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May 10 2005

Three Page Preview for Astonishing X-Men #10. After a long wait, this issue is finally out tomorrow.

Two pages of interior art? That's it? But still, cracking dialogue and visuals.

Joss might actually pull something out of this whole Danger Room deal after all! Those two pages aren't much but they're certainly very very interesting.
Yeah, I'm very interested to see where this is leading. I had faith, regardless, that it would pick up. It is JOSS, after all.
I don't understand the bashing this storyline has received. Maybe people expect alot from Joss but I always knew there was more to it than what was being laid out.
I've enjoyed it as much as any Whedon fan new to comics might. I'll pick it up tomorrow for sure. It's not Fray but the story is cool nonetheless.
I just picked up "Gifted". So far I am enjoying it, sometimes it is a bit hard to follow because I am not very knowledgable about the X-Men. The only X-Men exposure I have had were the Brian Singer movies. This is the first X-Men comics I have ever purchased, but I also intend to buy the last 6 of this series once they are released as a set.
Ah, about time. Those two pages might not be much but they're a good teaser and I shall be heading to the comic shop asap (which is probably thursday since that's when we get new comics here)
I picked up this issue today. And, wow, it's good (surprise, surprise). I think it really establishes the Danger Room as a wonderful villain (especially for those who may have been doubting how threatening the lady in blue would be). It has one amazingly gigantic fight scene, and then ends with a sweet setup for the next issue.
I have completely enjoyed Joss's run on x-men it has single handedly brought my back into Comics. I had not read comics since 92 and i have enjoyed this so much. The stories have been great and the personal touch to each character gives Astonishing a unique feeling. Great Job and i cant wait for each issue.

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