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May 12 2005

More on the Angel and Fred action figures including a first look at the The Ring and Through The Looking Glass Angel figures in their own threads, and scans of the other variants on page 5 of the Toyfare thread.

The final tally of variant figures for this release:

Season 5 Angel
Vampire Angel
The Ring Angel
Through The Looking Glass Angel
Graduation Day Angel (with his shirt off)
Season 3 Fred
Shells Illyria

Well, Illyria looks fantastic - will definitely go for one of those, not so sure on the 'Angels' though. Would like a closer look as I don't think the faces are quite right. Hope the Grad Day Angel has the tatt on his back ;)
To be honest I am so critical that it is very hard for me to be pleased with most action figures, as most tend to look very little like the actor they are based on, and they are often odd and unnatural looking, which is probably why I don't collect them, although I have seen some before that I would love to own. The bunny version of Anya, for example.

I think the second Illyria one looks fantastic, much better than the first which had her in normal clothes. The Pylea monster version of Angel is okay, but bares only a mild resemblance to the real thing.

Is there any website that has a comprehension set of pictures of all the Buffy/Angel figures?
The most comprehensive, including the MAC as well as DST waves, is the BTVSFigs homepage. The news section tends to lag behind the connected message board, though.

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I'm so freakin gonna buy the Illyria one, its an amazing likeness.
Even Amy Acker's wig on that new Illyria figure looks spot on (i.e. like it could fall off any minute, just like on the show. Worst wig job ever. It looked so much better with the dye. OK I'll stop ranting now). An amazing likeness indeed, kudos to the creators.
I'm generally not into action figures but these - especially Illyria - I simply have to have. Must get Illyria! An extremely good action figure, that one is.
Also love the Illyria figure! Normally don't like this line at all and don't like any of the Angels shown but Illyria is awesome! I'd get her if she was 12" tall so I could put her with my Sideshow figures.
Just wow. Illyria looks freakin' amazing -- probably the best likeness of a character I've ever seen in a figure. I gots to get me one!

Pylea-demon Angel ain't too shabby, either. And is it just me, or does the face of 'The Ring' Angel really closely resemble the S5 Angel that's also coming out soon? I'd imagined they'd use earlier scans for S2 figures, but maybe they weren't available?
Now that's more like it, that's the Illyria we've been wanting. Didn't care much for the Angel figures, the proportions are off. IMO, the best 6" Angel figures are the early BtVS models.
Hah, I love that one of the Angel figures comes with baby Connor and a bottle. Possibly the only Connor figure/prop that will be produced.

Illyria is near-perfect. They definitely should've gone with the initial hair that Amy Acker had though, the dye job on her actual hair, before the horrible wig came along. Her eyes could maybe be a little bigger too, I remember Amy Acker having bigger eyes (or maybe it's just that the face is a touch too long-ish).

I may not get back into action figures just because of these alone, but if I see that Illyria fig at the comic shop I don't think I'll be able to resist.
Craig Oxbrow, thanks for linking the BTVSFigs homepage. I haven't run across that site before.

Razor, the Time & Space Toys BtVS page has pictures of most of the figures that have been produced up to date.
Thank you. :)
You're welcome :)
Hmmm, never been much of an action figure collector, outside of the Transformer obsession i had as a kid, but these look pretty cool! Just might have to pick some up!

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