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May 11 2005

Margaret Weis talks Serenity RPG. "It's gorram shiny!" says the acclaimed fantasy author.

Certainly sounds interesting, anyone here going to buy it?

I'd take a look at it, but probably won't buy it. There's not much role-playing crowd around here (ie. only me), and role-playing by yourself is ... kinda silly. :)

But it's cool that Serenity is getting all kinds of exposure.
Since I've volunteered for the playtest and demo teams, I guess I'd better. :D
Yep, I know I'll be picking it up. Heck, I grabbed the first Eden Studio Presents just for their unofficial, can't-call-it-Firefly- but-you-know-that's-what-it-is rules set.

      [rolls dice]
" in my bunk."

Any news on a video game of Serenity yet?
For the ignorant among us, what's a "write-in" and how does it get you on the bestseller list?

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I'll give it a shot. Don't know how much I'll play, depends on the system and how much time I have.
I think roleplaying by oneself is called "writing fanfic." *smirk*

I used to hang with some roleplayer enthusiasts back in college but we played stuff like D&D and Paranoia. My personal favorite was DC Heroes because I knew how to take that game system and apply it to almost any genre. Those were the days.

I like simplicity in RPG dice systems. Steve Jackson's TOON is appealing. Any game you can play with just six siders lets you focus on the 'play' part of game play. I only got to play that once or twice though, and it's more enjoyable if everyone's drunk.

It's a shame there isn't some way to roleplay Serenity online. I'd imagine one wouldn't really need to buy a published 'official' book to figure out how to do it. If you're familiar with the tv series and understand the basics of game mechanics, it wouldn't be too hard to work up a simple percentile probability system. Two ten siders oughtta do it.

I've looked at a couple MUDs that are Serenity based, but so far haven't found any place that tempts me enough to join. Maybe after this game comes out, someone will work up a Play By Email thingy and I can join that. Buying a book though doesn't sound probable for me. I don't have many offline friends nowadays who would find roleplaying remotely interesting.

...but then again I might just get the book if it's intricately detailed in describing the people and places, just because an approach to Whedon's Serenity universe, organized in an RPG book, might be an entertaining read.

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[rolls dice]
" in my bunk."

LOL, that is too funny!
I'll probably take a look at it and buy it if it seems as attracting as Buffy's RPG.

I don't play much myself these days but, as ZachsMind points it, reading about FF in a RPG format can be interesting. Moreover, if it contains quotes from the series (as Buffy's RPG), the reading should be a real pleasure! ;)

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