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May 14 2005

Toronto's SFX announces guests. James Marsters is finally coming to Toronto after two no-shows but Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin are missing.

Despite the Universal Serenity site which announced some months ago that Nathan and Adam would be at SFX in August, there is no sign of them in the official announcements. Organizers say that the Serenity guests are "on hold" at the moment.

Looks like Nick Brendon and J. August Richards are on board also, so not a bad turnout for our neighbors to the north. 'Bout time. Three fine looking (oh, yeah, and talented) Whedonboys, plus R2D2...? What could be wrong with that?
barest-smidgen, those are past guests. JM is the only Whedonverse guest this year. (so far?)
Actually Tony Todd who guested stared on Angel will be there as well. Not to mention Margot Kidder, who played James mom in the USA film Cool Money will also be there.

[ edited by RavenU on 2005-05-15 01:44 ]
Nick and J. August are under those who have previously appeared.

Everyone above but not including Patrick Stewart is actually attending the con.
I really hope that Nathan and Adam are able to come. Anyone have any idea what "on hold" could mean?
Forgive me for asking, but who did Tony Todd portray during his time on Angel RavenUniversity?
Tony Todd played "Vyasa" in the Season 2 episode "The Shroud of Rahmon".
Sorry for my mistaken post, Lioness, et al. An apparent side effect of my high fever is that I can't read....oops. :)
I'm pretty sick of Canada being passed over. If we're ignored for Serenity again - be it advance screenings or appearances by our BDHs - then I'm done. I'm done like Mal Reynolds. How is it different?
So can't wait for this. It is a week after my birthday. I will SO be asking for tickets as a present!!!

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