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May 15 2005

Happy Birthday to "Serenity"'s David Krumholtz. Turns 27 today.

Plays "Mr Universe" in the movie.

A 3rd Santa Clause? The first is one of my favorites, but the second was nowhere near as good, and elves don't age.

Happy Birthday, David. I thought I recognized him in the trailer. I am really enjoying "Numbers" on Friday nights.
Oh, cool. David Krumholtz = another reason to already love "Serenity" (as if any more were needed!) And Numbers is a delightful show (and would be even better if the plots weren't so lame. On NPR they interviewed the CalTech mathematician who works on the show and he said the plots were taken from real life: which may be the problem} But the cast is wonderful and, hey, MATH! (And on the same NPR show a commentator praised "Buffy' for mathetc.-role-model-Willow. Okay, it's a stretch but fewer degrees to Joss than to Kevin Bacon, hmmm?)
David Krumholtz is cool, he had alot of chemistry with Christina Ricci in "Adams Family Values". Our Mercedes was there too. Cute little girl(what am I saying? She's older than me!). And I thought he was immensely cool as the head elf in Santa Clause. But they should really stop making sequels to it.
I've really enjoyed Numb3rs; it's my favorite "second-tier" TV show on right now. ("First-tier" is Whedon productions or Veronica Mars).

And the cast (definitely including Krumholtz) is a big reason for that.
I think that David Krumholtz has become a really popular actor, and I was thrilled to see him in 'Serenity' (funny, interesting, and believeable, he is really wonderful). NUMB3RS is also one of my favorite TV shows.

So a BIG Happy Birthday to David!
I love David Krumholtz...he is forever my Mr Universe..I met him a couple weeks ago and he was just SO SO SO sweet.. Happy Birthday to David!!

Happy Birthday !!!
DK also had a really nice, kind of funny bit in "Ray" as the smooth-talking pot-smoking hipster deal-maker guy. (Not sure if he was playing an actual historical person or a "composite")
And his fans will all come to see Serenity and make the box office even higher!
In regards to bobster's "composite" point…

"…and David Krumholtz as Jazz impresario Milt Shaw."
--from the official site's production notes.

From this description, I'm thinking he's probably not a composite.

To access the entire page, click Enter Site > Menu > About the Film > Production Notes (it was in flash, so I couldn't get a direct link).
That's what I get for being too lazy to look up these things on IMDB!

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