tickets!

I think it will be harder to wait these two weeks now that I have tickets than it was to be waiting until fall! :)
Ooh, Rogue Slayer, since you are here, I was wondering how the lines were for the Las Vegas screening? Hubby and I are flying in from San Diego at 4:30 p.m. and wondered what time we should get in line. Must be back for work on Friday morning too!

I think there were 5 people in line at 6:45pm, and by the time we ate and got in line at 7:15pm there were 20 people in front of us. So be prepared to sit! Bring cards or a magazine or something. Or you can do like I did, have hubby sit while you go gamble! ;~)
Thanks, m'cookies (love your name), I've changed my profile.

Congratulations to everyone who got tickets and enjoy the BDM on behalf of all of us who didn't.

The prom comment did indeed make me feel old, but not as old as dirt, or even Bob Barker.
Rogue Slayer: Thanks so much for the great advice! I am so excited!
Hmmm, marketing? Of which I know nothing, but here goes. 20 screenings with 200 people each. That's about 4,000 little promobots, (i.e., like nanobots but good ones). Add in about 1,000 unique promobots from the first round (assuming 50% of 10 screens x 200 seats) who are not in the second round).

That's 5,000 promobots making with the underground pimping and cultification of friends and relatives. And so on and so on . . .

That activity could start a groundswell -- remember how all those FF fans (wasn't a big group at start, after all) spread the Good Word around the world and caused a DVD sellathon over a few months' time?

With a good but not necessarily media-swamping marketing program from the big U and help of the Usual Suspects (us!), Universal might bring Serenity forward (as someone else suggested) to catch the building wave.

Ultimately, I don't see Uni spending kajillions on Serenity but being satisfied with non-mass market efforts to cover costs and build toward DVD sales. Then make profits and start Serenity II. The latter, in a non-SW year, could really take off with the right focus and that little thing called cred, built by Serenity I.

I know, too simplistic but what're ya gonna do from a non-marketing guy. Since 'Smidge and others couldn't figure it out, maybe what we see is what we get in terms of marketing strategy.

And I could (and probably am) totally wrong. Yay for me! really could be that simple. Drifter, maybe you should change career.

flying monkeys, older than dirt, Bob Barker...barest, you crack me up.
It's was my birthday.

And that's not Simon talking. This is me. May 8 was my birthday. I went to an island south of me yesterday, camped last night, and spent today on the beach, reclining in the sun and fishing. It was joyous. It was perfect. Boyfriend and all. And, it still felt like my birthday, when I logged on just after arriving home this evening.
I could *sniff* make Atlanta...
(true story, I swear.)
I'll find a way to live.
Vicariously through comics will have to do.
(I can drive to Atlanta in 5 hours. I'm in North Florida.)
See? I knew this would happen. Tickets would go on sale while I was away at work and be sold out before I could get home. GRRRR!!!

Well, I'm crossing my fingers hoping there will be another Florida screening soon. It'd be nice to know when exactly the tickets would go on sale instead of just being told "sometime tomorrow." Maybe I could have had a shot.

Oh well.

Happy movie watching to those who got tickets!

[ edited by RogueScribner on 2005-05-10 05:22 ]
Ohhhhh, and I must add:
This morning, i heard a radio news blip about this summer's movies. And that the "blockbusters" pretty much suck, and that movie attendance is down by like 15 or 20% for the "summer" so far, based on earnings for XXX and the epic knight one, and blah blah blah. So, they are expecting... crap what's it's name... oh well, something that actually is appealing to viewers is another smaller film with a smaller budget but actually a better story and substance (imagine that), to be the type of movie viewers will go for, because they aren't turning out yet in the massive droves for the early "summer blockbusters." And oh, they said it wasn't based on economics or prices or anything, it's just that the public wants to actually go see something good.
Great day for that news story, huh?
I'm really starting to think the release date might be moved up. Seriously.
ETA: Who wouldn't want to own the summer sleeper?

[ edited by April on 2005-05-10 05:47 ]
Yeah, that new Knight film only grossed $20 million for it's opening weekend and they were expecting it to be much higher and that House of Wax was only like $12 million (which makes me happy because it has Paris Hilton in it and I truly cannot stand her!).
Triple X totally bombed. I can't remember the exact return on opening weekend, but they basically made back a fraction of the cost. Probably because they called it Triple X and there ain't no Vin Diesel. Brilliant marketing there.
I don't think anything type of good marketing would have helped that movie. I saw the first one and well... that sucked, so off the bat, awesome marketing or not, wasn't planning on going to see the sequel. It's a case or Charlie's Angel and Lara Croft.

Oh have fun at the screenings all
408 comments in the original thread and 217 comments in this thread (not counting this one). Wow! Partially explains why 20 theaters sold out in less time that 10 theaters...
I'm going to try this even though the odds are slim. I'm just desperate as I'm sure a lot of you are.
If anyone has two tickets to the Vegas screening that they can part with, I am begging you to contact me. (Obviously, I will pay you for them.)
My e-mail address is in my profile, and I would be eternally in your debt. Thanks.

[ edited by saralove on 2005-05-10 06:26 ]
I wonder if 10 of the cities will have the old print from two weeks ago and 10 of the cities will have a slightly newer print with updated effects and music?

It costs about $2000 to make a print of a full length 35mm film (though I bet universal can bring down that cost, perhaps even to half of that) so with a 200 person showing they are not making any money on this - in fact they are losing money - so I guess they either really do want feedback or are hoping for "cheap" marketing.
House of Wax has Paris Hilton in it? Blech. Thanks for the warning, Firefly Flanatic. I will be skipping that one. With great enthusiasm!
re marketing: if nothing else an enormous number of US folk who don't usually buy tickets online will make sure they know how to do so before the film officially opens. 5000+ 'bots' as mentioned above, plus all those who hoped for but didn't get tickets will know exactly how to do so, via Fandango or whatever, come September 30.

Maybe the strategy is simply to get more fans more comfortable with buying movie tickets online. I never ususally do unless it's a special occaision since I resent the booking fee. Extensive online sales mean a greater chance of the opening weekend being sold out - or selling endlessly - since if they start selling online well in advance they can quickly monitor what's going on and put on extra screens. If they were selling tickets now for November (expected Australian release) I'd buy 10 to 15 immediately and tell friends and family to reserve the date in their diary.
The only thing that casts a pall over my pure bliss in being able to finally see this film, is the number of sad Browncoats that didn't get in on time. I'm so wishing I bought more than my two (for PHX), I would have shared willingly.

saralove, my heart goes out to you, and good luck! Take heed... there's rumor that there will be, at the very least, one more screening! Sometimes rumor becomes fact. *hug*
Saralove, I have 4 tickets to the Vegas showing and while I am fairly sure that my brother will use 2 of them, he will let me know for certain in a week. I will keep you in mind and if he falls through I will contact you for sure! Don't want to get the hopes too high, its about a 50/50 chance.
Here comes ebay, including a "10 ticket lot" in Vegas:
SaltyGoodness, thank you so much. I'll wait to hear from you in case it comes through. I appreciate the thought.
Willowy, thanks for the support. Here's hopin'!
Purplehazel (great name), how would that translate to the box office? We know that the first week's receipts is Universal's responsibility, the second week is Joss's.

So would your ten or fifteen tickets get put in the first week's pot? Or would the processing of the transaction take long enough to include in Joss's pot? I'm guessing it would be retroactive to the date purchased, so it would go to Universal's credit.

Personally, I'd rather line Joss's cred coffer before contributing to Universal's bursting pockets. I realize, without them, we wouldn't even HAVE Serenity, but hey...He's our Guy.

I'm just sayin'... what do you all think?
Grrr... we officially have a Browncoat admitting to scalping tickets on the official site. SO ANGRY...
Hmm. The 10 ticket lot at ebay page is "not responding."
Just think, if I were a profiteering wank monkey I coulda grossed a couple hundred today. I'll have to settle for the smiling faces of those of my nearest and dearest for whom I bought tickets. It'll do :)
You helped a LOT of people today, zeitgeist. Good Karma day for you, my friend. ;)
saralove, I may have extras as well for Vegas. I will keep you in mind if something comes about.
saralove - Are you an offical Browncoat? If yes, get yourself over the the ebay scalpers thread at the Browncoat Forum. He wants people to post their emails there for him to contact you.

Good luck. I hope, one way or another, something works out for you.

[ edited by Angela on 2005-05-10 07:18 ]
"profiteering wank monkey"--Ok, that's just funny. Thanks for the laugh, zeitgeist!

Laughs are good for those of us experiencing ticketlessness.

[ edited by Tiny Tabby on 2005-05-10 07:21 ]
Crap. Doublepost

[ edited by Angela on 2005-05-10 07:20 ]
Willowy :) Yeah, color me totally unconcerned with the profiteering, I was just trying to bring the funny. I was glad to be in a position to help out and I got a special pick me up later when I got to surprise two friends whose birthdays fall within the screening week and my parents who are also flanatics.

Tiny Tabby -- glad to bring the gift of snickering to those in need :)

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-05-10 07:25 ]
I wish Universal would throw some love north of the 49th parallel.

seriously what is up with ignoring us for the previews ?! hello, the captain is canadian ! so's the ship's mechanic ! pretty please with a big damn cherry on top, do some previews in at least vancouver and toronto !
And again the Canadian contingent is heard from!

Methinks they won't ignore you on the next go-round. You kind people have made a big noise. ;)
Yeah you would think with Vancouver being the home of Jewel and Toronto being well... its Toronto, what else do you need? You'd think there would be at least one screening up there, but I'm guessing if there is it might be on a different timetable. Is the CA release date the same as US? It just occurred to me that I don't know.

p.s. -- I was totally going to make a Rush reference but I didn't :)

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-05-10 07:37 ]
I just wanted to say thank you again to all of you guys who are keeping me in mind here. I'm lovin' the Browncoat phone tree at the moment.
You guys are awesome.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
My congratulations to all who scored seats this go 'round! For my part, living just over 4 1/2 hrs. away from the closest and already sold-out venue (Norfolk), I'm resigned to my date with Serenity in late September. No bitterness, though -- it'll be just as awesome in all its shiny, spit-polished, post-production glory, and I'm just masochistic enough to actually enjoy the thought of putting off the pleasure of seeing it until then. Sick, I know... ;)

If this is how the suits at Uni intend to guerilla market the film to generate advance buzz, I admit to some slight lingering befuzzlement, but also not a little amazement at their freewheeling, pro-Jossian risk-takingness. Who's ever seen anything like this from a major studio before? Imagine the esteemed Mr. Lucas trotting out ye olde Sith tale months ahead of its official premiere. Never happened (and even if it did, we can be sure it was retroactively edited right out of existence).

More and more, I find myself thinking that Joss is at the very head of wherever it is Hollywood is going -- only collectively, everyone else lagging behind him doesn't really seem to be picking up on that yet.

All I gotta say is, get used to his dust. :)
Zeitgeist, Canada is considered the 52nd state among the film distributors. In other words, our estimates are blended in with US film income for "American" Box Office purposes. Which I guess is a long about way of saying Yes. Our release date is the same as yours -- but that's not always the case. Just most of the time.
Willowy (thanks) – I guess I hadn’t thought through how that would translate to the box office (I wasn't aware of the split you refer to). I'll want to see the film at the earliest time possible and was just thinking I might have a better chance of getting a large group of ‘not yet fans’ to come along if I knew well in advance that we would have seats for a particular screening.

I won’t be able to stay away an extra week after the release date so maybe the answer is just the simple one of multiple viewings; immediately with friends who are already fans and then again a week or so later with our recruits; and then again and again perhaps:)

But… I do like the idea of being part of a really big opening weekend and, also, maybe this film has a different sort of deal. I can't really query your take on how the money gets divided up - I'm completely ignorant of such matters - but what's to say the split here would be the way these things are usually done.
I hear that in this movie Earth is blown up and then the protaginist joins a crew to in search of this priceless ship called the Titan. Along the way trying to avoid the Dredj and not be defeated by the betrayal of the captain and his alien-muscle. But then at the end the Alien-muscle turns on the captain who they snaps his neck, captain continues by becomming good and redeems himself for his betrayal by helping the protaginist who rescues the ship, defeats the dredj, and creates a new Earth known as Earth II (aka Bob)... wait a second, that's another film Joss had a little part in working on huh? Nevermind... :)
Congrats to all the people who got tickets. Color me jealous.

I, too, am a little confused by Universal's strategy. But, in some respects, it's a win-win proposition. They generate income on a not-quite-final cut of the movie, get a buzz going, get some new fans, and they are still assured that most of those people will show up for the final cut in September. Plus, they generate a great amount of Internet buzz. And I must agree with others who think this may be a testing for an earlier release. If the "blockbusters" aren't doing well, there may be some theaters who have nothing to show by the end of the summer, as they would have counted on the blockbusters to fill out their schedules. But, then, I'm not in any part of the biz, so what do I know. I do think it's fascinating that we got our highest number of postings, though, for people desperate to get tickets. I doubt that's lost on Joss or Universal.
Amazing that between this message board and the similar one with over 400 posts that there has been a staggering number of posts (over 650 - and counting!) in just a matter of day(s). I'd say this site has also reaped some benefits off these screenings - good thing too because with the lack of anything-whedon on TV all year, Serenity is the one thing we've got. I'm hoping afterwards, all-things-whedon will grow exponentially including the Animated Buffy, more Serenity movies, and maybe that Spike TV movie. Hopefully after Serenity is a nearly-whedon-less 2005, we will get a whedon-full 2006! I mean if we got Buffy, Angel, and Firefly all on simutaneously for a while - why not? Until then, keep it coming I say!
una correciones... or something? -"after Serenity's release AND a nearly-whedon-less 2005..."
Chris Buchanan posted on the OB that the noise made by our fair neighbors to the north has been heard and amplified by the Fillion contingent. He says the internationalness of the whole things makes things difficult. But, knowing the love Chris has for all browncoats I am thinking he has something in the works. Just my opinion. Although he rarely speaks on a topic unless he has something up his sleeve.

Any chance of some linkage TamaraC?
I've spend so long observing the ticket mayhem (even though I'm from the UK) that I don't have time to search the last university exam is this afternoon, woooo! :)
Thanks Simon. Just noticed the typo in my post and now I can't find any info on how to edit them. I am probably being hugely blind though. Hopefully my brain power and spelling improve by this afternoon! ;)
I have also observed the carnage from afar, great fun and what kind people you are. While I am equally envious and glad for those of you who got tickets, I am also sort of glad I am far away because my poor heart is twitching in stressful sympathy as it is.

As far as the international release is concerned, I really hope Universal comes to its senses and has a simultaneous (or at least within days of each other) worldwide release. Just have confidence and go with it!

Marketing strategy wise, preaching again to the converted makes not really a lot of sense. I honestly think that all these screenings, including the 5th May ones, are more of a tribute by Joss to the fans, with the added opportunity to create some buzz.

You gotta admit though that releasing an unfinished film to a rabbit fanbase shows balls as big as, ahem, spaceballs. Hell hath no fury than a disappointed fanboy and while I of course expect nothing but good things from The Joss, it was still taking a big risk, particularly given the level of expectation. Total respect to The Man. Plus lets not forget Chris Buchanan, who I am sure is working his little socks off.

Oh, and it’s my birthday today. Sorry, I am kind of exited about it.
Happy Birthday Miranda!!
Does anyone have an extra ticket for Providence to sell?
I've got some spares for DC - not sure how many yet since I'm still waiting to hear back from assorted less addicted browncoats. Email me at sharynh at so I can let you know...
A rabbit fanbase? Do we scare Anya? LOL!
As strange as this all seems, Drifter's comments upthread made a lot of sense to me. And, how could Universal NOT be thinking "sequels!" now? So many crappy movies are made; why would there be any question about making a movie that has so much obvious support?

Don't worry Canadians, we were hearing the same sort of outcry from the DC folks last week, and look what happened! We're lucky that the PTB listen to us :)

Happy Birthday Miranda!

And thanks to all of you who didn't get tickets but who are congratulating those of us who did (that was me last week). I feel your warm fuzzies.
Hey - I'm not sure if it went through, but MovieTickets.Com just let me buy 4 tickets to the Philly screening despite the fact that CANTSTOPTHESIGNAL lists all the cities as sold out.

It now lists them as sold out.

I'm curious to see if I got them...

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Really? I'm very curious as well. I didn't get one for my sweetie because I wasn't sure of his work schedule and it turns out he does have the night off and he was sad. Maybe I should try right now too.

And happy birthday Miranda! We sure have a bunch of May babies on this board.
I'm just getting an error message when I tried. Poop.
Canada is considered the 52nd state among the film distributors.

Stupid question I guess...what would be the 51st state?
Are they referring to DC?
Daromaius, thanks for the advice! just let me also buy another ticket for Providence, despite the fact that "Can't Stop the Signal" claims they were sold out.

We just need to check our credit card statements online tomorrow to see if they really went through, I guess.
I'm not getting this to work for Philadelphia at all. Daromaius, did they give you a confirmation number and does your account say you purchased them? I'm going to be so pissed at "Can't Stop the Signal" if I could have bought more last night but missed my chance!
"Can't Stop the Signal" is just a third-party source of information, even if well-meaning and in certain areas, well-connected. In terms of tickets and seat availability, I'd always trust the theaters themselves and/or their ticket sellers (fandango, over CStS.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh phlebotinin, ever the voice of reason ;)
Heh, heh, if you only knew, marmoset. No, didn't mean to sound all snooty-Miss-Reason. It's just yesterday I realized how truly behind CStS could be in terms of info. This isn't meant as a criticism of the people behind it because it is a great resource and service for Browncoats. But yesterday things happened at such lightning speed and there were so many variables involved that I don't see how they could have kept on top of everything.

That positively sucks if you were denied more tickets by faulty information, marmoset! Another possibility: perhaps some theaters changed which screen they were going to use to accommodate more sales. Change the screen and open up more seats and sell more tickets. I'd do it if I were a theater manager and the tickets to an advance screening I was showing sold out in an hour. Oh yeah, I'd do it.
Still ah, wondering if there are any extra Atlanta tickets floating around?? *hopeful smile?*
Just a thought...with all of the furor over movie piracy, might these screenings be some kind of trap set for smoking out the bootleggers? I mean, if a copy of Serenity popped up online right now, Universal would have a pretty easy time tracking where it came from, wouldn't they?
I am getting a couple tix from marmoset for the DC showing (happy happy!!). However, I could use 1 - 4 more if anyone has any extras. I have some friends that are giving me that sad puppy dog look. I totally understand letting other Whedonesquer's who don't have tickets at all have first dibs, though, but if anyone does have extras to the DC screening, please keep me in mind. I've updated my profile with my email address. Thanks!!

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In other words, our estimates are blended in with US film income for "American" Box Office purposes.

it wasn't always like this tho'. when i was a teenager (back in the olden days !) Canada got most USA movies a month or more after their initial release date. i saw the first Star Wars on Canadian opening night - the week of June 20th. i'd already read the paperback novelization, and bought all kinds of toys like a hand puppet yoda. i was totally spoiled a month in advance of it arriving in t.o. i'm so glad it's not like that anymore !

(it's odd, but i can't stand being spoiled for movies but traditionally i have been a spoiler hound for tv series)

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Saralove: I don't know if you are checking this thread, but I just got word from my brother-in-law that he is definitely going to use my other two tickets for the Vegas screening. I'm so sorry! Wishing you the best of luck in finding tix!!!

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