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May 15 2005

Blockbusters? Who Needs 'Em? Newsweek's movie critics pick this summer's undiscovered gems and Michelle Trachtenberg's new film is among them. ""Mysterious Skin" explores both prepubescent and teen sexuality with an honesty that may make some people uncomfortable, which is a sign of its potency, and a badge of honor."

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Yay! A good reveiw. I am really looking forward to this. I think it will be great! 'Mad Hot Ballroom'(cute little dancers!) and 'Brothers' both look quite good too.
Well, I guess I have my finger on the pulse of that critic! It's film festival time here in Seattle starting next week, and I already have tickets to Brothers and Mad Hot Ballroom. They are also playing Mysterious Skin, but I don't have tickets for that yet.

There are also a couple of other movies with Whedonverse actors at the festival. I'm hoping to do a separate post with the info - but if I want to do it right, it'll take a while, there are over 200 movies to check (OK I can probably take off the documentaries, so -55).

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