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May 15 2005

Happy Birthday David Boreanaz, and many more to come! He is 36 today.

Stay young David, never know when you might get that call from Joss, Angel film you wanna do, a bigger challenge. :D
Don't worry...if everything works out right, he'll get a lot of exercise digging bones
happy birthday you "mysterious hunk of night thing" you ;)
Happy Birthday David, May you have many more!
Happy Birthday David!!
Love, your adoring fans.
Happy Birthaday!!!
Enjoy your day, and get a lot of job (listen to what SeanValen said :p)
Happy Birthday to that salty goodness piece of ...

Smooches to DB.
Is he 36 or 34? I just saw another article that was listing birthdays and said he was 34. Anyway, Happy Birthday David!
I'm going for 36 that way I can lust after someone my own age for a change. Eeep, that didn't sound right!
Happy birthday, David.

Love your work, can't wait to see what you do next!
Happy Birthday, David. Keep looking young for that Angel movie we know will happen some day *crosses fingers*
A happy happy birthday, David! Keep on rawkin'!!!
Nice to hear Bones will most likely be picked up... what a nice birthday present for DB.
Happiest of birthdays, Mr. B, and many more! Looking forward to seeing you on the tube again and then hopefully, one of these days, on the big screen as that cuddly, oh-so-lovable 'n' tormented vampire dude...
Happy Birthday David :D.

May Bones find its way to the UK! (Oh, and keep the black coat ready ;)).
Happy Birthday David (the sexiest man on earth) :D

Can't wait to see you again whether it's on TV or in Film - it's all good.

And I second what Wiseblood & bubblecat say!! I need more Angel.
Wow! He's six months younger than meI had no idea!

Have a great one, Dave!
To really wish David a happy birthday, e-mail Fox at to leave a comment on how much you want to see David on Bones. Let's leave no stone unturned in getting our DB back on the air and, hopefully, getting plenty of the attention in the show.

And David, have a great birthday and many happy returns!!!!
Thanks for the suggestion, TexLuvsAngel. I'll post the info on my site, too, in the hopes more people will email Fox.
Rar! Happy BD, DB :)

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