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May 11 2005

Salon takes on the "Veronica Mars" season finale. Much discussion of BTVS within from Stephanie Zacharek, Salon's long-time BTVS reviewer.

I want to click on the link, but I gotta know, are there spoilers? Some of us haven't seen the finale yet.

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There are copious spoilers, NickSeng.
Everything you might want to know from the Veronica Mars finale is in the article, so yeah, best not to read if you haven't seen it.
Ahh, thanks tmhsiao. I really don't want to be spoiled for this. I'll bookmark this and read when I've actually seen said episode, then. :D
Good article, though!
Unitas, you might actually want to mention in the description that if anyone hasn't seen (but plans to) the season finale, they might want to avoid the article. It describes in detail almost everything that happens.
Great article, though. And one of the few that manages to find a worthwhile comparison between BtVS and Veronica Mars. I've been a little irked that so many people hailed VM as the next Buffy. In my mind, while both are great, they're very different shows. This author acknowedges that, but then goes on to describe what are, in fact, very useful similarities primarily how both shows used teenage life to deal with very real emotional issues for both adults and teens, often metaphorically.
Very worthwhile read, especially for someone who's been following VM and has already seen the finale. Thanks for the link!
Great article and I agree with acp here in that it acknowledges and deals with the Buffy comparos in a very sound and satisfying way. The shows are totally different, but I find things to love about both of them. VM has been getting better and better and last nights finale was just VERY well done. I completely fogged up when

Wow long inviso-section :P
Oh my, that was one great episode. Intense, exciting and the plot twist was completely unexpected, although it kinda makes sense in retrospection. Veronica Mars just solidified it's third position in my TV show rank. I never imagined it would overtake Firefly but it has, and there's a realistic chance of it claiming second place from Angel aswell. The unbreakable triad of Whedonverse has been broken.

Concerning the door

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If any of you want to discuss last night's finale, there's a lively thread going on over at Flickr.
I just watched the Veronica Mars finale, and it was perfect. It was exactly what it needed to be, it wrapped up the storyline, and it left just enough thread hanging loose to make me squirm for the next season.

Someone needs to start a website called Save Veronica Mars. I know it's been renewed for a second season, but only by the skin of it's teeth, and doing these things pre-emptively for a change would probably be a good idea. UPN have made a fantastic show, and they should be applauded for sticking with it not just for this season, but for beyond. They've done exactly what every other network has been failing to do for years, and at this point I'd be willing to throw them a parade.

Adversely, if they go ahead and cancel it next season - especially mid-story - then I'd probably be willing to do something as equally evil to punish them.

For now though, I'm happy. This is the first time in years that none of the shows I've committed to have been cancelled. House, Veronica Mars, Scrubs, 24; all renewed. It's great.
There is already a site - - that worked hard to get the early pick up this year. They're working on a DVD campaign right now. is another great site, but more for getting friends hooked and caught up, not for saving the show.
I thought it was one of the best season finales I have seen. Funny, touching, exciting and unexpected. I fear that my love for Veronica Mars is quickly catching up with my love for Buffy and Angel.
As a Veronica fan, there are parts of the finale I liked muchly. There are parts that made me want to hit things. I thought the writing for the first twenty to thirty minutes solid was just bad. I wasn't all that impressed with the way some things turned out, either.

The actual events of the episode I loved. The last ten minutes were Emmy-worthy. But as an episode, on the whole? I'm a bit underwhelmed.
OK, I am not saying this show is completely terrible by any means. I think it is probably the best show on TV now (even if that's not saying much). I just wanted to get that out before the ranting begins.

I just didn't think this finale was anything special. The twists were predictable and the cliffhanger was like something you'd see on 'Friends', not very original.

Now I have only seen a handful of episodes total (mainly because its on past my bedtime) but I found the shows strongest point is the acting, especially with this last episode. The writing and stories on some episodes have just been cringe worthy. I'm sorry but Joss has spoiled me. It's like going from name brand to generic, it takes some getting used to.

Maybe I'm being a little hard on VM because there has been so many comparisons to my beloved BtVS. Frankly, I don't think its worthy of such a comparison. Not yet at least.

I geuss that wasn't much of rant... ah well.
Let me start out with this : I LOVE VERONICA MARS. And now on another note : I MISSED THE LAST EPISODE!!!! I was all set to watch my Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars, and my sister goes into labor. I didn't even think of trying to tape it, but I am so pissed and I NEED to see it. If someone could PLEASEEEEE help me by pointing me in the right direction of how i can see it i will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
Great article, and I completely agree with the writer's conclusion. Like her final observation very much re: Veronica and her dad.

(And I deduced who the killer was a week ago. Ha ha ha! Wile Coyote... Super Genius!)
Yeah, the acting during the moment when Keith tells Veronica what the content of the envelope means was easily the best moment. I can't think of any other show ever (and I mean ever)that has featured a father/daughter relationship in way that is this positive, meaningful, and believeable. And I'm talking actual father/daughter not father/daughter-like relationships such as Buffy and Giles. Very good season finale episode overall.

Still, IMHO the writing on VM generally speaking is not at Joss-level. But it's only one season. Hopefully there will be enough seasons of VM to make a fair comparison.
Wow, that was a moving season finale. It was the perfect ending to a fantastic first season. I hope they keep this up for the second one. The acting and writing was superb. Kudos to UPN for renewing it early against all odds. I guess they realise this show has potential for being a runaway hit when more people start viewing it.

Just download it.

First get BitTorrent -"

and then get the torrent:

Welcome to the 21st century, my brother (sister?).

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Sorry brother_grady, I know you are trying to be helpful but I'd prefer it if we didnt post direct links to BitTorrent files here. So that's why I've edited your post.
CaptMEL, if you didn't find a way to see the episode yet, email me. The address is on my profile.

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