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May 10 2005

Review : 'Joan of Arcadia' Season 1 on DVD(R1) starring Amber Tamblyn. Digitally Obsessed reviews the DVD release of this former Buffy guest star's series, which includes this comparison: "Joan couldn't be more ordinary, so we don't have to deal with someone obnoxiously special (she's not Buffy, is what I'm saying)."

She was on Buffy? Ohhhhhh, Janis? Dawn's friend, right?
Somewhat tenuous for front page material, although the added Buffster reference definitely helps :) Although the Buff ref is that she's "obnoxiously special". +1 pt and -1 pt
We did have to deal with someone obnoxiously crying. Every. single. episode.
And if you read right down to the last sentence, the reviewer makes a comment about Firefly being cancelled.
I love JoA, but I must admit, she may not be "obnoxiously special," but she is an obnoxious complainer in the first season.
I liked JoA season one but I think the show really went down hill for season two and I think it's still questionable on whether it will be renewed for season three. My point is, whether or not this author hated Buffy or not, it went seven seasons and could've gone more if SMG and JW had wanted it too! JoA is struggling to survive. And even at it's best it was far inferior to BtVS.
We did have to deal with someone obnoxiously crying. Every. single. episode.

Hmm, not sure I could deal. Not to hijack the topic but VM's season finale was pretty darned impressive. :)
It's probably just me and my morning mood....But when I think of JoA's basic concept of "God plays cruel mindgames with annoying teenager", the word 'obnoxious' comes to mind a little faster than with anything I ever saw on BtVS.

(With the possible exception of Kennedy yelling at Spike that she's better than him because she's 'trained'. Yes. By HIM for one, you moron!)
Since we've wandered off JofA and embraced the "obnoxious" part, who could possibly have been more obnoxious than Dawn.

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