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May 11 2005

"A self-indulgent, thinly-disguised "adaptation" of ANGEL". AICN Comics rips apart John Byrne's "Blood of the Demon" #3.

This sounded awfully familiar to me so I looked in the archives and yup, He says in a article there "I'm shamelessly ripping off Angel" back in December. Funny!
Interesting read.
Of course, the Demon and it's side characters are all far older than anything on BtVS or AtS, but the structure of the whole thing, how the chracters relate and are handled, the style and direction is indeed very Angel-like.

Isn't it interesting that more than a few comic writers admit their admiration for Joss, take inspiration from his shows and have little tributes to him in their books. Whereas Joss still sites comics and many of those same creators as some of his main inspirations in his work?

Healthy symbiosis or is the 'genre' world feeding on itself a little too much sometimes? As long as everyone stays creative and finds new angles I suppose...which, frankly Byrne hasn't done in a while if you ask me.

(BTW, Batman taking on Etrigan in a one-on-one fist fight?? That's......a lot DUMBER than Bats is supposed to be.)
As eddy allready said, Byrne has made no secref of the Angel influence on his "Blood of The Demon" comic. I buy pretty much anything Byrne produces. I really like his DOOM PATROL and based on the Etrigan stories Byrne did during his Wonder Woman run I figured it would be OK. Now, it turned out that I found "Demon" to be one of my favorite comics....probably because of the ANGEL influence. I hope IDW could get him to do some kind of Angel or Spike comic.

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