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May 21 2005

Marvel still want Whedon for film projects. The president and CEO of Marvel Studios tells "You know what? He's been so busy. Recently, we got together, and I cannot wait. Let him release his movie, clean up his head...".

So having a wild guess here at the release dates for upcoming Joss movies.

Serenity 2005
Wonder Woman 2007 (can't see it being 2006)
Untitled Marvel movie or Serenity sequel 2008
All new original movie 2010

In terms of an all new original movie, didnt Joss say about half a year ago, that he was writing a script that was totally different to anything he had done before (in the sense that it was not part of the Buffyverse or Serenityverse). As he hasnt even begun workin on Wonder Woman yet, and hes already writing, or has written this one, could the original movie possibly come sooner?

So where is the Faith series that is SO obviously gonna happen, going to fit in? :)
Just because Joss wrote a script for a movie doesn't mean it'll ever be made. You need a studio buying that script, greenlighting it etc.

Does anyone want to see Joss do something more realistic/non-fantasy? Like a period piece or romance or regular ol' drama? I don't want to see him get stuck in one thing. Yeah he puts drama, action, romance, horror, comedy in all of his stuff. But only we know that and not the general public. With Firefly Joss showed he could do stories without latex. But can he do interesting stories outside of the fantasy genre? I believe "The Body" showed he could and I would like him to show that on a silver screen.

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I get excited when I think of Joss creating a new 'verse for us emerse ourselves in. Can you imagine? I wonder what genres he'll mix up next. A period piece/science fiction movie?

And hell, if he wants to do something completely based in reality, he should do it. Any story he tells will be epic and moving and I just can't wait to find out the ideas he has in his head.
I just want to see Joss doing something he wants to do. Whatever that is, I'm sure it'll be wonderful.
I would love to see Joss as the next Spielberg. Doing whatever genre he sees fit. Whether its a cutsy alien movie, a scary shark movie, or a moving war story. I want to see Joss do everything with his Whedonesque style.

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As a hardcore fantasy nut, I'm content with Joss, well, joss the way he is!

If he does decide to branch out, of course, that's fantastic. And I hope he knows there wherever he goes, I'll follow. My heart will always be with the fantasy genre, however.
"...joss the way he is!"

Speaking of that. Does anybody know what's with the llama sound that you get when you click the word "Joss" in the banner in the upper left hand corner?
Heh...I was wondering the same thing myself...
Must be a pc thing...I get no llama sound.

*wait*, had my sound turned down! It's a sheep! The HELL?

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Must be an Explorer pc thing. I don't get it with Firefox or Opera.

Wow, I never knew that was there. Bizarre.
I'm on Firefox and I get it too. Wow! Was that always there?
I hope someone isn't trying to call us sheep. Whedon-folk are some of the most forward thinking people I've ever met.

It's a goat sound. As in 'Goats! Funny?' It's been there almost since the site was launched.
That interview was excellent. He wasn't kissing ass or lobbing softball questions.

As for Joss, I want to see him get back into TV even if he just loosely oversees something and periodically signs off on things. I gotta believe even with only his indirect involvement it would be better than half of what is on today.
Joss knows whats's best for Joss, but for me (and who the hell am I?) one comic book project is enough. Because that will take up more of this time and it lessens our chances of seeing something original from him. I know SERENITY is a Joss original but I'd like to see what other ideas he has.
Like your thinking for the upcoming movie releases, Simon.

May I ask what a llama sounds like?
It's too bad they seem to want to cram Kitty Pryde into the Xmen movies. I know she's Joss' favorite and I'd really like to see that as his movie. Frankly I'm still all disappointed that he's not doing the Xmen 3, but I guess WonderWoman will do. I mean, new Joss is new Joss.

I don't care what he does. He could do a crochet instructional film and I'd line up opening night.
Simon I know you are being realistic but when I see Whedony goodness so spaced out in time it just makes me want to cry (well, whine a bit at least).

I am amongst the comically challenged, that is to say, comics donít do it for me unless we are talking the stand up variety, so I am left with one film every 18-24 months. Even Christmas comes round every 12 months. Not that I am demanding or unreasonable or selfish or spoiled or anything.

I do miss having a weekly series. Sigh. Maybe Joss could publish his weekly shopping list? I am sure it would be fun to read.

May I ask what a llama sounds like?

Depends. If it is the Dalai Llama - very wise.

(no offence intended to any of you who are Buddhist. Plus you are peaceful, so no throwing of the stones.)
Miranda, I'm Buddhist and I thought that was funny. No stones coming from this direction.

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It's too bad they seem to want to cram Kitty Pryde into the Xmen movies.

I'm wondering, didn't she already have a very short appearance in the first movie walking through a closed door or a wall or something? Unless of course that was meant to be just some generic wall-walking mutant.

Maybe they should wait with Kitty until Joss gets around to do a X-Men movie, unless of course after finishing his run on the comics he will be tired of the characters for a while anyway.
Yes, Kitty Pryde is in both X-Men movies but played by 2 different actresses.
Ha! A goat. That's hilarious. I got it using Safari. Definitely not only for PC'ers.

It's great that Joss is in demand. Go, Joss! From a purely selfish perspective, I'd rather see Joss work on his own stuff, not adapt the stuff of others (Marvel comic characters, etc.). That said, if Joss is inspired by Marvel characters, then I'll follow. The man has such a creative and original mind that I'm sure he'd find ways to inject his own vision.
Miranda - Agreed. On all counts. I'm every bit as spoiled as you, and I want my weekly serieses! (Of course, I also want Joss to be happy, but my happiness comes first.)
Yep, fully agree with you as well, Miranda. I forgot to add a weekly Whedon fix to my selfish desires list. Once a year only is painful to me. Comics here and there, while great, don't fill the void. I've said it before a gajillion times and I can't resist saying it again: movies are great, but the extended narrative that TV provides? Can't beat it. I'd take 144 hours of Buffy and 110 hours of Angel over one or two dynamite big-screen Buffyverse movies any day. I'd take 144 hours of Firefly (Foxites! Filthy people! I spit on them!) over three Serenity movies any day. But that's just me being selfish and dreamy and naive. Fox prevailed, Firefly was canceled, and Joss has moved to the big screen, at least for right now. May he continue to be mighty wherever he goes and whatever he does! And hey, that Serenity is being made at all is such a big, damned gift. Thanks for that, Joss and Universal.

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ditto, phlebotinin and miranda. If Joss is there...I'm there. I believe that is our unofficial slogan. Saying that.....yes a television sereis would be perfection. I miss Buffy, I miss Angel, and I miss Firefly. Selfishly, I would rather spend my week with something to look forward to rather than spending every other year looking forward to something. Simon, when I saw your guesses for the potential release dates I was pumped about Joss hitting the big time, but then part of me sniffled longing for my way more frequent Joss fix. But...I'm stiff upper lippy, If Joss is there...I'm there,
(Foxites! Filthy people! I spit on them!)

*Italian accent* We will speakofthem no more!
Damn, I forgot to insert "We will speakofthem no more!" Daromaius, to the rescue. That's exactly what I was referring to.
Didn't Joss say about a half a year ago, that he was writing a script that was totally different to anything he had done before?"

Yes he did, Apocalypse. I tried to find the link, but no joy. Sorry :(
Joss said it during the Kerry fundraiser he held. Heard it myself, live. (Well, not "in person" live. I heard it over the conference call Joss gave to which those of us who couldn't make it to LA were able to listen.) He said the script was not set in either the BuffyAngelverse or the Fireflyverse but that it was his typical mix of genres, including action, drama, horror, comedy, scifi and fantasy. In other words, it's something we would all kill to see.

I'd also kill to see the four interconnecting Angel TV movies that Joss came up with an idea for and approached some of his Buffy/Angel writers about shortly after Angel was canceled. (I read about this recently in an interview with one or two of the ME writers in either the Buffy or Angel magazine. Joss had some apparently pretty cool ideas although none of the writers would reveal them, naturally.)

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