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May 21 2005

Charisma Carpenter's new movie 'Voodoo Moon'. It's a horror flick set in a small Midwestern town and she'll be starring alongside Eric Mabius (Resident Evil) and Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator).

Hmmmmmmmm doesnt sound very good, but saying that, will definetely give it a chance.
Has everyone in the regular cast done a horror movie now? I think Michelle, Alyson and Anthony are the only ones not to.
Looked for more info on Voodoo Moon and discovered -- "Eeeeeck!" -- it's also a fansite for Charmed, with mods named after the three sisters. Since Charisma appeared on Charmed, it got me thinking how horrible it would be if they actually made a Charmed movie but no Buffyverse one. Highly unlikely and highly disturbing.
JLV - hehehe.

This *is* a little disappointing, because I don't do horror movies. At all. Oh well. (singing) It sucks to be me!
Mmmmm, smells like 'direct to video.'
For a second, I thought it said "Voodoo Mom." Yeah.

Hrm, looks like Ms. Carpenter has visions. Familiar. Combs as a cop? *cough* Feardotcom *cough* familiar.

Oh, well. I'll watch it anyway.
I'll watch it for Charisma. I like horror flicks--sometimes even the silliest 'B-movies' can have redeeming qualities!
I thought it said "Voodoo Mom" at first too! I'm sure it will be schlocky but that's part of the fun of horror. And of course, were it not for schlocky horror, Joss may never have had the inspiration for Buffy.
Has anything with the word "Voodoo" in the title ever been less than a dud?

Poor Charisma.
Voodoo Child by Jimmy Hendrix.
Looks like a Z-Film :S
But wait, at least she´s doing a movie :(
Good luck!
I got a bad feeling about this. Charisma is far better than this movie, hope she catches a break soon.
Madhatter, I agree. I don't understand why she isn't working more when far less talented actresses *cough* Cameron Diaz *cough* seem to get work at will. Unlike last spring, Charisma wasn't even mentioned in all the articles about pilot season this time around. This IDT Entertainment is part of a large comglomerate wanting movie cred so maybe they'll put in the effort required to make Voodoo Moon more than schlock. I'll watch it anyway, just to see Charisma (and Jayne Heitmeyer is very easy on the eyes).
The movie sounds interesting; at least its not another Japanese horror movie re-make (I really wish they'd re-make some of the more bizarre Japanese horror films like UZUMAKI or AUDITION). The film sounds a little bit like PHANTASM.

IDT Entertainment is the company behind the upcomming anthology series MASTERS OF HORROR; each episode is being directed by a celebrated horror director. Including John Carpenter (HALLOWEEN, THE FOG, THE THING); Dario Argento (SUSPIRIA); John Landis (AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON); Stuart Gordon (RE-ANIMATOR, THE BEYOND) and so on. I think this bodes well as it points to a company that isn't trying to just turn out schlock but produce some quality material.

The company already earns browny points for casting Jeffrey Combs, one of those rare talents whose mere presense can make most anything watcheable. One day a visionary filmmaker most shoot a movie that will star Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Campbell, Christopher Walken, Crispin Glover, R. Lee Ermry and Adrienne Barbeau. It would be the greatest movie on earth.

I digress, good for Charisma and all the best.
Willowy, Hendrix notwithstanding, it does seem odd that of the 10+ movies made with "voodoo" in the title, none made any noise. Usually, words keep recurring in titles to take advantage of the subliminal reference to a past hit: you know, Beverly Hills Cop begat Down and Out in Beverly Hills begat Beverly Hills 90210 begat Beverly Hills Family Robinson (with SMG). Or Star Trek begat Star Wars begat Starman begat The Last Starfighter begat Battle Beyond the Stars begat Battle of the Network Stars. Why is there no "Voodoo Cop" or "Voodoo Trek" that got the ball rolling?

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