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May 12 2005

Tim Minear announces premiere date for "The Inside". It will premiere Wednesday, June 8th at 9pm.

You can find some promo pics in this link that was already posted yesterday in this thread. There you'll also find additional promo pics for those possible new shows from Fox.

Looking forward to this, hope it doesn't disappoint.
It really interests me and I can't wait till it gets picked up here in the UK. Tim Minear and Jane Espenson on board. David Fury signed up for the first six episodes and Adam Baldwin in it. It can't go wrong.

And if you think I'm excited, have a look at what Herc at AICN has to say.
Hmm, so it's going to be a summer-long show? I guess it'll be one of those shows who will start it's second season during the next mid season, then?
Best of luck to the series, I just have my doubts with Fox behind it, will they support it in the long run, hope they do, at least they've given Tim the chance to do it, just hope it has a decent run.
Most likely it'll be a pretty great show with a talented cast and crew. We'll fall in love with the characters and respect the writing. And then FOX will cancel it.
Interesting what Minear has to say about Tru Calling in the link Simon posted. That it was an one episode concept turned into a series. I have to agree.
Hell, yeah! Whooo! I have my fluid mechanics final on June 9 at 9 AM, but I won't be studying for at least one hour the night before!
As with Wonderfalls, I'm going into this show knowing next to nothing about it, that way if Fox cancelled it it doesn't hurt twice as hard 'cos it's a show I'd been looking forward to for ages. I do looking forward to getting The Inside: The Complete Series, for Christmas though.

I really don't want to get to like another Fox show and then have it cancelled.
Nice! This has looked really appealing to me for a while. With beautiful weather and a wedding to plan, I don't know how much of my free time I'm going to spend in front of the TV this summer, but I wish the show all the best and look forward to catching up on the eps I don't see through DVDs later. It looks incredibly promising.
At this point, all I have to hear is "Minear" and I'm there. Really looking forward to this.
Excellent! *circles date* June is looking better ... already...

Hmmm. Same time as Alias. I hope that doesn't become an issue... Okay, who am I kidding, it'll be an issue for some torn Alias viewers. And I like Sid 'n' all, but c'mon, it's TM doing something that I'm sure will be edgy, intelligent and impeccably well-done. Too irresistable to miss.
I'll definitely be watching this during the summer. I don't normally watch TV in the summertime, because it's mostly re-runs. I'm glad I'll have something to watch. However, if it stays on Wednesday through the fall season, I'll miss it because that's my J.J. Abrams night.

ETA: I'm very excited to find out about the Angel reference in the pilot episode.

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It's on at the same time as Alias? So Jeff Bell and Drew Goddard versus Tim Minear, Jane Espenson, David Fury and Ben Edlund? Holy crap. You wait ages to see a new show by former Mutant Enemy staff and then you find out it's on at the same as another show which has former Mutant Enemy staff on it. Oh the TV gods are laughing somewhere.

Obviously this would mean something to me if I actually lived in America but I don't. So for the sake of argument, let's pretend I do.
How can it fail?

Oh yeah, Fox. Right...
Oh boy, Simon. I didn't even think of that. Regardless of Bell and Goddard, Alias really lost me this season. I turn in whenever Jeff or Drew write and/or direct an eppie, but I'm defidently gonna give this show a chance. Tim, Jane and David can only do wonders with this show. Plus, Adam Baldwin...what a nice surprise for someone who forgot he was on it!
Looks promising. Anybody else get a "Clarice Starling" vibe or is it just me? Maybe it's just because the woman looks like Jodi Foster to me.
Alias will probably premiere in January again so I won't have to choose between the 2 hopefully. Can't wait for this show to premiere. Tim Minear, Adam Baldwin, Ben Edlun, David Fury, and Jane Espenson, dark topics, not to mention that lead actress is cute. Whats not to like?
Oh God, I have no problem skipping Alias reruns during the summer for The Inside but I gotta agree, if this stays on at the same time during the fall, goodbye to Tim Minear. I'm really, really, really hoping that they change this schedule come fall.
I doubt it'll be a conflict for a while at least. I'm not sure when Alias's finale is, but if they do 22 episodes it should finish up on June 1, the week before the Inside premiers. Given that it started mid-season this year, I can't imagine that the next season will begin in September (though maybe I'm wrong... and who knows how Jennifer Garner's pregnancy will affect their schedule). But by the fall, I'd guess Fox might rejigger its schedule in any case.

Edit: I just checked. Alias's season finale is May 25, right after Lost (and an hour later than normal, at 10 pm, for those of you who watch Alias).

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I´m looking forward to this.
I want to see a trailer or something.
Jennifer Garner's pregnant? Wow, I hadn't heard.
She and Ben been busy, ESG.
Wait--Tim Minear is doing yet another show with Fox? Huh. Almost like "Battered Partner Syndrome" or something.

But, on top of having some of the best of the Whedonverse team on board, anything that Ben Edlund is involved in has my utmost attention. I hope they let it run for enough episodes that they'll be able to put out a DVD set, no matter how abbreviated.
Outstanding! With a team like this behind it, 'The Inside' should rock. Kinda' raised an eyebrow at first with the June premiere date. But, on second thought, this could be a real boom for the show with the other networks in rerun mode. That is if FOX gives it a soild promotion so people will tune in. The Wednesday time slot looks good. If FOX gives Tim a chance this time, I think he's dressed for success. Good luck!
Tim has a longer term contract to develop shows for FOX from what I recall. So I'd expect more possible Minear-FOX shows.
Alias finishes in 2 weeks (2 hours next week, featuring one of the worst kept spoilers ever (doesn't help when they give it away in the "Next week on Alias")), it's 3 hours of J.J. for the next two Wednesdays on ABC. Apart from the first 7/8 episodes, it's been a good season. It's a January start again (wouldn't be surprised if that became February with Jennifer Garner's pregnancy), so I wouldn't imagine that The Inside will still be on the air, even if it doesn't get cancelled.

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Yay, something new to watch just as everything else finishes. With the talent behind it I can't imagine not loving The Inside so FOX had better not shaft Tim (and therefore me) again. Obviously being from the UK I'm the same as Simon with the clash not effecting me but if I did I'd be seriously torn. As Ghost Spike says this season of Alias started out poorly (though I did really like the 1st episode) but has since gotten back on track and whilst it's still not back up to it's previous high standards, it's definitely still must see tv.
Ghost Spike
"so I wouldn't imagine that The Inside will still be on the air, even if it doesn't get cancelled."

I can't stand seeing great shows and ideas being shafted about, as much as it is a business to Fox, I hope we don't have some 9 episode dvd boxset of the inside, and no more from it, be very cruel. Expect the worst, and a little hope for the best.

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Drat! Delighted for TM, unhappy for me. I'll be on a plane back from Delhi at that hour. I could ask my parents to tape it, but that's a sad, tragic trip that I don't want to take again. They don't do technology. Good luck, Tim!
Yay, something to sustain me over the long and Veronica Mars-less summer!
Is Ben Edlund on the full-time staff of The Inside? I thought he just freelanced the eleventh episode.
Here I was expecting a boring and eventless summer TV wise without anything to to keep my mind of the wait for next season of Veronica Mars and Lost. And then this turns up... A new Minear show. The Inside is finally off the ground. That will some sweet 5 weeks... 'cause then they'll just cancel it. this going to affect Adam Baldwin's availability to promote the BDM? Not that I'm not excited about this show.
i'm not too worried about the show getting cancelled. As long as I tune in every night it's on then I won't feel as bad much like I did with Firefly (Which I kept forgetting was on)

But thanks to this site I now own the DVDs and am trying to spread the word.

Firefly, yeah, it's cool.
I'm not into Alias or Lost. Seriously, the only shows I watch are Scrubs and the Shield. I was turned off watching Alias when the shows were being compared, and when Jennifer Garner said her character Sidney could kick the Slayers (Buffy) ass.

I guess its a stupid reason not to watch what I hear is a great show but I've already chosen a side. Joss over Abrahms baby!
I hope it's not on opposite Morgan Spurlock's show, "30 Days." That's supposed to premier June 15. Either way, I'll be working Wednesday evenings again, which means my kids have to tape everything on two different floors for me.
Well, I'll mist the first two eps, but I plan to tune in to this one. The re-tooled version sounds very interesting. (Thanks, Simon, for the AICN link upthread.) And with all the good people on board (love Jane Espenson!), this sounds like the perfect vehicle . . . for Fox to cancel. Let's keep fingers crossed that Fox lets it air for the entire summer and that it builds up a following of people who are looking for something beyond reruns.
Amazon has just posted the DVD set for The Inside. Six unaired episodes! Due Dec. 6, 2005! Order now!

Go here:

20th Century Fox makes ground-breaking entertainment, Fox Television just breaks wind. And then looks for a replacement, such as Survivor: Butterfly Milking in Alaska.

As Minear once said: "Fox, where the shit hits the fan."

Woe is me . . .
Wait--Tim Minear is doing yet another show with Fox?

He must be atoning for something. Has anybody ever seen him out and about during daylight? Just checking.

The good news is (from where I am sitting) that the US will get to see 4 episodes, while the entire cancelled first season will be shown on UK TV. Cynical much.

Have to have a moan, I am getting fed up with watching cancelled shows on DVD which then leave me hanging midair. The ‘lets check out what could have been’ scenario is loosing its novelty value pretty rapidly for me.

Drifter - LOL, that made me smile.
Drifter - I had copied that URL into the address bar, entered and got a "not found message" before *I* got it. "To coin a popular Sunnydale phrase "D'uh!"" I believe is the appropriate quote! Today is not one of my sharpest!
I think the show is gonna be just fine. I'm not worried about cancellation at all, and I'm sad at the self-defeating posts.

FOX has a new prez who decided to launch this show at a time when it would have no competition in order to maximize the audience. FOX flushed a ton of cash down the bowl to rip apart the original show premise when Tim pitched his idea. They're putting a ton of money into production and have been pleased with the scripts. They put it on Wednesdays at 9pm.

It would seem to me that FOX has a lot of confidence in this.

I have a ton of confidence in this, and I had none in Firefly's or Wonderfalls' chances of survival on the network.
Well the fact that it looks like they're going to give Arrested Development another 2 seasons (see the flickr) gives me hope that things are changing at Fox and The Inside might actually be give the respect we all think it will deserve. Not uncrossing my fingers or letting out my breath just yet though ;)
Allyson, You know the old axiom in business. It is a lot more difficult to get back former customers than to get new customers. If things have changed at Fox, it will take awhile before people will accept the reality of the change. I'm sure everyone would welcome it, but are afraid to hope that there has been one. Twice or three or more times burnt...

On the up side, it is a problem people have with Fox, not the creative team. They do not have to win back anyone, we are all there already and looking forward to cheering them on.

It does seem like a good sign that Fox is giving it a shot when there will be less competition.
Ah, another 'the glass is half-full'. The point is that our opinions will have little affect on whether Fox will keep this series past its due date of January, 2006. So, why don't we just watch and see what happens.
it's TM doing something that I'm sure will be edgy, intelligent and impeccably well-done. Too irresistable to miss.

which is all the more reason it will be cancelled.
Allyson, people are being somewhat "defeatist" because we've been through this before and, unlike you, don't have the inside information to make us feel confident that this time Fox is going to support a good show. You even say yourself that you had no confidence in Fox backing Wonderfalls and Firefly yet you seem critical that some of us feel that way about this show too. Again, we don't have the inside information that you have to make this time feel any different. I do appreciate that you gave us some info on how Fox seems to be backing this show more than it did Firefly and Wonderfalls so that does seem to indicate that The Inside will have better luck than FF and WF.
Just read all the posts and hadn't realized it would be the same time slot as Alias. Glad to see that Alias will have already had it's season finale by then. Alias has been quite good this season so I'm glad The Inside won't have to compete with it and can build it's own audience. This also seems to be a good indication that Fox is dedicated to giving the show a good chance at finding an audience by waiting to premiere it until after other popular shows have had their finales.
Actually, everything Allyson said is a logical conclusion one could arrive at based on publicly available information.

I'm on the fence.

On the one hand, I've seen Fox totally mess with perfectly good shows, even great shows, buy putting them on late on Fridays, switching them around on the schedule, playing episodes out of order, or playing espisodes with lots of breaks in between rather than consistently every week.

On the other hand, Fox does have a new President, Peter Ligouri who used to run FX which has some excellent programming on it, they didn't stick "The Inside" on the Friday night death slot, and the network is actually sticking behind "Arrested Development" despite its less than desirable ratings. These are all hopeful signs.
Allyson, thanks for the info. I, too, am extremely optimistic about this show's chances. IMHO, next to Joss, Tim is the best writer in the 'verse. I think the glass is three-fourths full; even Fox can get it right once in a while.
Yeah – I know we've seen Fox mess things up, but they've also done some good programming, and I'm encouraged that they're sticking with Arrested Development. Plus, a new president can mean big changes. From what I've read, I'm optimistic (and the show sounds great). Selfishly I wish it wasn't starting in the summer just 'cause I doubt i'll be able to watch it at all. But I know Fox has been experimenting with the year-round programming for a while, and maybe it will allow the show to pick up an audience at a less-crowded time.
Allyson and killinj, thanks for the background info. Still, I'm maybe 7.5% less convinced of my cynicism.

That said, I'll try to watch the show, even though I don't like cop dramas, because Sir Tim has the reins. And that is a rockin' list of writers!
Allyson, everybody wants this show to succeed (provided it is good, which with Tim et al involved I assume as a given, but of course we have to wait and see) and I don’t see anybody here not watching it, wherever we are and whenever we will have the opportunity to do so.

Realistically though all pilots with verse alumni at this stage have to be taken with a health warning – some will fall by the wayside and somewhere along the way we have to brace ourselves for pain. Not that we are not used to it. Sad, but with the current TV business model, that’s just the way it is. Hopefully the networks will start to take some different approaches to making money, like for example being able to take DVD revenue into account, in which case having a smaller but dedicated fanbase could actually make a difference.
I understand the doubts everyone has about Fox. As most of you know, I usually rip them apart at a drop of a hat. I don't see this this time. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time...

Must side with Allyson, very good points were raised. Again, perhaps we should hold our comments until we see the show. Just a thought.
Personally, since this will premier during the summer I think it will have a much better chance than if it started in the fall. It's summer, there will be VERY few new shows on ANY network, it will have pretty much 3 months of NON competition as far as other shows go (hopefully). At the least I'm betting it will get more than a 3 airings and out run.

Fox seems to be continuing it's trend of staggering shows throughout the year which I am ALL for. Never really understood the concept that no one watches shows in the summer so let's show reruns (sort of a catch 22 that, I mean, if you're showing reruns HOW do you know people wouldn't welcome something new?)
Forgive my defensiveness, all. I'm trying REALLY HARD to be pragmatic, but I'm a girl in love, you know.
No problem Allyson and I do truly appreciate the inside information that you've given and that has helped me be more confident too!
I can't wait to see this show. I hope it does well.

Thanks Allyson for you extra inside observations, it's a good feeling to look forward to getting involved in a show that may/will get some support and maybe stay around for a while.
I'm not really impressed by this show's premise. It seems like just another procedural show - which I don't think we need any more of.
It's clearly your prerogative to think that Psuedopod but I for one am more excited about The Inside than any of the new shows from the last season (before they started that is, I never imagined I'd love Veronica Mars nor Battlestar Gallactica as much as I do and I think Lost has also surpassed my expectations). To me the premise is much less important than the people behind and in front of the camera and since The Inside is bursting with talent in both departments I'm extremely optimistic (I'm normally fairly pessimistic as well)
Finally!!! Can't wait to check it out :)
Well spoken, Paul_Rocks. I'm also looking forward to 'Battlestar Galactica' season two. And 'Veronca Mars'. Kinda' at the mercy for the DVD release here.

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