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May 16 2005

Jonathan M. Woodward's play described as "ingenious." I saw it this past weekend and it's excellent! If you scroll down to the bottom of this thread, JMW gives details on how to get discounted tickets.

I really wish that I were in a position to go (that being anywhere closer than I am hehe). Everyone go and tell me about it! JMW seems to be a great guy (judging from his nice posts here) and I've loved every one of his performances. Support the man and his work so that we might get more of it!
He just keeps getting hotter and hotter.
I'd heard about the triple threat and when I saw him in Firefly I kinda screamed "I knew it!" His characters were so different yet he was always so totally him. Whoever that may be. Kinda mysterious because he doesn't get much attention but he's always there...
My girlfriend and I have tickets for the May 28th show! We're really excited and while we purchased our tickets before seeing the JMW fan discount, we're sure it'll be worth the full $20 we paid. See y'all at Waterfire!! I'll be the one without the Rhode Island accent.
Oh, I'm so glad! He's very different from anything we've seen him do in the Whedonverse. It's definitely worth the $20. Make sure you sit on the benches around the stage if you can. Have fun!
I wish I could go, it's just too far away from me in NJ; however it would be doable if I wasn't unemployeed and job hunting at this time.

I'm looking forward to seeing the play. The reviews I've read make it sound like something I'll really enjoy. Myself and many other New England Browncoats will see you June 3rd - more tickets keep being purchased ;-)

Got my tickets! Glad to hear folks have enjoyed the play.

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