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May 13 2005

Mercedes McNab post to the Journal about her new film. Under Journal, the cast of the movie talk about making the movie, includes a couple of photos from the cast hanging out and bonding.

where is it? All I see is a graphic and a flash thing that won't load. Is it in the flash?
It's been a while since I read anything about her. Looks like she's doing well.
Eddy click on Journal on the left side and then scroll down and you'll see it.
Great, I've been wondering what Mercedes has been up to. Thanks for the drive by on the site, it was required.
Im glad to see Mercedes in a movie.
I like horror movies, so I hope this one will be successful.
Just what this year needs, another horror movie. I was beginning to worry that this year would be completely horror free... or maybe not...

I fear that this movie, regardless of quality, will get lost in the throng of horror movies that's released this year. There just way too much competition for it to make any kind of splash. We got already released movies like The Ring Two, The Amityville Horror, Hide and Seek and upcoming like Land of the Dead, Dark Water and Skeleton Key. And the thing is that the list doesn't even come close in ending there, it's just huge! Too bad for Mercedes cause I would love to see her get some success.
Since when does a overabundance of something's genre in film mean one of them can't stand out? This is for all genre's in film. Is there too many romantic comedies, teen comedies, thrillers, or action movies?

Anyhow horror movies don't make much anyways unless something is just "clicking" otherwise most of the other things I named above make money regardless of its quality.

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