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May 17 2005

Alan Tudyk hits the Broadway stage. Stage and screen star Alan Tudyk will fill in for Tony Award nominee Hank Azaria when the actor takes his leave from Monty Python's Spamalot on Broadway later this year.

Playbill online shows Firefly no love; they list "Arrested Development" and "Frasier" on Tudyk's resume, but not Firefly or Serenity. No respect at all!

Wow. I want money. I wanna go to New York badly now.
Alan does Python? Very cool. Reminds me of this ace thread at
Oh I would love to see this! I'll even be in NYC in June...but I hear that Spamalot is a megga hit and the show will be totally sold out for months (if not a full year) ahead of time. I also hear that tickets are in the $300 range.... But, wow, Alan Tudyk on Broadway, that is so cool!
Tudyk in a Monty Python show live? I am so excited. I hope I can afford this. Nice find, tuneman570. Thanks!
Omigod, so strange. Wash is going to be in Spamalot! Of course, I have no chance of seeing it, but so cool! I'm loving his career choices so far.
Aw! I just saw Spamalot last month. Hank Azaria was fabulous.... Would have loved to Alan too, though.
That's awesome news! Absolutely first-rate!

I have been worried that if I waited too long, I'd miss the original cast members of Spamalot when I go to see it -- and Hank Azaria in particular.

But Alan Tudyk as Lancelot -- I am perfectly sated with that choice.

Thanks for posting this!
Is this a singing role? Wow, lots of talent inside those ugly shirts...
And I have tickets to see Spamalot while he is there!!!! Whoohoo!
For those who wonder, I bought them 2 months ago for the end of July and had no problem doing so. The cheap seats are just over $100.00.
Wonder how I can break it to my friends that we have to hang around the stage door afterwards?
And to think I was upset Hank Azaria wasn't going to be there when I went- this is FANTASTIC! My favorite actor from Firefly, live in a musical of one of my favorite movies, shortly after I got to see his BDM for the first time (I have October tickets for Spamalot)? Oh yes, there will be stage-door lingering! And very likely gibbering.

I have tickets for August.

Stage door lingering is a possibility.

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