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January 13 2003

The Idiot's Guide to Continuity on BtVS. A humorous "Dos and Don'ts" list for Buffy writers, courtesy of Boils and Blinding Torment.

" a) other, normal girls cannot fight like Buffy. Other, normal, 90 pound waifs should not be able to pound a stake home. Nor should they be able to restrain a vampire.

b) while men are traditionally stronger than women, mortal men should not be able to knock out a vampire, nor should they be able to hit it with such a force that it spins in the air, with one punch.

c) given that a Slayer's super punches knock out vampires, it is therefore logical to think that the same punch applied, with near the same force, would decapitate a human, or at least kill them."

I love this site (their recap of "Wrecked" is a mini-masterpiece). My favorite part of this article is the series of character-fact charts, like Xander's character history ("Attracted to: Demons, praying manti, diva bitches, slayers, future lesbians." "Milk for all it's worth: Military 'experience,' Dating History, Jesus/Carpenter Imagery, Old Crush On Buff")
Thanks for this! I needed a good laugh this morning and this fits the bill perfectly! (plus - hey "Xander in a toolbelt"! *g*)
That's one of the funniest things I've read in ages :).

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