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May 13 2005

The Crow: Wicked Prayer DVD Images. Best David Boreanaz pic ever.

Wow. Those are good pictures!! Go to "click here for bigger and more pictures" I need to see this movie now.
The pic with the bloodstained roses is really quite poetic!
May I be the first to say: nice cake!

*dreamy sigh*
Ugh, why does it have to have Tara Reid! I can't stand her, one of the worst actresses ever.
It has to have Tara Reid to make the 6 degress of Whedon more extended. Tara Reid is connected to Joss through Sarah Gellar(they went to school together), Alyson Hannigan(american pie) and now David. All roads lead back to Joss.
Useless bit of trivia: Tara Reid's role in Urban Legends was originally offered to SMG. Just another connection between the two actresses.

Back on topic: God I LOVE that picture!!! Gonna go home and see if I can't turn it into a wallpaper!
I'm interested in Boreanaz's villian performance, the angelus experience helps, good cast, I'll snap it up when it's out here in the uk.
This is on my "DVDs To Buy" list.
I dunno, it kind of looks to me like he's in drag. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
Well at least we know David can do the Rocky Horror Picture Show if need be. That outfit, that poise. It's just so....*at a loss for words*.
Tara Reid was in Urban Legend with Rebecca Gayheart... who was originally in Firefly as Inara. Another connection to Joss!

This is freaky.
Okay, I can't find this photo anywhere but my favorite of David B is lovely picture of him in a tub taking a bubble bath (and there aren't that many bubbles!) I found a site that has a small bitmap clip of that photo but when you click on it, it's a dead link.
He looks so silly! I burst out laughing when it loaded. Nice fishnet there, Davey...
Ilana & Simon: I am so glad you said that, because that is exactly what I was thinking! Not that there is anything wrong with a little drag. I guess I'm going to have to get this on netflix and check it out.
That picture alone is making me want to buy the DVD.
Am I the only one who feels bad for DB having to wear that wardrobe? Good thing he's a good actor or I don't see how that outfit is suppose to make him creepy. I agree with some of you other posters saying he looks like he's in drag for Rocky Horror Picture Show. Unless you find his singing voice scary and think this resembles him in RHPS preparing to sing, I don't see how appearance-wise this is villianish at all...
That kind of gear always look a little naff on anyone not absurdly young and gaunt. (Robert Smith I'm looking at you.)
Hrm. I like it. It's saucy, and I feel distinctly tingly when looking at it.
Tara Reid was in American Pie with John Cho, who is in Kitchen Confidential with Nicholas Brendon, and we're right on back to Whedon.

"I don't see how that outfit is suppose to make him creepy"

He seems creepy enough to me in that photo.

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One of Tara Reid's lil' friends "accidentally" popped out and strangely resembles Joss... or something, I just want to be cool and draw a connection between Tara Reid and Joss Whedon too ok!?
Yeah, creepy in a "I'll give you a new pair of roller blades if you give your Uncle Chuck a kiss." I didn't mean like pedafile creepy, he does look creepy in that "hey little girl, want some candy?" type of way but not creepy like "I killed a man and now I'm going to battle to the death with him" but more that with "only after I brand the mark of the beast onto my skin and put on my sweet leather pants" added. Sorry but Angelus was creepy (and awesome might I add) even when he was in his Rennasaince (sp.?) wear, but this outfit makes him look like a kid who just received a gift certificate to hot topic and listens to insane clown posse or something... Sorry anyone who does like the look, I'm still anti.

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By the way, much due respect to those who can tie in the connections with Tara and Joss. It's more a parody in admiration rather than insult, especially the Urban Legends one - nice connection!

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Side note on a side note: Rebecca Gayheart was in an episode of the amazing (and, obvious pun aside, short-lived) series Dead Like Me, which also featured the supremely awesome Jewel Staite in an episode. :)
Devil's food cake will never be quite the same again!
Lunakitty when I saw Jewel Staite in DLM I was so surprised when she got it on with..I'm forgetting his name, british guy. Definitely not our sweet little Kaylee. Jewel is awesome.
Did anyone see Jewel in Wonderfalls? Also not our Kaylee, but a great foil for the lead character, Jaye.

Back on topic: How about that Boreanaz pic? Sexay! :)
Firefly Flanatic, find that picture!!

DB is way sexy, check out the bod! I'm diggin' the threads too.
Hey! how about Jewel as Kaylee in "Out of Gas" with the previous mechanic? What do you mean by "not our Kaylee?" In the context of eddyble's statement it sounds as if he means sexually, but as I recall her and the previous mechanic of Serenity got pretty fresh in the engine room, and I quote "She likes engines. They make her hot." So it must be something other than sexual I'm guessing, what did she do in Dead Like Me with the british guy? Spoil me! ;)
david is nearly shirtless. Why is anyone complaining?
Ok. Glad I'm not the only one who got the tingles over that photo! I never even noticed the outfit...I never got past the...never mind. I'll be in my bunk!

Oh, and Firefly Flanatic, I've seen that picture. Yummy!

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Plecky, the british guy is a grim reaper, and Jewel's character (a gothy record store clerk) had the hots for him when she found out. They had sex in the back room while she made him say "I'm a reaper!" because it got her hot.
Lol. Off topic, but reaper kinda sounds like reaver, which - if the word reaver had been used - would give that scene a slightly more freakish meaning.

And another Firefly connection.
The british guy is "a" grim reaper, not "the" grim reaper? As in there's more then one grim reaper... All I have to say is - I need to check this show out, sounds really good!

P.S. Guess Jewel just plays characters who get hot over the oddest things whether it be the incarnation of death or parts of metal and wire powered by energy. Also happen to have sex in the weirdest places whether its the back room of a record store or the engine room of a ship.
DB in kinda trashy-depraved-evilish-hot drag? Yum! ;)

FF, if you're serious about wanting that tub pic, I think I can help you out. I've got a few images of Mr. B stored up *coughthousandscough* and that one's a classic. Contact me through my profile if you're interested.
He looks so silly! I burst out laughing when it loaded. Nice fishnet there, Davey...

My thoughts exactly.
FF - I have two versions of the tub pic. One's pretty small, the other is a nice size. It's a lovely wallpaper. ;) I think it's the one you're talking about.

Sounds like Wiseblood's got you taken care of, but you can contact me also.
the outfit is fine, it's the lipstick that looks silly.

also, dead like me is an excellent show, (sadly, now cancelled, last i heard) and the jewel staite scene is pretty hilarious. and yes, there is more than one grim reaper, every city has at least a couple. the main character is similar to jaye from wonderfalls, lots of sarcasm. (apparently both characters remind people of me.)
Guess Jewel just plays characters who get hot over the oddest things whether it be the incarnation of death or parts of metal and wire powered by energy.

Heh heh, Plecky. In Wonderfalls her character cheated on her husband (on their honeymoon!) with a bellman because she was turned on by high thread-count sheets.

And yes, in Dead Like Me there are Grim Reapers, as in plural. Lots of them, in fact. They have to take souls of people who are about to die, otherwise the souls will just fester once they're "past their time". They're like vultures of souls. So, plural grim reapers.
Eek! Not a nice look for the gorgeous Mr B. If you lost the stupid fishnet shirt and dumb necklace it would be a great improvement - and it looks as if he is wearing a little bit of lippy in that pic :( Like someone said very RockyHorror

Far more sexy as Angelus in his 'back in the day' open shirt and waistcoat with Darla in that convent scene with crazy Drusilla - ahem....

*rushes off to take the cold shower...*
Regarding the pic of DB ... *chuckle* ... that's all i have! :)
I loved Dead Like Me.
(Rebecca Gayheart was in more than one episode of Season One)
DB in drag... regardless, hot as hell.

Does anyone like Ed Furlong? I think he's all great, despite his wierd personal life. The little kid in T2. Well, if you look at it through the Kevin Bacon game, I guess all roads lead me to Joss. I also got arrested in Northern Kentucky (sorry to offend but I'm from KY and what a hellhole). He let lobsters out of the tank in a mega-grocery store there and got arrested. I got arrested there too in 2002, during the NCAA bball tourney when my alma mater was in the Sweet 16. Drank three bourbon n cokes at the Cincinatti airport in N KY to celebrate, it was spring break after all. They saw my red eyes and called the cops. I was sitting there. True story, swear to God. Guess he and I each spent a few hours in that dregs-of-society Boone County jail.
Funny topic. Yesterday I used 6 degrees of separation to illustrate how the word of God (the beginning) is currently the Kevin Bacon game (the end). Pretty much means the earth is doomed.

And Ed Furlong did bang Paris Hilton, and I'll take Tara Reid over her any day.

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Wiseblood and Angela, could you possibly post those pictures over at Flickr? Harmalicious is interested in them too! Very, very hot picture of him! I wish I had been there to scrub his back!!

Buffay the Vampire Layer has a couple of the bathtub shots over at flickr - if you click on her/his name you should be able to see them! Neither of them are the one I was talking about but it's obviously the same photo shoot.
He looks like he's been sucking on a lollypop...
Aside from that: Nice tummy!
Plecky, many of your posts although enthusiastic, are not in keeping with the overall vibe of the site. Please post, but can you be a bit more thoughtful before you do?
...could you possibly post those pictures over at Flickr?

D'oh! Forgot that option. Looks like Angela beat me to the first one I was thinking of, but I added the second image I have from the same shoot -- and a few other favorites besides :)
Thanks to both Angela and Wiseblood! Great pictures!! I'm still not 100% sure the one Angela posted is the one I was talking about but it's close enough. The one you posted Wiseblood was more the look I was thinking he had but it was more a full length shot like the one Angela posted. Maybe there was another picture floating around out there. But he looks super hot in all those tub photos!
Shut down by the Senior Partners... :*(
Good Lord!
Altho I do like a bit of fishnet on a guy. He's looking trim too, lost his new baby fat!

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