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May 13 2005

Booster Events just keeps on getting bigger and better. First off Alan Tudyk joins the Flanvention in Dec. Then the ABB in July turns into the biggest verse gathering ever with the addition of 3 more guests, Jason Carter, Dayne Johnson, and Scott Schwartz, plus the opening of the signing area and dealers room to the public.

More details of the autograph signing area and dealers room being open to the public coming soon.

Angel Booster Bash July 29-31, 2005 Current Line-Up: Christian Kane, Alexis Denisof (Currently only US appeaance - Saturday Only), Andy Hallett, Clare Kramer, Drew Goddard, Jenny Mollen, Stephanie Romanov, Mercedes McNab, Julie Benz, Mark Lutz, James Leary, Camden Toy, Brigid Brannagh, Scott Schwartz, Jason Carter, and Dayne Johnson.

Special concert performance by Christian Kane band KANE.

Big Damn Flanvention Dec. 9-11, 2005 Current Line-Up: Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, and Alan Tudyk

Whoa! That's quite a showing, is anyone from Whedonesque going? Reports please...

Thanks RavenU, you're an angel :)
Awesome!!! I will definately be going to the Angel Bash in July and I'm hoping to be able to go to the Serenity event as well. Can't wait! Both events are going to be fantastic, I have no doubt. :^)
I'll be at the Angel Booster Bash. I don't give the best Con reports, but I'll share whatever I can remember after long hours with little sleep and lots of alcohol. LOL!
I'll be at Booster on Saturday and promise to post lots of pictures from my BDL(Big Damn Lens). Those attending Booster will recognize it right away :)
So it looks like we just need to put the pressure on Nathan and Gina!
Rogue Slayer:
So it looks like we just need to put the pressure on Nathan and Gina!

It would be so fabulous if the entire cast made it. Oh yeah.
Oh come now, killinj, I looking forward to your reports. They're down to earth. You're a natural.
Ummmmm not actually sure who Jason Carter, Dwayne Johnson, and Scott Schwartz are. Can someone fill me in?
Scott Schwartz is a former wrestler, who played a "biker vamp" quickly and quippily dusted by Buff in No Place Like Home (S5); he may have been in one other ep also. And I only know this because I had a nice chat with him at Wizard World L.A. a couple of years ago. Nice man. Never heard of the other two.
I think they've all played demons or bad guys on either Buffy or Angel.
Actually, I think it's Dayne Johnson that is on the line up. He was a makeup artist on Angel. I believe Dwayne Johnson is "The Rock". He wouldn't have any reason to be at ABB ;^).
That sounds right, jewel, although The Rock will be co-starring with SMG in Southland Tales . . . And the Booster site currently doesn't list any guest named Johnson, whether Dayne or Dwayne, not that I would ever question RavenU's inside knowledge on these things.
Dayne Johnson... Angel make-up wizard extraordinaire.
SNT: I just got the ABB newsletter. It is indeed Dayne Johnson. He will be there to sign autographs and also to do a make-up demonstration. Cool!
That is a good line up! - and Daynes make up demos are really interesting.
Sorry it was early and I was typing too fast - it is Dayne Johnson who is an Angel make-up artist. Jason Carter played Repoman on Angel but may be better known to people as Marcus from Babylon 5.
That's ok RavenU -- the first few times I read it, I actually read Dayne. LOL. I need more coffee.
We'll have an area to sign in for a meet-up with your online groups at the registration desk. If you'd like to put down any info now, go to the website and post on the meet-up thread in the Booster Bash forum.
You did in the space of 6 hours what would have taken 6 weeks for the Hollywood types. This room is amazing!
I thought Jason Carter sounded familar, cheers to everyone for helping.

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