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May 16 2005

Serenity continues to get referenced in web comics. This time at InkTank's Angst Technology comic strip.

I love that one - it's as good as the 'Joss Whedon is my master now' strip :D

I feel a few emails coming on.....
Damn straight! .... I love these comic strips with the Serenity references, they always bright my day.
I searched to see if Goobs has been mentioned here but I don't think it has. For anybody interested, it's in a 3-parter here.
Actually I like this one better than 'Joss Whedon is my Master' since this one actually acts as an ad for 'Serenity' (naming the movie and the TV show can only be a good for our BDM!). And thank you for the link RpgActioN!
I, for one, am liking the amount of interest the movie is generating. I have a graphic-designer friend who has told me that his whole office is talking about "Serenity" (I've passed him the DVD's to help out :D).
LMAO Santa Joss :D
So, these are what? The nth times Serenity/Firefly have been mentioned in web comics? Groovy baby....
Shiny! I like this one a lot.
Too funny :) Joss, be careful not to bleed on my signed boxed set... ;) /sigh
I'm wondering if for people who aren't familiar with Serenity/Firefly this is actually good press. People will go, "Oh, it's based on a cancelled show?" Because, well, most people figure if a show is cancelled, it *is* crap. But I assume this is mainly for the fans, so it's pretty good props.
RogueSlayer: I think that if a non-fan sees these comics they will reconsider. It is easy to think a cancelled show is crap but when there are fans who still love it AND a movie studio is willing to green light a film, then you've got to figure that you might have missed something good. I know I gave Farscape a look (and ended up loving it) just on the strength of the Sci-fi channel running the mini-series.
Excellent, that one gave me a hearty laugh:)
It's pretty clear to me that this is a good example of "viral marketing" or whatever you want to call it. If this drumbeat continues, it kind of has to help the film at least a little by creating interest and showing that at least some of their fellow geeks are really into it.

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embers, I also checked out Farscape not because it looked appealing at first but solely because I read so much raving. And I liked it. Peacekeeper Wars, too. I want the DVDs now.

I think part of the delay of the movie was a respect thing. It would suck for Ep III and Serenity to play at the same time. SW would get rave reviews for CGI and Serenity would get rave reviews for CGI, the story, acting, and writing. Some uh, unpleasant debates would occur. But hey, it's my own conspiracy theory and the comparisons will occur in time anyway.

I love GL, and hope Ep III does well. So the glory won't fade as soon as the Serenity story gets out.
Hee! That Santa Joss one is cute. So's this one.

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