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May 10 2005

Solicitation Info for Serenity #2 from Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse releases information about the second issue of a three part mini series prequel to "Serenity" which goes on sale on August 3rd. This second issue alternate covers features Tim Bradstreet's Book, Jo Chen's Kaylee and Joe Quesada's Zoe.

Click on the links and check each one of the alternate covers. The following issue will show us the remaining 3 characters.


Written by Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews, art by Will Conrad, colored by Laura Martin.

Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews continue the journey of the brigands and outlaws that call the ship Serenity "home" in this second issue of the prequel to Whedon's Serenity-- the highly-anticipated feature film follow-up to his cult-hit TV show Firefly.

On the run and out of cash, the ragtag crew of Serenity take on a scavenger mission with the hopes of earning enough dough to disappear for a while. Little do they know an old enemy is scheming to remake their acquaintance with the help of some covert-operatives known only as the Blue Gloves.

This issue also features three covers starring a different Serenity crew member, each drawn by one of the hottest names in comics. This month--Tim Bradstreet, Jo Chen, and Joe Quesada.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Aug. 3.

Oh my! Gorgeous covers. I'm sooo going to be broke.
So far it looks like I'm going to be going with Mal for issue #1, and Zoe for issue #2. Though that book one is DAMN good.
I'm with you CG - so far the only cover I haven't liked is Inara's. She looks all pudgy and squished, and reminds me of certain Mad Magazine illustrations.

Simon, River and Wash to go
I vastly prefer these to the issue 1 covers. All three are great.

The solicitation info on the plot was interesting, as well...
I'll buy a copy of each issue, and hopefully the TPB will feature a complete cover gallery, so I'll have them all in some sense.
Zoe's pic is interesting. It's a great image, but doesn't look like Zoe at first. I had to think about what it would look like if the shadows weren't there. Then I glimpsed Zoe. And yes, I was not fond of my gorgeous Inara's cover either, but I guess that's the artist's style. Too bad. Loved every other so far.
Hmm. The Kaylee pic is cute, but it doesn't capture any of her personality for me. A little too generic, and too docile appearing. More Colleen than Kaylee, methinks. The Zoe is suitably bold. And the Book is quite impressive, in that photographic resemblance kinda way.
That Book cover is AMAZING! I want it.
That Zoe is a thing of beauty. Book is really good too. But there is something... I don't know? off... about the Kaylee one. I don't think it resembles Jewel much, though it is a fine painting. And I do like the pose.
Zoe's pic is interesting. It's a great image, but doesn't look like Zoe at first.

Very "comic-y" to me. (Not a criticism, just an observation.)

I love the Kaylee one -- mostly because it's a style I don't usually see in comics. Sort of a Maxfield Parrish riff.
It's funny how people have such different reactions. I really, really liked Kaylee and Book. The Kaylee pic definitely adds more innocence, if that's possible, and Book looks a little darker and a little more mysterious, just like we all know he probably is. Hats off to those artists.
But there is something... I don't know? off... about the Kaylee one.

She looks about twelve in that painting. Kaylee, aged twelve and a half. Not so good.

I love the Zoe and Book covers though. Especially Zoe: dangerous, sinuous and beautiful.
Very nice covers indeed. Can't wait to see Simon.
Loving the Zoe.
Kaylee looks like early Willow! Gaaah! Once I figured out who she looks like, the resemblance is startling!
mmm, I don't think the Kaylee picture looks like Willow. She does look quite young, though. I think they're all three really good. I wish less of Zoe's face was in shadow, and I wish the Book one was an original pose, but these are small things. Overall, squeeee!
Simon - ummm ..... don't you see him every day? Sorry could stop myself! The Book cover - that is great!
Wow... I wonder if you'll be able to specify which cover you want when ordering through amazon, if it will available there in the first place. Cause I would prefer the Mal resp Kaylee covers.
I agree about the Inara cover, it's pretty bad and she sort of looks like Miss Piggy in that drawing. And just to make clear, Morena Baccarin looks nothing like Miss Piggy. ;)
Maybe I should clarify...Kaylee looks like what comic artists think Willow looked like. To me.


Ok then! So where's this Inara pic ya'll are talking about? All I can find are Book, Kaylee, and Zoe.
Here is the Inara cover which is also my least favourite so far. I think I'll be buying Mal and Zoe (depending of course on what they have in the shop when I get there)

The thread for the 1st set of covers is here by the way.
Thank you, Paul_Rocks.

Scary, look-nothing-like-Morena interpretation. She has nice boobies, but look at those man hands! And where's our Inara's face? Did they re-cast without telling us? ;)

Seriously though... better can be done. I've seen better on With you guys on the "squished" look.
I'm not sure I'm a Huge fan of any of them. It's great art, but either too photo realistic or too stylized. Zoe's pic scares me, Book's is a little harsh in it's detail and Kaylee is so SKINNY! It's disconcerting. Where is lil' Kaylee who has actual body fat?
Where's the link to the last three?
The Blue Gloves - yay.
pixxelpuss, the new Kaylee is probably based on her look from Serenity instead of the TV shows' Kaylee. Joss told Jewel that she didn't have to gain all that weight for the part, so she didn't. sure, she might be skinnier in the artwork then in real life but after all, it's just artwork. I think they captured her essence pretty well while not drawing an exact portrait. so I'm more than happy. as long as there ain't more "miss piggy"-esque portraits of our BDH I'm just not gonna complain.
"I wonder if you'll be able to specify which cover you want when ordering through amazon"

Ordering books through Amazon is great, but why not support your local independent comic shop? Helps small businesses and the economy. I don't know about ordering comics through Amazon; I never have. If I had ordered all mine online, I never would have found The Punisher. :)
All the Serenity artwork has been fantastic so far. The one I like least is the one of Inara, I prefer the more realistic style the other characters are done in. Love Jane the most, the character and the artwork.
I think before seeing the art work if I'd been told the 3 choices for the 1st issue I would've chosen Inara and out of the 3 for the 2nd issue Kaylee. Having seen the art however I think I'll now go for Mal and Zoe. Never been a fan of variant covers - I spend too much on comics as it is without needing to buy the same issume more than once. However I do see the reasoning behind this and this is the 1st time I've ever seriously considered buying them all.
As Dottikin notes, Kaylee looks like she's 12, or looks like she should be in a children's reader.

There's no question I'm going to buy *all* the covers. Folks, it's just three issues with three covers each at what in U.S. funds, $2.99? $27 total? Spread over several months?

I'm hoping they're not ruined by splotches of type and barcode. I want to see clean covers. Maybe they'll offer clean prints separately so you can order your favourite.
If you plan to buy on the first day or two of release, most local comic shops are happy to reserve a particular cover if you call ahead.
Do we have any idea who the cover artists will be for the third issue? I'm crossing my fingers for Bill Sienkiewicz drawing River.

ETA: OOOH! Or DAREDEVIL's Alex Maleev. I want a Maleev cover! Maybe he could do Simon...

[ edited by WindTheFrog on 2005-05-12 05:03 ]
I just thought of something--maybe it's not such a great thing for some of us to buy one of each cover for all three issues. What if that deprives someone else in your area of getting a copy? Sure, if they sell enough Dark Horse will reprint them, but they might not see reprint until after the film. By then, hype may've died down and the comics won't sell as well. Also, we want these covers on the shelves, for the word Serenity to be seen by as many people as possible. If too many of us buy more issues than necessary, we might be taking away from that extra advertising that the comics on the shelves give us.

I think I'll take the approach of, buy one copy of each issue (whichever cover is my favorite) and then go back in a few weeks to see if there're remaining copies.

And you can't order flimsy pamphlet issues from, they only sell collections of these kinds of comic (trade paperbacks) or graphic novels.

Sorry, I hate to sound like I'm trying to guilt people into not getting all three covers (if you order over the internet it's obviously not a problem, since e-tailers will undoubtedly re-stock). Just something to think about.
Ooh, I just noticed an Aeon Flux comic is coming as well. Not sure about the live-action Charlize Theron movie, though it's directed by the woman who did Girlfight. But my nostalgia for the animated series/shorts is big. There better be a Peter Chung alternate cover.

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