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May 16 2005

New Fansite for Tim Minear's The Inside. Which is totally different than a fansite about Tim Minear's Insides.

I think it's adorable that there's a fansite already, sight unseen.

ETA: oof. This pic may be spoilery for, I dunno. Not plot, just a little surprise.

And to prove all roads lead back to Buffy, here's a wee screencap from The Inside.

So cute!

[ edited by Allyson on 2005-05-17 02:33 ]
Allyson, the screencap is hysterical! The guy on the marquee actually favors James Marsters. I love it!
Ooh, love the screencap. Everytime I think I can't look forward to The Inside more, I see something like this and my anticipation rises just that bit more :)
Thanks for helping out the guy with the fansite. That was very nice of you, Allyson.
Shh. You're ruining my reputation as a shriveled up, bitter, selfish, show-ho.
Wait, what's spoilery about it? The pic is not too clear on my monitor--is that Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
Ron Howard is a executive producer on this show? Cool!!
Allyson is a mean, bitter, smug show-ho. Avoid her at all costs.

Unless you want really good scoop on Tim's show.
Ron Howard was in on the original 21 Jump Street-esque pilot that was scrapped. I'm not sure why he'd be still listed as having done anything on this.

Marmoset, look at the movie theatre's marquee in the background.
Oh that. Yeah, I caught that. Very cute indeed. I was just hoping maybe there was a little more. As if having all those great folks involved shouldn't be enough for me. I think the Whedonverse has me very spoiled.
Nice. There's also an Angel shout-out in the first episode, right?
Whoot! And Rob Kral is scoring it.
Aaaaand Amber Benson is guesting. So. To tally it:

Tim Minear
David Fury
Jane Espenson
Ben Edlund
Rob Kral
Adam Baldwin
Katie Finneran
Rob Hall

Pretty show.
Amber Benson? Yay! Do you know which ep? (not that I'm not going to watch them all anyway)
I love the screencap, Allyson. Thanks for all the information. I'm really looking forward to this show.
Good to hear that we'll be seeing Amber Benson again. I'm definitely going to be watching this show.
I'm definately going to check this show out with a list like that... but a crime show? I'm not so sure. Then again, I've had to explain things to more than one person who said that Buffy was a 'teen angst show' (said in a 'yet another' way) so I probably shouldn't judge before seeing a number of episodes.

I don't know any more about the show than is on that site, but there just doesn't seem to be much room for quality humor.

Oh well, I'll give it a try. Tim Minear, Jane Espenson, and Adam Baldwin, I can't not check it out.

[ edited by Caleb on 2005-05-17 09:26 ]
Lovely screen cap - can't wait for this show!
Woohoo, Amber as well. The only way this could get better is if Joss writes an ep for the 2nd season (wishful thinking? Nah, surely Fox will renew without a 2nd thought? :) )
Shut up! Amber Benson too?! This is great news. Wow.
you had me at Amber.........YIIPPPPPPEE!!! No kidding, I was gonna watch anyway..but YAY!!! =)
I just finished watching "Wonderfalls" DVD set and loved it, so I'm looking forward even more to another series with Tim Minear as Executive Director - especially with the other writers and actors on board.

Is it just me, or does Jaye's hat (really a toque) in the last couple of episodes of "Wonderfalls" look as if it is the same pattern as Jayne's hat? hmmm.
Aren't they working on the site of Buffy's old sets? Would the theater be *the* Sun Cinema?

Of course, They had be at Minear. And, it just got better and better...

If it stays on the current time, though, that's where ABC has moved Lost. I'm hoping the the summer will give it enough time to develop before Fall... Yes. That's the ticket.
They are using the old Buffy set. the outdoors ones anyway. They were kept standing after Joss and Co moved out (I saw them at close range exactly a year ago) and since it's a fairly generic city street I doubt anyone outside us fanatics would recognise it. Unless....

"Well, I've questioned everyone who saw the serial killer, except the people in this magic shop here..."

Still sad that the whole lot, office, set, everything is to be demolished this summer for a new office block. It's part of history people!
Samatwitch, you should email me with your Wonderfalls thoughts. I loved it too. I trumpeted about it when it was airing, but hardly anyone paid any attention. Wonderfalls was a true gem, and the fact that it was cancelled after 4 episodes shows how clueless and out of touch the Fox people really were. They just cannot see the big picture at all.

When the 4th episode aired, I just knew it had something really special. I didn't know how special until I watched the DVDs. And that filled me with such joy, a kind of joy shows rarely do, because it was about synchronicity, and how everything is connected. How the universe has it's own design that is both beautiful and mysterious. It was a show full of hope, and it told the story in such a way that it was snarky, funny, emotional, devastating, and riveting, all at the same time. Not many TV shows have that quality.

Tim Minear is a great storyteller. I'm totally a fan. The first moment where I really cracked up out loud while watching Wonderfalls was in the episode with the priest and the nun, and Jaye exclaimed, "You Agnes-of-Godded all over her!" and I could not stop laughing. That was the same episode that had reference to the Sky Bully, which I had thought was a Joss invention (I first heard it in The Body commentary), but came to find out later it was a Tim Minear phrase.

Tim's a funny guy. I loved his work on Angel, Firefly, and Wonderfalls. The Inside may seem like the same old police drama, but I bet it's special. I bet it's got the right amount of humor, witty dialogue, plot twists, and character development that we all long for now that TV is Whedon-free. And I'm betting on that because the ME guys have surprised us before. They can do it again. I'll be watching, and hopefully, I won't be disappointed.

As for the common expectation (I'm getting this from a lot of my friends) that Fox will cancel this show after 4 episodes, well, I can't know anything for sure. But it is airing in the summer, and what does it have to go up against in July? And what kind of ratings does a summer starter have to get to stay on the air?

And anyway, I'm not so afraid of losing something that I won't try havin' it.
And anyway, I'm not so afraid of losing something that I won't try havin' it. - esg

Well said. I'm right there with you.
Minear, Fury, Espenson, Edlund and Kral all writing? I am so there.
Thanks, Angela, but Zoe said it first. :) I just thought it was an appropriate quote.
I caught that. You just couldn't tell from my response. I should have put a wink after my 'Well said.' :)

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