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May 17 2005

Alyson Hannigan, Christian Kane and Amy Acker's pilots get picked up according to The Hollywood Reporter. Their shows 'How I Met Your Mother', 'American Crime' and 'The Unit' should be premiering sometime next season on CBS. Click here to read about Nick Brendon, David Boreanaz and Alex Davalos' pilots being picked up (note this info was leaked by Fox and will not be made official until Thursday).

I'm torn... On the one hand it's great that she got picked up cause she needs for thing to go her way for a while. But on the other handI'm pretty sure I won't bother watching it since it's a sitcom and most importantly, her appearence on Veronica Mars will be kept at a minimum this way and that I'm devastated over...
But I guess I'm just being selfish because sitcom seems to be the thing she wanna do so I'm happy for her.
I've changed the link from AICN to the Hollywood Reporter as I noticed that 'The Unit' which has Amy Acker in it has been picked as well. And thanks to RavenU for pointing out that Christian Kane is in American Crime.
I'm excited to see what our alumni can do outside the Whedonverse, and I just hope their shows are good because the landscape is sorely lacking in anything watchable.
"Following the success of "Lost," almost every network is adding a new drama about mysterious creatures next season."

This makes me ill. We watched as Angel was cancelled and The WB scurried after the reality show bandwagon. Now, the networks are scrambling for dramas about mysterious creatures. Suddenly, I'm reminded why I didn't own a television for so many years.
So Boreanaz's Bones didn't get picked up?
I think it did (according to leaks or something)'s going to be on FOX.

[ edited by areacode212 on 2005-05-17 17:36 ]
Sean - Bones is on FOX and they don't announce until Thursday.
I'll watch Alyson's new show. I don't dislike all sitcoms. Arrested development is highly entertaining. I'm waiting for this new breed of sitcoms to catch on. Maybe Aly's show will be something different. Of course, it could suck. I'm keeping an open mind though. But then again, I don't get CBS on my TV. Drat that.

The Unit is also co-created by The Shield's Shawn Ryan, who used to work on Angel. That could be good. The Shield is the only cop drama I love to watch. I would love to see Amy Acker in it. Damn my bad reception! Maybe I need to get new friends who have cable.

American Crime doesn't sound very interesting, but Threshold does. "Following the success of 'Lost,' almost every network is adding a new drama about mysterious creatures next season. CBS' is the Paramount TV-produced 'Threshold,' about a team of scientists and military personnel communicating with an alien life-form." That could be good. KInd of like The X-Files set on a military base?

This is all pretty good news, but this scares me: "The outlook was much grimmer for sophomore drama 'Joan of Arcadia' and veteran 'Judging Amy,' with at least one of them said to be looking at cancellation. CBS is slated to present its fall schedule Wednesday at Carnegie Hall in New York."

I hope Judging Amy bites it. I never watched that show. Joan just ended its second season in a cliffhanger, which opens up a whole new set of rules for the mythology. I still like JoA, even though last season was its weak. I want to know how it turns out, and I want to know if Joan will ever hook up with Cute Boy God. Yeah, I know, I'm going to hell. I'm just saying. Kris Lemche is hot, and the best reason to watch the show...when he's guesting, that is.

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On a strange note SMG's hubby got his sitcom and Juliet Landau's dad got his drama picked up by ABC. However, Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk shows were not picked up by the network.

[ edited by RavenU on 2005-05-17 17:50 ]
Aww, no Gina or Alan? Damn. I didn't think Soccer Moms sounded all that interesting, but I can't remember what pilot Alan was in. Hey, maybe Tim Minear is hiring. Oh, I guess that would probably be to weird having three BDHs on a different show together, huh? ;)
We´re going to have a lot of Jossalumns shows!
OMG :p

Congratulations to all of them!!
Well, that's better news. Personally I don't think that the world needs more crime dramas, but the world seems to disagree with me on that point and therefore I'm happy that Christian's show got picked up. And even though military dramas really isn't my usual cup of tea I'll definitely check out The Unit just because of Amy.
The Wb upfront is out and Sean Maher's pilot "halley's comet" wasn't pickep up.
Btw hi.
Wonder if the outbreak of new scripted shows means that reality shows have peaked? Joss said something along the lines of "waiting for the reality show craze to die out".

At any rate -- I'm just glad to see all these good people get work. So they can pay the rent, get medical benefits, and eat.
bookrats, I think all members of SAG can get medical insurance through SAG so our guys should be ok.

Getting back to the Whedonverse family, Jaime Pressly is also in a pilot that was picked up. She's DB's wife - and didn't she guest on Angel too? Can't remember which pilot, though.

[edited to add] the show is called "My Name is Earl", it's a sitcom, it's on NBC and it sounds like crap.

[ edited by WWBD on 2005-05-17 22:21 ]
No Jaime Pressly is another actor. She was in that dumb Jerry Springer movie, and Joe Dirt, among other things.

DB's wife's name is Jaime too, but her last name escapes me right this minute...
Jaime Bergman. But both she and Pressly have, um, done the bunny mag, (and physically they're not a million miles apart), so I can see why there might be confusion . . .

(ETA) And, of course, WWBD was right in thinking that DB's wife guest-starred on Angel. Ms. Bergman played the pregnant woman striking a devilish bargain in Timebomb.
Jaime Bergman is David's wife. Darn it SNT beat me to it - should have known. All though not going to ask how he knew the bunny thing. :)

[ edited by RavenU on 2005-05-17 22:40 ]
Thanks, SNT. ;)
Congrats to all of our actors or actresses. I for one cannot wait to see Bones, Kitchen Confidential or the Unit.
Maybe SNT was just checking out the bunny mag to see Anya's article on the scarier aspects of bunnies. People do read it for the articles...
Thanks for the correction. I shoud've known that I couldn't scoop mny fellow whedonsquers. :-) However, now I'm utterly confused as to who Jaime Pressley and Jaime Bergman respectively are and what they look like. I think I can live with that confusion.
Hey jademaliburoad! Nice to finally see you on here!
Arrrggh! Nick's new show is on the same time as Aly's new one!

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