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May 20 2005

'Serenity' Now! - A cartoonist goes to the Portland screening. Best online Serenity comic strip to date? Definitely. And there's a contest for some promotional swag that's open to Oregonian readers.

And ta very much to Michael for the heads up.

Very funny, especially the guy wearing Jayne's hat, and the Blue Sun shirts and... (and this is just the first frame)

This is also my first look at the poster the UIP execs handed out, it looks rather bald (I'm not sure whether this word is used in this sense in english, but I guess my meaning is clear). This will not be THE movie poster, will it?
Fun comic. :)
And I know who the 3 characters are. Too bad I don't live anywhere near Oregon. :(
Dang it, Rick was going to email me this link today so I could post it. Oh well.

I know Rick from the local shindigs. He's come to every Whedonesque meetup and shindig I've ever hosted. It's true, Rick has a shiny Serenity poster on his van, and I've seen his piece of Serenity. Rick's a true Browncoat, through and through. He was sitting a few rows behind me at the Serenity screening and he's going to show up at the next one to say hi, even though he doesn't have tickets.

This comic is awesome. I love the spoiler teasers. Everything actually happened just like the comic said. I wanted to stick around for the trivia game but it was late and my friend had to get home to get some sleep.

The comic did leave out the glich with not getting sound for the first 20 seconds of Joss' message, and the reel being messed up, but that's not important.

It's good to know there's some news coming out about it in Portland. I've been looking for news about the screenings in the weekly newspapers and nothing. I almost want to call Willamette Week and say, "Hey, did you know that a special screening of a Movie spun off from a cancelled tv show sold out in an hour? You should write about it in your paper." Well, I would do that, but I'm shy.

Hey, Rick, where are ya? Come say hi. You're a celebrity now! :)

Hee, i'm so giddy to see PDX Browncoats mentioned. This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. Now I have to go post it everywhere I can think of.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-05-20 16:50 ]
Thanks for the insight, electricspacegirl. Good stuff :)
Got to love those browncoats!
re: the poster - it did make an excellent background for sean and morena's signatures at the boston showing. i'd imagine that's its real purpose, to be a spot good for signing. silver marker looks good on black.
1) Yay, I can join! (Last time here, the place wasn't accepting new members)
2) Great comic. He captured the spirit of the crowd very well and his likeness of Rick is uncanny.
Hey, doyouflip, nice to see you made it here. Very right about the uncanny likeness. Nothing against the artists of the other Serenity comic strips, but I really love the way Michael draws people. They seem...more real to me somehow.

Oh, and btw, I won the contest. I wanted a button because I didn't get one. I will give away the key chain and poster to a Browncoat without one. I dont need to be greedy ;)
I have keys! I collect buttons, but I have lots of keys in need of a good, sturdy (or even kinda cheap but cool) keychain! :)
me would like the keychain but its probably already gone. But thanks for being so nice and offering it!
Alas, I'm a southern Oregon resident and miss out on all the cool stuff. On the flip side after checking this page nearly daily for a year I could finally join. Yeah!
Blwessels, email me. my address is in my profile.
firstshetried etc., check your e-mail and reply to us, please.
Woo hoo! Just did!

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