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May 18 2005

2005 SyFy Portal Genre Awards. The 2005 SyFy Portal Genre Awards are now under way and there are several Whedonverse nominees on the ticket. (including Joss himself) Fans can vote everyday for the next 28 days. Just click on the "SyFy Genre Awards Vote Now" button to start your voting. (reg. req'd)

Just have to vote for Battlestar. But go Joss!
Yeah, found out about Battlestar yesterday and now I'm 3 episode in + the mini-series. In this post Veronica Mars time it's a savior. It like the perfect mix between Babylon 5 and Firefly, you can even discover a Firefly class ship in the mini-series if you look closely. So unless there's a Joss show or Veronica Mars in the runnings Battlestar Galactica will get a lot of votes. Now I just have to figure out how to sign up cause at the moment the system won't allow me.

Edit: And all of a sudden everything works, ain't that typical... :)

[ edited by Djungelurban on 2005-05-19 00:20 ]
Never thought I would like a female Starbuck. But Now I love her and Apollo. Though He needs to be less rigid. And the guy who plays Adam is fantastic. The writting is fast past and the continuity is great so far. Many fun scientific and religious questions to play with your mind.
I wasn't a fan of BSG when I was a kid so when I heard they were making a miniseries and when it first aired here in the US I wasn't interested in watching it at all. But after reading all of Simon's posts praising it I gave it a look when it aired again and it is fantastic! And when I first saw the Starbuck character I didn't like her too much (and it wasn't because she was female) but she is now my favorite character! For those of you just getting into it, enjoy!!!

Oh yeah, I beleive there was a whole thread about Serenity being in the mini-series when it first aired. I was planning on looking for it when I watched the miniseries but I forgot!! I guess I'll have to buy the dvds when they come out!!
But the best support actress vote gotta go to Amy for Fred and Illyria. She was just totally outstanding, especially in The Girl in Question when she turned from Fred to Illyria and then back to Fred in an instant. Awesome!

Season 1 Galactica spoiler follows:

There's nothing to indicate that it's Serenity, just a firefly class ship and it's just briefly visible once in the first 10 minutes or so. I'm not gonna point out exactly where it is, you'll have to find for yourself (I guess that part of the fun) but if you really wanna know then check out the trivia section on IMdb.
Djungelurban, I also love that character and was thrilled with her character arc. I think you will be quite amazed by both the character and the actress.
I have to agree with Firefly Flanatic about Amy's performance in "The Girl In Question". Her acting in that episode and any of the other episodes where she was playing Illyria (or when she was playing Fred in "A Hole In The World") just BLEW me away! As Lindsey said in "Dear Boy"......"The woman should have her own series." Of course he was speaking about Darla but this statement definately applies to Amy Acker!
Well, I like to believe it is Serenity! :)
Oops, LadySings1! I was referring to Djungelurban's invisible text reference!! But, I totally concur with that applying to Amy Acker as well!!! AA did totally blow me away with her performance. I always loved Fred but didn't think that AA had to try really hard to portray her. But obviously, Illyria is nothing like AA (at least I hope not!!) but AA truly became Illyria. My favorite scene is when she easily switches back and forth between being "Fred" and back again to Illyria. One second she is Fred and the next second with a little twitch of her head, she is Illyria but still in Fred's body.
The only Joss nomination is in the Best Comic category? And it's up againts Garth Ennis' Hellblazer? I love Joss, but no way is AXM as good as Dangerous Habits.

This is the first time I voted againts Joss. :(
Your right about the "oops" Firefly Flanatic.....sorry about that.....and my apologies to Djungelurban as well. I just need to get some freakin' sleep!

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