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May 17 2005

A Review of the New Angel Soundtrack CD by Tara DiLullo at The CD is released today in the United States.

The main thing I'm wondering, is does it have Evil Cordy's theme? You know, the haunting piano one most prominent as they kill the blonde girl in Inside out?
Despite the absence of certain pieces I'm no doubt going to miss, the selections they decided upon sound pretty cool. Going to order mine today. Here's hoping it does well enough to warrant a few sequels! :)
I can't wait to get this. The music from Buffy and Angel made me a fan of musical scores. Now, one thing I've longed for is a compilation of Chris Beck's score of Buffy season 5. That is, imo, the best season of musical score on Buffy. I've been wanting to study it, but I've only been able to find his earlier work from the show.
If I am correct, the reason why you can only find those first few years is because Chris Beck only worked on Buffy from season 2-(early) 4. He came back at the end of 4 for Restless and the Expostion song and at the end of Season 5 for the Gift. The composer was different throughout season 5.
Eh... Christophe Beck wrote one single thing in season 5 and that was the end theme in The Gift called Sacrifice. The rest of the score was written by Thomas Wanker (what a great name). But I agree, there's some great score in that season, especially Run from Into the Woods.

Edit: Xander, you beat me to it.

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What's with the feather on the cover?
Couldn't they perhaps sell more copies with the cast on the cover?
Eh I guess it's a world better than the UK cover, bleh
Gouki, according to's track listing, it doesn't look like it. *sad face* That was an excellent piece though. And the accompanying imagery, ooh... *shiver*
TaraLivesOn there was a discussion on both covers here. Including some theories about the feather.
Gouki, nope it's not included.
Oh, my god, all this time I thought it was Chris Beck doing the season 5 score, and it was Thomas Wanker? I swear I could hear hints of "Sacrifice" early on in the season. Well, that explains why I couldn't find the scores where I was looking. Man, do I hate being wrong about something like this. Shameful.

Well, now if I can find a site that has Thomas Wanker's scores available for download, I'd be set. Thanks for the head up.

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I would swear that Evil Cordy's theme is the same theme that was used for the scene of Drusilla waiting for the newly re-vamped Darla to rise in that rooftop plants place. I think it might have been used at another point in the Angel series as well. Seems to be an all-around "you're in for some twisted, creepy stuff" theme. Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks for the review, TaraDi. I own the soundtrack and love it.
My memory may deceive me, but, there are many bits of Beck's compositions that appeared in episodes that weren't officially scored by him, both on Buffy and Angel. I'm pretty sure I heard "dead guys with bombs" on Angel, and other shorter bits of Beck's compositions popped up throughout. Given the amount of work of scoring a weekly show, it makes sense to use some of the music that's so identifable with the show(s). It's really about reinforcing the both the scripted and musical themes. Afterall, a bit of the Hero theme was also used in "You're Welcome," a poignant reminder of the "first soldier down."

My copy of the CD came in the mail yesterday, and I'm not going to get to listen to it much until Thursday. Great review, though.
I just like how it all ties together. I thought the Buffy season 5 score was the tightest thematically, and I long to study it to find out if I really do hear hints of "Sacrifice" at the end of No Place Like Home (one of my all-time favorite episodes). I also think I hear hints of "Sacrifice" at the end of Fool For Love, when Spike is sitting on the back porch with Buffy. It would make sense, since those moments were about family, which was the theme of the season. And in the season climax, the music hits it's crescendo where all of it comes together in a devestating finale. Beautiful.

On a side note, I love how in The Gift, when Buffy is talking to Giles in the training room, and when she talks about how much she loved Angel, cue Buffy/Angel love theme. Then she says she can't fight the good fight anymore, if losing the people she loves is the sacrifice she has to make, and cue the "Sacrifice" theme. And both themes are blended together seamlessly. I love that!

Back on topic, I can't wait to get the Angel soundtrack. A friend is sending it to me sometime soon. I just know it's going to open up all those memories again, and make me want to rewatch the entire series of Angel. Which will only end up with me in uncontrollable tears and obsessive postings about how much I miss Angel, and why did it have to cancelled? Why? You know, the usual stuff. ;)

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Can someone please recommend the best Buffy CD out there? I get confused by all the choices. My preference is instrumental tracks, if such a recording exists.
Personally, I just love the "Once More, With Feeling" cd. There are a few instrumental tracks, like Dawn's dance scene, the Restless suite, and the theme from "The Gift."

It's so great. I still play it all the time in the car.
Oh, that I have :). I need more!
Well, there are two soundtrack CDs featuring popular music from the shows- "Buffy the Vampire Slayer- The Album" and "Radio Sunnydale". Both have one or two tracks with the actual score from Buffy, "The Album" has the Buffy and Angel Theme, and "Radio" has "Dead Guys With Bombs" and "The Final Fight". However, that's about it, the rest are songs by the bands who have played at the Bronze or songs which have been used in the show.

There are two versions of the "Radio Sunnydale" album, a UK and a US version. The UK version has a yellow cover and it has a lot more songs, 21, whereas the US cover is grey with a tombstone and has 12 songs, 3 not in the UK version.

My advice would be that if you are looking for a score CD, go with the Angel album, but unfortunately there are no full score albums for Buffy. Perhaps if this Angel one sells well they will release a Buffy version. But "Radio Sunnydale" has two score tracks and "Blue" by Angie Hart which wasn't score exactly but was used prominently at the start and end of Conversations With Dead People, so it's the closest thing we have to Buffy score CD at the moment.

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