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January 14 2003

Buffy documentary on CBC Radio One. Broadcast on Monday January 20th.

"She slays vampires. She tosses demons into kingdom come. California valley girl or feminist icon? IDEAS producer Mary O'Connell explores why Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a pop culture phenomenon."

IDEAS is a great show. Despite the weak blurb cited above, I'm looking forward to this.
Cool! But will there be an audio file? Most of the other stories don't seem to have one. I'd settle for a transcript...

Maybe I can get my brother to listen in, but he's not really a fan.
I'll be relying on the ancient technology of boombox and cassette tape. :-)
You should be able to listen to the programme from here

As a bonus you can do timeshifting by picking the timezone, so if you are on the left coast, pick a more easternly station to hear it earlier.

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