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May 10 2005

Drew Goddard participates in Young Playwrights Festival. This is "a national competition dedicated to developing and producing musicals and plays by playwrights under age 19." His mentee's play will be on at the Hudson Mainstage in Hollywood from June 16-19.

Any of our L.A. posters been to these plays in years gone by?

I have. Buffy alums have included Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Marsters, Amber Benson, Danny Strong, and Tom Lenk, as well as Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain (I believe Drew also participated last year but I could be mistaken). I'm sure I've forgtten several others.

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Oh, how cool! I was involved in Young Playwrights back in high school, so it's good to see that the program is still going strong.
I've already bought my festival pass for this June. Can't wait to see what the YPF has in store for us this year! Also, I'm going to The Blank to see Tom Lenk and Ann Magnuson in The Book of Liz this Sunday afternoon. Should be a blast, I love David and Amy Sedaris' work.

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