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May 10 2005

James Marsters fans work to get the word out to support a Spike movie, and raise money for charity at the same time. BAPS & Support Spike have joined forces in an effort to show their support for a Spike movies and to raise a few dollars for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation through the creation of "I want my Spike..." t-shirt and buttons.

Support Spike also has the next Spike campaign going on now as well - Campaign 8 : Spike Movie. So if you want to help out with that by sending a few postcards. Check out for information.

Cool and neat idea. I kinda want that tee now... Although, I can't figure out why there's a little guy falling on his butt.
I think the idea is like a kid throwing a temper tantrum, who lay on the floor kicking and screaming when they want something.
, who lay on the floor kicking and screaming when they want something.

Much like 95% of Whedonites. ;)
Cute and original design - its good to see that the Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric Aids Foundation will benefit as well.
So that's two t-shirts I must own now - the 'Joss Whedon is my Master' one and now this :)

It's a good idea and nice to see that charity will benefit.
Well theres woo and then theres hoo, and they're both here in this thread!
Wow, if I was still in third grade and had that pink denim jacket, I would so get those pins and sport them up and down the elementary school halls. I may get them anyway.
Oh fer chrissakes, haven't those people raised enough money for charity already?!

They're going to give themselves a good reputation if they're not careful.

And is that something Spike would really approve of? *Tsk, tsk*
LOL @ Bad Kitty!! Nice to see money going to charity, but is the possibility of a Spike movie even possible?

Just checked out the shirt. Yah! It's um... interesting.

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