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January 13 2003

The BtVS and Angel timeline. From 1609 to 2003.

Great link. Thanks! I'm gonna print this out and have some reading material:)
wow! Thanks for digging this one up, Prolific! :D
I think I picked it up on the Cross and Stake last night.
Wow, I'm impressed. That's a major resource for fan fic writers.
Heck. That's a major resource for the frickin' show writers.
May of 1967, Angel attends (altho he wasn't exactly invited) Elvis and Priscilla's wedding reception in Las Vegas, Nevada

Anyone know if there's good fanfic out there about Angel & Elvis? Or somehow tell a story where Angel interacts with both Elvis & Frank Sinatra. Back in 1960, Sinatra hosted a TV special where Elvis was welcomed back from his tour of duty in Germany.

In "The House Always Wins," Angel gave the indication that he knew the Rat Pack briefly. It sounded like he was either being a bit humble about it, or that he didn't know them all that well but enough to have partied with them. I think it would be great if someone told the story of how that actually happened. Preferably someone who knows a lot about the Rat Pack and how Angel might have briefly mingled with that group. There's a lot of fodder here. There's a major potential for storytelling on a level that makes the tales of Darla, Angeles, Spike & Dru PALE in comparison.

Now, understand this would be a wholly fictitious approach to Frank Sinatra and his entourage. The Sinatra of the BuffyVerse. Any appearance to actual persons living, dead, or undead, would be purely coincidental.

But just imagine! The Chairman of the Board. The King of Rock N Roll. The Candy Man. Kid Crochet. And our own favorite little souled vamp. Secretly working together to save the world while keeping up appearances and protecting the world from the knowledge of just how close it came to total apocalypse. Again. Maybe the 'real' story behind Sammy Davis Jr.'s glass eye was a cover story. That secretly he lost his real eye long ago to a demon, and ever since he's had prophetic powers. The real reason Frankie kept Sammie around. Maybe the real reason why Dean Martin turned to drink was because he'd looked in the face of evil and couldn't bare to face reality again. Soon after he became a star, Frank Sinatra allegedly had a "vocal chord hemorrage" which almost ended his singing career. It is possible that while not turned, Sinatra was attacked by a vampire and first learned of the _real_ underworld that way. Maybe that was the day Angel & Frank met. Not that Angel would ever bite Frankie, but Angel may have saved Frankie's life that day.

Perhaps Angel caught up with the Rat Pack & other celebrities of the fifties around the time Elvis came back from Germany, and had an adventure or two in which Frankie investigated and deduced Angel's little secret. Sinatra learns that the same vampire who tried to turn him years before is now targetting Elvis, and he asks Angel for some assistance in thwarting the evil vampire's plans and saving The King. Sinatra "hires" Angel briefly as his personal bodyguard, and they work together to save Elvis, with the behind the scenes efforts to organize Elvis' impending arrival into a blowout party as the backdrop.

Throw in a few demony baddies and the mafia, and you'd have a major blowout showdown unlike anything that Whedon could ever put on the little screen. Think an average episode of Angel mixed with a cross between Ocean's Eleven & Manchurian Candidate. That was the same year Sinatra starred in the original Ocean's Eleven. So the writer of the fanfic could throw in Dean Martin, Angie Dickinson, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford, and a host of others for cameo parts in the story. With Seven Year Inch in 1959, Marylin Monroe was at the height of her popularity, so maybe Angel even happened to rub elbows with her. Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, the list of potential supporting & cameo roles is endless.

Possible working titles:
"Tall Order"
"Death At Four"
"It Started In Vegas"
"The Chairman, The King, and the Wildcard"
"Struck A Chord"
"Deal With The Angel"

Anyone out there daring enough to tackle this one?
The LazyWeb can usually be counted on. Although I don't know if it's necessarily fanfic oriented. Anyone know of a fanfic brainstorming site?

By the way, Whedon (I know you're a whedonesque fan), why don't you knock this one off?
Whedon actually reads this place? Perish the thought! I figured he'd be too busy to bother with us. [psst! Joss! got a sec?]

I looked over lazyweb & iawiki by proxy, and maybe I'm just being lazy, but I'm not sure if I follow how the use of these tools would improve fan fiction? Particularly the development of a short story based on the above idea of Angel meeting Elvis & Frank?

I have in the past attempted to develop from a creative standpoint a way to create "ongoing stories," "round robins" and "collaborative fantasies" where creative people can write stories about similar characters & places but ultimately the logistics are far too cumbersome & while the intent is to make creative writing a less lonely and more communal interactive experience, people invariably step on one another's toes and eventually break off to each go do their own thing. How might these tools change all that?

Actually if one were to invest time in such an endeavor, fanfiction may or may not be the best bet. Perhaps starting completely from scratch where people invent characters and environments to build stories within - this would avoid potential copyright infringements but also might not attract an audience as easily. I mean, writing stories about characters that people are already familiar with sometimes seems more attractive and even thrilling... but then again all this just sounds too much like work. LOL!

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