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May 13 2005

More pics from Nicholas Brendon's pilot, "Kitchen Confidential." Fox is due to announce on May 19th whether it'll be picking up the show.

I'm actually looking forward to this one.
Bradley Cooper as a gonzo chef? Nic as his beady-eyed, gambling-addicted assistant? It sounds funny and I haven't seen a minute of it. Let's hope the FOXies pick a decent time slot.
I don't think it has been officially picked up yet...May 19th is when we're supposed to find out (it says "Premiering on FOX" for most of the FOX pilots).

It's looking good though, as is DB's Bones.

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"Kitchen Confidential" is a really good book, if any of you are interested in checking it out.
Definitely sounds interesting, but the fact that it's being picked up by Fox makes me feel a little iffy. These are the folks that cancelled Firefly and Wonderfalls.

Doesn't exactly fill me with hope.
yeah, it also has the brother from "freaks and geeks" another of my favorite cancelled shows. hopefully fox will learn to give shows more than 3 episodes to catch on.
Yeah, maybe they'll give it 4! ;)
Congrats to Nic though, I look forward to seing him on tV!!!
Lol! They gave Wonderfalls four so let's shoot for five!

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Where does it say it's been picked up?
It doesn't say it has been picked up. And as the link kindly provided by areacode212 notes, Fox will announce which projects it's picking up on May 19. I've amended the subject line accordingly, lest anyone get too carried away.
It's kind of hard to see Nick not as Xander :)
He seems out of place. I mean, there is not a single demon in that kitchen. Bring back BTVS.
Sorry guys, when it said that it would be premiering on Fox, I took that as it had been picked up. Over at Slayerverse some of the members are saying that it have been assuming that its been picked up, although the mods are being clear that it has not.

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Well, I see a nasty looking fish demon in picture three.
I'd love to see NB in a non-Buffy role. And the book rocked, although the amount of profanity, and the key role it played, makes me wonder how they'll water it down and keep the spirit of it. Still... I'll watch!
Man... Something about those chef uniforms... I have never seen a sexier kitchen staff. Here's to hoping it lasts as long as a few other notable shows that were cut short.
From what i read on Zap2it and Yahoo news is that the main drama pilot Fox is gonna pick up is Bones and the main comedy is Kitchen Confidential. It wont be confirmed til the upfronts though. So its a very very good sign for these two shows as Fox had looked at over 20 different pilots.
Considering that they're rereleasing Kathy Reichs books at a discounted price to promote the series, I would think Bones is gonna get picked up.

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