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May 19 2005

The Complete Network TV Schedule. See all the new shows that our Buffyverse stars are in and all the opposing competition that they'll face from other networks.

I can't believe they have Veronica Mars opposite Lost! There is no God!

And "Kitchen Confidential" and "How I Met Your Mother" are both on at the same time. Boo!
Well, those are the drawbacks behind the new fall schedules. I think either of the two sitcoms may be moved, but Veronica Mars may wind up as a two-season wonder, just like "Joan of Arcadia"..unless the WB would like to show UPN the proper way to arrange a TV schedule. I just hope Rob Thomas decides not to send season two with a cliff-hanger, because being put against "Lost" makes a third season for VM an extreme long-shot.
Or maybe she will make it. It's just the wrong place for her. What was wrong with Tuesdays?
Who the FUCK decided to put Lost and Veronica Mars on at the same time?!?! Go figure, the two shows I'd most want to tape every episode of. GRRRR! Not to mention it being a BAD idea for UPN, cuz Lost will steal so many potential VM fans, I feel. >:(
Is it just me, or does anybody else want to spork their eyes out at some of these show names/descriptions? "Inconceivable", an hourlong about a fertility clinic?

Bitca, please.
Network executives. Just when you think they can't do anything more stupid they pull out all the stops and suprise you.
Well, the scheduling of Veronica Mars against Lost is unfortunate and if I lived in the US this would be a serious problem for me. BUT, except for Lost it's competition is four new shows. This is on the other hand is much better since they don't yet have a set audience yet. Everyone who's not interested in Lost will look for something else to watch, and it could very well be Veronica Mars. Even while Lost going up head to head with VM it could still turn out to be one of the best spots in the schedule. I just hope that E-Ring, Criminal Minds, Head Cases and Related are terrible shows, or atleast half of them.
Boooo. I'm very upset that VM has been moved to Wednesdays. Grr, argh. Oh well, thankfully, that is what a VCR is for. It is sad that there are so few shows scheduled that I am actually going to watch. Oh well, c'est la vie.
Okay, is this just lame? Is it just me? Is it because I'm a Mom of a teenage girl? But BUMMER on the new DB show "Bones" because I AM going to watch "Gilmore Girls" and my taping facilities suck. Come on guys, there's whole DAYS when not a thing watchable is on! (Of course, it may be that Bones is ditto, but I have loyalty enough to hope it's good.)
Bah, Veronica Mars against Lost is just seriously careless (though I guess they planned out their schedule before learning that Lost was moving and so probably isn't on purpose...) I just hope VM can survive against such competition.
Bah, Veronica Mars against Lost is just seriously careless (though I guess they planned out their schedule before learning that Lost was moving and so probably isn't on purpose...) I just hope VM can survive against such competition.

Even if they based it on where lost is now they would've been throwing VM up against Alias - this move is stupid no matter how you look at it.
Well, I decided that no matter how poor I am, TV is just too important to me. So I'm buying a VCR. My last VCR bit the dust after not very much use, so I gave up on them. THen I received my first DVD player for my birthday and fell in love (with Buffy, with TV shows on DVD), and I never wanted go back.

But I NEED to keep up with these shows. The only drawback I still have is bad reception with CBS. I wonder if I can get a better antennae. I really wanted to check out Amy Acker and Alyson Hannigan this fall. So that's still a bummer.

I think I'll tape Veronica and watch Lost as it airs. Veronica is one of those shows you want to watch over again to catch clues you might have missed. Lost is a little less layered in that respect. I'm also more emotionally invested in VM.
Veronica Mars will never be a top show(Or maybe I'm wrong and UPN will suddenly become the #4 network). The best it should hope for is beating the WB's new drama.
I actually like the move of Veronica Mars to Wednesday. Sure, LOST isn't ideal competition, but it's better than The Amazing Race, House and Scrubs. I mean, I can watch one show and tape the other. I can't watch one show and tape the other three...

Thursdays at 8 though, that is ridiculous. ALIAS vs. The OC vs. Survivor vs. Smallville. That's insane. And yet, Monday night remains a wasteland. Right now all that's worth watching on that entire night is 24 and this fall it looks like Arrested Development is the only thing I'll be tuning in for.
Since Lost and VM are the only two shows I currently watch, that's a big bummer for me. As others have pointed out, there's always the VCR. Still, it makes me sad for Veronica Mars. While most Lost viewers, I'm sure, could care less about VM, I think the fans of VM are, for the most, the kind of fans who would also like Lost. And there are probably many potential VM fans among the Lost viewers that just haven't discovered it yet.
It's not that the two shows are particularly similar they're not, obviously, in terms of plot but they're two of the only shows that feature good writing (for the most part), long-running mysteries, and careful continuity, with excellent pay-off for dedicated viewers. I think there's at least some segment of viewers (myself included) that likes those sort of shows it's a shame that two of the best are in direct competition (with no doubt, IMO, as to who will lose).
I know people are now thinking that VM will only last two seasons like JoA but JoA's ratings dropped dramatically this year and it was because a lot of people just felt the show wasn't as good. I think if VM has a loyal audience they'll either tape that or Lost. If you're someone who has a Nielson box just tape Lost instead and watch VMs. And maybe I'm wrong about this, but if you have Tivo and a Nielson Box won't it register what your tivoing too? So unless VM quality suddenly drops, I don't think it's anything to worry about because fans will watch it if it's good.
Also wanted to point out that VM was up against The Amazing Race and House this year. The Amazing Race was considered a huge hit this year with much higher numbers than it has had in the past and from what I've heard of House, that's been doing pretty well too.
Color me bummed about VM's new timeslot. I watch it and Lost, so I'll have to do the tape one/watch the other thing now, which I'll also be doing for Bones while I check out GG on Tuesdays. Alias will easily get my attention on Thursday nights this fall, but I feel bad for others who watch three out of the four shows on at that same time. There's only so much technology can do!

As has been the case in many years past, broadcast scheduling continues to suck, pitting shows against one another that end up splitting their potential audiences. It's either a demolition derby or tumbleweeds in the middle of the highway, with nothing in between :(
Well, i'm not too upset about VM moving, mainly because I don't get UPN so i've never seen the show. The only reason I was able to see seasons 6 and 7 of Buffy was for those two season my WB affiliate became a UPN affiliate and showed Buffy, Enterprise, and Wrestling on the weekends after the regular WB programing ended.
My only TV obsession right now is Veronica Mars, so that's what I'll be watching on Wednesday nights next year. I also like Desperate Housewives so I'll have that to watch on Sundays.

FOX seems to have a great Monday night line-up. Kitchen Confidential and Prison Break both look really good, though I'm not sure how well Arrested Development will do on Mondays. But I'd also like to see CBS's Out of Practice, starring Christopher Gorham and Paula Marshall, as well as How I Met Your Mother for Aly, though it doesn't look very good.

On Tuesdays I'll be watching Commander-in-Chief. I loved Rod Lurie's Line of Fire, which aired two seasons ago, so this will hopefully be good as well. And I might give Bones, or even the new season of Gilmore Girls, a shot.

I might watch Invasion, also. That one's from Shaun Cassidy, and I liked his series Roar that aired on FOX 8 years ago.
I'm probably the only one bummed that Nanny 911 didn't make the list...gave me something to watch on Mondays.
I'm disappointed that Joan of Arcadia won't be renewed for a third season. The finale they had looked promising. I would have liked to see where they would go with it. What a terrible place to leave the show.

Not much of a VM fan personally, so LOST will get my vote. Had considered getting into it if Hannigan were to start showing up more often.

Much of the rest of the lineup looks uninteresting. It's definitely a low valley in television history this fall.
I only saw the last minute of Nanny 911 cause I record 24 on my dvr. Those kids are so freakin bad, almost worst than the brat twins on Desperate Housewives.

I might watch Invasion, also. That one's from Shaun Cassidy, and I liked his series Roar that aired on FOX 8 years ago.

I was considering watching that since it was on right after Lost, but I had no idea it was from the creator of Roar. That's makes it a lot more intriguing - i'll definately be checking that out now. ;p
Re: Invasion, from the creator of Roar

Is Shaun Cassidy also the guy who co-created American Gothic ? If so, I'm there. It's about time someone did right by alien invasion stories. The X-Files had it but certainly shot itself in the foot enough times after a while to make a mangled mess of it all.

Veronica Mars is finally going to be airing in Canada starting at the end of this month. I know technically you can get it by subscribing through digital to UPN Boston and possibly other US channels, but I couldn't be bothered for one show. Was gonna just check it out on DVD, but now I may as well watch it for free. Dunno if I'll be able to watch Kirsten Bell for the first little while without thinking of what happened to her on Deadwood though. *shudder*
Well if it is the same Shaun Cassidy from Roar then yes it is the guy who co-created the mighty American Gothic. Only saw a few episodes of Roar as it was treated badly over here and only on in the middle of the night but I did like what I saw. AG is one of my all time favourite shows so that is also a major plus point. Shaun Cassidy did write for The Mountain last year though and that is a major minus point... Guess we'll just ahve to wait and see how Invasion turns out
Ive said this elsewhere, but Ive been demanding, hoping and expecting VM to move to Wed 9pm. Its the best slot UPN have.

VM doesnt need people who watch Lost to start watching VM (not the ones that dont already watch it). What VM needs is to retain a significant segment of the Americas next top model crowd. None of these people watch Lost, ANTM was head-to-head with Lost last season. In fact no one who watched ANTM has watched anything that will be on wednesday at 9pm in the fall (other than VM) as the rest are all new shows. Thats a big advantage for VM, thats 6 million people who either already watch VM or wont have anything they alreday watch on wednesday at 9pm. Most of them dont watch VM at the moment (it has 40% of ANTM audiance), so theres a lot of people with nothing to watch, and a show being pimped at them. Provided VM maintains its quality, then it'll be the number 2 show on UPN next year.

I know its hard if Lost and VM are the only two shows you watch (which is actually likely given their popularity on the internet), but Lost is actually lower rated than House, before The Amazing Race, 1TH and Scrubs are even factored in. Try to distinguish the difference between a bad move for you personally because you have to tape a show, and a bad move for VM. This is the best possible move for VM.

Remember what RT has said in the past
1) UPN love the show
2) they dont want him to worry about changing the show for ratings, they'll worry about finding the viewers
3) He wants ANTM as the leadin.

[ edited by Ocipital on 2005-05-20 17:56 ]
I dont think VM will have a problem being against Lost, necessarily. They are totally different shows with a different demographic. My complaint is now I have to choose between two of my favorite shows. But I choose VM, hands down. And I like lost. I just think VM is better, has the kind of character writing I prefer, and Kristen Bell's acting is the best thing I've discovered this year on tv this year.

I'm bummed that I have to either miss Lost or buy a vcr. But I was thinking that same thing, ocipital. VM needs our support much more than Lost. I want it to stay on the air for several seasons.
I just thought of a sheduling block that would create the most competetive hour in all of television.

Thursday's at 9:00 PM
ABC - Desperate Housewives
NBC - Law & Order
FOX - American Idol
the WB - 7th Heaven
UPN - WWE Smackdown!

Have all those powerhouses go heah to head against eachother at the same time and see who comes out on top. I'm sure a line up like that would piss a lot of people off.
Funny I think you're right, that such a lineup would piss a lot of people off, SpikeBad. And they're all huge powerhouses. And yet, faced with such a lineup, my choice on Thursdays at 9 would be to read a good book. There isn't a single show on that list that interests me. Guess I'm not a good indicator of mainstream America :-).

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