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May 20 2005

Matt Roush - Alyson Hannigan's new show! "CBS has one of the year's best new comedies in the romantic How I Met Your Mother, told in flashbacks from the future and featuring Neil Patrick ("Doogie") Harris and Buffy's Alyson Hannigan as standouts in a colorful ensemble.

coolness. I'm definitely going to check it out. I'm definitely not normally a sitcom person, but if "How I Met Your Mother" is as good as that guy says it is, I'll probably be hooked.
I also don't care for sitcoms, but I'll give this one a watch to see what Aly will do with it. With her 'thousand face' expressions, it could be good.
It sounds like an original premise. I'd give it a shot.
I have to echo the three of you. I'm not a sitcom person, but quality TV is quality TV. I'll give this a try, and, if it is good, I'll certainly continue to watch.
Doogie and Willow! Doogie and Willow!

*has minor fit*
Wasn't Willow keeping a running poem on her laptop about Doogie? Another mystery to unravel.
My philosophy on TV since I became a Joss fan is that the genre doesn't matter, it's the writing and performances and directing that matter. I never liked westerns before Firefly. Now I can see how I would enjoy a western if the story is good. And I never liked superheroes either. And then I found Buffy. You can tell a good story in any genre, so if the premise sounds good, or there's an actor, writer or director I like, I'll check it out with an open mind.

Heck, I gave a tv show about God appearing to a teenage girl a shot, and that could have been like Touched by an Angel or something. I'll give most anything a chance. It does take something special to get me to keep watching though. And I don't have a lot of patience for shows that don't have layered story arcs. But that's because I was spoiled by Joss shows.

Heh. Willow wrote Doogie Howser fanfic. Kinda ironic now. :)
Hasn't this been scheduled against Kitchen Confidential? (Nick's show)
This is the new show I'm most excited about. =D
TheDivineGoat - That's what I was worried about too. Though I'm sorry to admit, I think I'm much more likely to check out Nicky & Bradley Cooper's show than Aly's. I'd like to see it, but oh well.
I usually donŽt like sitcoms, but iŽll see this ones (How I Met... and Kitchen) only for Aly and Nicholas.
Maybe theyŽll be good series.
As others have stated, I'm really not a sitcom person. But I'm hopeful about Aly's show, and I'll definitely give it a whirl to see her shine. Unfortunately, I was never a big NB fan, but I may tape Kitchen and give it a try.
Further down in this same column are some nice words about David Boreanaz and Bones. This is the one I'm looking forward to, though I will check out AH's comedy.
Are there any other cast photos around other than this one ?
I am curious as to how her character will be presented/appear.
Aah! She looks so cute in that picture!!!
I am going to have to tape shows 3 nights a week because of all these sceduling conflicts. Watch Nicky, tape Aly. Watch Gilmore, tape David. Watch Lost, tape Veronica. So much work to be a fan.
I'm buying a VCR so I can do exactly the same thing. Except for CBS shows, gorram my bad reception! And no I won't stop complaining about that, either. Because, Aly! *cries*

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