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January 14 2003

WB gives Joss permission for Angel to appear in finale if this is Sarah's last season.

" "I told Joss that if it was creatively justified, and in the best interest of the show's storytelling, and something he feels is necessary, I certainly wouldn't stand in the way," Mr. Levin (WB Entertainment president) says."

In the immortal words of Nick Cave (on his soon to be released Nocturama album): "Bring it on!"
If it happens, I''ll be a very happy bunny. At heart, I'll always be a B/A shipper.
I've never been much of a B/A shipper but this is something I'd love to see! It'd be a fitting way to finish it I guess
So should we be worried that we'll go from 3 Joss shows in a season to none?
Well Joss has gone on record saying he wants a 5th season of Angel but even for some reason Angel and Buffy do finish this year, there is still Ripper to be made.

And I bet Mutant Enemy have other projects lined up.
---and? I mean it's not as if Buffy and Angel can live happily ever after, right? He can't be happy without becoming Angelus. So. What happens? He gives his blessing to Buffy and Spike? *snort*

Still, I'm sure Joss will find a way to use this to great dramatic impact, if this is truly the last season of BtVS as we all know and love it.
An Angel/Spike confrontation would be amazing and don't forget this snippet of dialogue from the past.

Angel: You still my girl?
Buffy: Always.
... but then she's no longer a little girl.
True but I would like closure on the relationship and I think so does Buffy.

(excerpt from Selfess taken from Pysche's site)

Buffy: I KILLED ANGEL. Do you even remember that? I would have given up everything to be with...
(fights emotion)
I loved him more than anything I will ever love in this life and I put a sword through his heart because I had to.
I'm a Buffy/Spike shipper myself, but the possibility of a crossover finale is the best news I've heard in ages. I can only imagine what Joss could do with such a possibility. As much as I wish BTVS would go on forever, if it does come to an end, it sounds like it can really go out properly.
I'm holding on to one last iota of hope for a B/X 'ship.
I'm holding on to hope that Buffy doesn't end up with anybody. This show's about female empowerment. Buffy doesn't need a man to make herself complete. She needs to learn she's been complete all along.

I've always wanted to see Buffy & Angel's respective shows do one episode each in which the same exact events transpire, but the same basic storyline is told from their uniquely different vantage points. In Buffy we'd see what the Scoobies were up to and Angel's entourage would be supporting characters, and in Angel we'd see what Angel's gang was doing at the same time, with the camera leaving the Scoobies in the background and focusing on the actions of the A.I. crew. The same exact story told in dramatically different ways.

[basically similar to how "Same Time Same Place" was done, where we saw a series of events done from the perspective of Willow & then the same thing from the perspective of the Scoobies. Just *ahem* done better. Two different shows showing the same plot but from remarkably different viewpoints. the story could be shown a bit darker and serious on Angel's side with his characters in the foreground, and the same events given a slightly more light-hearted Buffy perspective on her show. I know. Pipe dream, but it could be a first for television.]

I doubt it'll get that involved. At best we'll see one or two characters make special guest appearances in each other's shows, kinda like back when Angel & Buffy occasionally popped up in each other's shows, with Faith being the common denominator. It'll be enough to whet our appetites but not enough to satiate. I guess it's better than nothing. At least Levin is allowing Whedon to throw us a bone.

Maybe we'll finally get a hint what happened between Buffy & Angel when they met in that 'in between place' in season six..?

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I would LOVE to see the reunion of Buffy and Angel after her resurrection. *drool*

Please excuse me if this has already been covered (I am new to this forum, but not B&A) but aren't there profecies about Angel becoming human after two apocalypses? Or rather, a vampire with a soul? Now, correct me if I am wrong, but aren't there currently two vampires with souls running around? Does this mean that the profecy is suddenly null and void? Or, do the requirements for the profecy get shared between Angel and Spike? Or even, that Spike or Angel gets his humanity back in the end? It would definately make a relationship between either extremely conceivable.

Again, if this has been covered, please excuse the newbie. I have not been able to get through all the archives yet.
Maybe the prophecy isn't about Angel after all??? ;)
Prophecies are just that. Predictions of what might happen. They're not guarantees, and Whedon's writers have played with that extensively througout the series. They're to be taken with a grain of salt.

It's not a matter of prophecies being null & void but they're alleged glimpses into the future that really aren't much more valid than a newspaper horoscope blurb. People like Wesley put way too much stock in them, and some people read prophecies and then perform actions attempting to help push life variables in the directions of said prophecy, either purposefully or accidently attempting to write themselves into history.

Last season I believe it was some point in Angel where we learned that there are times when temporal anomalies can rewrite prophecies to suit their own needs. Besides being useful plot devices, I think prophecies can do more harm than good.

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