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May 15 2005

According to Hollywood trade papers, several ME alums' new shows will probably be picked. New shows from DB, NB and AD (Alexa Davalos, not Alexis Denisof - ed.) will probably be picked up for the 2005-06 season. ABC, FOX, NBC and WB has leaked early information about the pick ups, click here to know more.

Boreanaz's Bones, Brendon's Kitchen Confidential and Davalos's Reunion will probably be picked for the new season, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

As a sidenote for whoever is interested, FPJ's Freddie and JJ Abrams's new show "The Catch" also have a good chance of being picked up for the new season. Unfortunately, Alan's and Gina's new shows aren't mentioned.
Well we'll know for sure this week.

Click on the follow up link from futon critic, where it contains leaked info from NBC, ABC, WB and FOX, confirming most of the information above, for the exception of The Catch.

Just adding another sidenote. Let me apologize about forgeting that Alexis Denisof being also AD, just like Alexa Davalos, so thanks for whichever mod who made the correction.

Whoo hoo!! DB & NB back on TV. I'm a happy camper.
The article also mentions that CBS "has its eye on" (whatever that might mean) How I Met Your Mother, which features Aly.
Damn! That's a lot of whedonverse alums. Here's hoping they all get picked up, but most importantly, get good ratings.
I am beyond THRILLED to hear that "Kitchen Confidential" is a strong contender to be picked up. We need Nick back on TV. :D I also wish all of the best to the other Buffy/Angel alums new shows.
i'm glad to see NB doing comedy. he was born for a sitcom. I'm also glad to see DB try to further his career
Thank god. I'm looking forward to DB's show.
Let's hope the shows they are in, which are picked up, will actually be worth watching. I'm terribly disappointed with the writing of recent years. A Buffy Alumnus in a show might get me to tune in to the pilot episode of a given series, but only good writing will keep me interested.
NOOOO!!!! Charmed has been renewed.

But good news that Arrested Development was too.

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Semi off topic, but if a Spike TV movie has been greenlighted would we expect to see it announced in the WB's 2005-2006 line up? I only ask cause apparently the WB and 20th Century Fox have fallen out at the minute.
Probably not. Unless it was going to air early in the season. Has there been new rumors?
Has there been new rumors?

No, there haven't been any new rumours. Just me being curious. Though I wouldn't put it pass those guys at TV Guide to ask the WB at the line up launch about what's going on . I think they're going to ask Fox about their shabby treatment of Tru Calling.
I haven't watched TV "on air" since the last episode of Angel. I guess I'll be hooking up the cable again to see Nick.
Do you need cable to see Fox? I get it on antenna here, as well as the other broadcast networks.
My reception is best characterized as "hideous."
Wait a minute. . . Life on a Stick has been cancelled? Has it even aired? Not disappointed, just entertained by Fox and their willy nilly picking up and dropping of shows.

I'm happy to see what I do, but I'll be honest -- I'd like to see some Torres and Tudyk on my evening TV. Soon. I dig them both a great deal. . .
I was watching a show on local tv last night (Toronto One) and they were talking about how "Life on a Stick" was going to replace "That 70's Show". Gee, guess they got THAT one wrong!
I'm sure hoping the news about DB and Bones being picked up by Fox is correct. I'd urge everyone to send e-mails today to encourage whatever network is vacillating over your favorite character to pick up their show.

For DB and Bones, you can e-mail Fox at to give them your feedback and tell them how much you want to see DB on TV again. In many of our cases, that'll be why we tune in, though I'd probably watch it anyway since I'm a fan of the books also.
Though I wouldn't put it pass those guys at TV Guide to ask the WB at the line up launch about what's going on.

Mike Ausiello and Kristen Veitch are both planning on attending the upfronts. They've both invited people to suggest questions to ask: and

So, if you'd like them to ask about the Spike movie or anything else now's the time.

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