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May 16 2005

A fan encounter with Nathan Fillion at the Austin screening on May 5th. Some nice wee insights into what Nathan thinks of Serenity (and the marketing of).

Ta to Gunther for the heads up.

They need to really advertise the film, billboards, magazine covers, television (I would love to see some Serenity people on The Daily Show, Conan, and to see one of them host SNL would be awesome), and it would be great if the trailer gets attached to Star Wars, but they have to be careful not to advertise it so much that people think they're trying to over-compensate for a crappy movie. I think the movie will make profit, all the Firefly and Whedon fans will go at least once, and the DVD will make loads (shame it probably won't be out for Xmas, 'cos that'd be all my presents sorted).

It's always cool when these celebrities seem like normal people that really appreciate their fans. I've only met 2 celebrities in my life, possibly offended one of them, and the other one just seemed pissed off to have been noticed.

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Wow!!! That sounds so cool! Ya know, back in my waitron unit days I waited on several celebrities and never once did I go all fan girl. That said, I cannot imagine being able to keep my composure around Nathan Fillion. I can feel myself getting all flush just thinking about it, darn it.

The cast of Serenity has got a wonderful reputation of being approachable and fan friendly. I just love that.

Excellent report!!!
How great and totally random is that? Shiny!
You go otter fan boy! What a lucky guy.
::beams with satisfaction at the utter wonderfulness of the Serenity cast:::
Sounds a cool guy, which agrees with everything else we've heard about him.

How do you do it Joss? Hollywood actors are supposed to be big headed assholes, how do you find people who can act AND be nice?

Maybe this is the reason you get second chances. Talent AND nice is a difficult combo to beat.
Thank you, Simon. That was a good read.
do anyone know of any actors going to any of the screenings on May 26th?
What a great report, mexican bats eh? I have a few pipistrelle ones in my barn - do you think Nathan would be interested?

This just reinforces reports I have had from the Serenity con in UK recently - Nathan and all the FF cast are just wonderful, approachable people.

I think Otter Fan Boy did a great job keeping calm - all I managed to mutter when I met David B was 'bibble' :( Fortunately I was a little more coherent a few months later when I met Nathan. (On seeing he had personalised my Caleb photo as 'dirty (my name ) ' I said "oh you've heard of me then" and instantly he retorts "nope, only what I read on the washroom walls" And gives me a huge smile. The most charming 'insult' I have ever had. Unforgettable.

ZZ9 is right - Talent and nice unbeatable combination.
That was just sweet.
That must have been so cool. Honestly, I don't know what I would've said at a moment like that. It must be totally different than meeting someone at a convention (never been to one so I wouldn't know) but at least at one of those you are expecting to see the celebrities. To just be out and about doing something normal and to have one of your favorite people in the whole wide world standing next to you must be somewhat of a shock at first.

What amazes me is how much time Nathan stayed and chatted. He could've politely excused himself at anytime but he seemed to enjoy talking to this guy as much as Otter was enjoying talking to him. I hope his dreams (and mine) come true and this is a huge blockbuster film!
Does anyone else hate this guy?!?! Ya know, in a 'you lucky bastard, I'd sell my mother to have that opportunity' type way?
Kool man! Thanx for that hey.

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